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Lucid Synchronized Dimensionalism

discovering the balance of mind and spirit aided by a molecular key to an infinite door.
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Another absolutely spectacular piece!!!
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Weird. But godd weird
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I don't think it gets anymore perfect than this.
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I have no words to describe what I felt the first look! Shocked but I have to say that I love everything of your art, color, composition,... and the most stunning thing of this piece: CONCEPT! Eyepopping is time to watch you hehe Woohooooo! 
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Thats what it was like the first time i took  e
OppsliaART's avatar
Awesome use of contrast and colors.
Willbay's avatar
Sweet mother of psychedelic compounds this is incredible o.o
RodrigoVsky's avatar
Living sacred dreams.
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Well this is really great *_____*
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fucking amazing dude, congratz about it, i could stay hours looking at and decoding.
have a lot simbols about us.
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there are so many keys to so many door and in the city of dayton the keys to infinity are really difficult to come by while the keys to a life of disassociation and dependency seem to be quite common, what a paradox.:( sad it really is because i have benefited greatly from glimpses of other dimensions
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so fucking cool!!!!!!
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Sure do like where your head is @! NICE WORK
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is he putting a tab on his tongue or just thoughtfully stroking his chin? what design program did you use? it's beautiful.
justinbonnet's avatar
tab on tongue. Photoshop / zbrush / illustrator

Thank you.
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Amaaazing :D I love it
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..exactly. Now where do you get your shit?!? rofl
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awesome! Reminds me a little bit on tool artwork :-)
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Nice job! Looks great!

Saw you posted it on Reddit! =p
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Of course I'd fave this :D it's really beautiful, I think this state of mind though hard won is well worth the effort.
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