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10 Most Important To Remember While In A Strip Club

Strip club may seem like a place to have unlimited fun and do what you want. However, it is like a republic on its own, but with beautiful women and booze only. There are guiding principles you must obey once you find yourself in a strip club, although these rules may differ in some places but there is always a rule and that's the first thing you must bear in mind before you and your buddies hit a strip club Barcelona to have fun. Failure to obey the rules will force the management to deny you of the pleasures to be found in a strip club. You can even be thrown out or banned from visiting the place ever again.

1. Everything That Happens In a Strip Club Barcelona Stays in Strip Club

You must not for any reason record the girls or activities going on in a strip club, this is a big offense not just in Barcelona strip clubs but every other strip clubs around the world. Remember that these girls have life outside the club; they don't want their images all over the internet. In fact, recording girls or activities of strip club is considered as a Class-A Misdemeanor in most clubs. Avoid recording if you don't want to be thrown out or banned forever.

2. You Must Tip the Girls

If you just come to watch then forget about having fun in a strip club. When coming to a strip club, you must have the money to gain entrance, buy drinks and of course, tip the girls. If you can't afford to tip the girls then there is no need coming in the first place.

3. You Must Not Show Strippers Image of Your Junk

Come on! This is absolutely disgusting; however, you will find out that most men are in the habit of doing this. Once a stripper is near him, he will tell her that he wants to show her something and present the image of his junk in his smartphone. This is absolutely turn-off and will make you look like a creep. Avoid doing this while in a strip club.

4. You Must Not Kiss or Lick Any Stripper

You may forget that things that are happening in a strip club are not real. A girl dancing on your lap does not mean she is all yours. Keep your tongue away from the girl, enjoy the dance but don't ever kiss or lick a girl else you get thrown out.

5. You Must Not Grope

No-touching rule exists in almost every strip club in Barcelona and other places around the world. Grabbing a stripper's body parts even to see her tattoo is a big mistake. Moreover, the girls don't like being touched. If you like the girl so much, wait till she finish work and ask her out but avoid groping while she is working else you will be thrown out.

6.  You Must Not Steal

This is a height of desperation and it will get you thrown in jail. On no occasion you must attempt to steal the tips from the strippers. This often happens in most clubs when the men think the girls do not see their tips. Stealing gets you thrown out instantly by the watchful bouncers.

7. Respect The Dancers

All girls that work in strip club have life outside of the club. They live in the illusion and once the lights come back on, they go back to reality. Don't make rude comment to the dancers even if you know them personally. Allow them do their work and give them the respect they deserved.

8. Don't Be Distracted

You come to the strip club for the fun, no need facing and texting on your phone throughout the night. It is a big turn-off and the strippers will definitely avoid you. Put the damn phone away and enjoy the fun before you.

9. You Must Not Steal Attention From Strippers

Once you are in a strip club, the night is for the strippers and it is all about them. Don't try to steal the attention away from them by asking your girlfriend to lap-hump on you at the bar or at the rack. People here come for the show and not for a spectacle you've created.

10. You Must Not Covet A Stripper's Off Time

Avoid telling a stripper that you "don't tip strippers" but you will rather "take her out for a dinner". This is the fastest way to make her ignore you throughout the night and never speak to you again. Tip her and wait for her to finish work before telling her any other thing you have in mind.
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