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Inner Sect

Mixed-media on handmade paper. I had limited time to get the photo. and so wasn't able to set it up without some amount of reflection. :shrug:

It took me a while to understand cubism and the philosophies that brought it about, but once I did, I loved working in the style.
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Nov 24, 2006, 11:39:45 AM
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iseekreality's avatar
The colours in this are absolutely stunning, and I love the effect of the mixed media. I could easily see this hanging in my home. Nice job! :highfive:
Threek's avatar
I still don't quite get it, but I'm sure I'll understand one day.
This is really cool looking.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
What is it you feel like you don't get?

...I'm glad you like:)
Threek's avatar
Oh, just all the philosophy and deep thinking behind cubism. I'm sure it all means something, but I haven't gotten there yet.
To be honest, sometimes I'll see a piece of artwork that is hardcore cubism, and it'll be called "face" or "person with happy goat," and I'll want to shout: "That's not a face!!! That's a bunch of shapes and lines! It doesn't resemble anything near a face, except maybe one that's gone through a meat grinder!" But yours is very nice. :nod:

And that's when I go get my prescription filled again. ♥
JustinChristenbery's avatar
lol, don' worry about that kind of "misunderstanding." I suspect you get more than you think you're supposed to. Cubism is definitely a destructive perspective, a way of trying to forge several moments in time into one flat plane, within one stationary second. Of course, that just isn't the way any of us perceive reality. Every moment is beautiful enough to exist in and of itself without the need for slapping another distinct moment on top of it or even, as you say, putting them all through the meat grinder and making sloppy joes out if it all. It sounds to me like you'd appreciate Check out the philosophy there.....if you take some time to get into what they're talking about, some of it rings very very true....and sheds a lot of light on "art" movements like cubism.
Threek's avatar
Wow, thank you! I'll go check it out.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
No prob. Let me know if ya find anything interesting:)
StarbucksDream's avatar
This one reminds me of Mexican art for some reason. :star:
JustinChristenbery's avatar
hehehe...thats interesting:) & thanks for the :+fav:
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tiamat9's avatar
Absolutely dazzling. I love the detailing and atmosphere. Gorgeous structure and fine tones. Stunning composition.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
Thanks for layin it out:)
tiamat9's avatar
You're welcome:).
Sukoudo's avatar
Breathtaking! I love the texture of it all, being on handmade paper as it is. This is absolutely stunning.

Cubism... I'll have to read up on "art" in general, I think. I don't know much about it, or it's movements or it's history. I just know I love it, and can make something that resembles it. :woot:
JustinChristenbery's avatar
You're too kind:) Thankyou. history is amazing. For me, I learned far more about humanity studying it than I did in regular world histories. After a while, it revealed a whole context for existing as an artist, and really helped me to decide that it was something I wanted to keep doing.
Sukoudo's avatar
I've always been of the mind that I didn't need to know these things, but experience is teaching me otherwise. I guess I wasn't ready to know it, but now I am. Perhaps I should have taken Fine Arts at the University instead of GD, eh? heh... live and learn.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
Thats the great thing about can study whatever you want. I started going to the library all the time my last few years and studied only what I was interested in. I got really good at turning my personal research into whatever research my professors wanted for their classes. How many semesters do you have left? I don't know if you GD dept. is linked up w/ the art dept. like ours was, but lots of the students majoring in either would take classes in the other dept. You're probably more organized about your remaining schedule than I was, though:) I took whatever I wanted for the longest time....which was awesome, and I learned a lot. But it was hell trying to pull it all together so I could pass the graduation review.
Sukoudo's avatar
I'm just taking the course at a community college, so there's no art department. I do enjoy this, though, and I can learn art knowledge easier on my own than in a class, anyways. So far, I'm pretty much self-taught as it is, when it comes to my art. I enjoy learning on my own, especially with art. It means I get to play around and gives me an excuse to practice. :)
AuraKiss's avatar
nice job! you seem to have already grasped the style.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
Yeah...I had it down pretty good w/ this one. There were countless smaller drawings before it, though. I always wanted to use the edge of one object and make it fit with another, and so tightly pack in a whole bunch of stuff that all shared the same borders....

It wasn't until one night when I was frustrated that I slashed a long line right through everything I had drawn(w/ pencil, of course:) ). After that it was easy to rearrange and superimpose.
Punapea's avatar
wow, this is amazing :clap:
keep up the good work, mate :thumbsup:
melasdesign's avatar
Kinda cosmic. Nice!
JustinChristenbery's avatar
Hehehe...I think there's something of a theme emerging as we go along here:)...
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