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'Curtis Mayfield'

'97. Graphite 18"x24" This was my first go at photo-realism. I did not have a clear idea of what art was back then and so tired of realism very quickly-hence the lack of realistic work. After 10 years, though, I'm finally giving some serious thought to doing more portraiture/realism. We'll see:)
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This is brilliant!!!
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Do u know something?
This is the unique fine art about Curtis Mayfield in all Deviantart!
Very good the details looks real!
Nobody Plays like Curtis... and nobody draws him like u!
Nice Job!
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Beautiful portrait.
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Amazing have to have patients to draw like that. I def thought it was a photo when I first clicked
on it, so you def pulled of the photo realism. I Luv the whisker details and your contrast is perfect.
JustinChristenbery's avatar
Muchos gracias:D I sure was a good little was the one subject I didn't mind(too much) doing my homework for.
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I gonna fav this..not just 'cause it's good..but because it's Curtis mayfield!!!
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Yeah....quite a guy- I'd never heard his music until after I completed the portrait. I don't think I'd have been ready for it at the time.
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One of the finest portraits I've seen on dA... :+fav:
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Ahh, thankyou:) Your own work is extraordinary. I can't wait to see whats next.
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This is a good one.
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Thanks:)...I'll be working on some more detailed realistic stuff pretty soon.

just curious: did you grid this drawing or just go at it completely free-hand?

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Definitely used a grid. I had no idea what I was capable of and that was the assignment:)

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wow. it's a wonderful piece. 18X24 is pretty big. i've kicked out a few of them, but I usually get so fed up w/them that it takes me forever to build up the motivation to finish... either way... it's really beautiful. keep it up,
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Thankyou:) As I recall...I was as fed up with this piece as I had been with anything before by the time I was just past the eyes. It took 2 months, lol.

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I think the beard strands are doing it for me. I know that photo realism is a very tedious process. Wow, it looks great! And what a wonderful subject to use.
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Yep..those white strands- very easy actually. I took a sharpened piece of plastic and made indented lines in the paper that remained white when I went over them with pencil.

Funny thing is...I picked the subject and started before I ever knew who he was:)

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Wow, I can see now what you did. That's interesting. Reminds me of those pads you can buy kids where they etch the picture in instead of drawing it. Sorta like those scratch and win things.
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