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Glynda Interrogated

Cinder walks up to the machine that Glynda is currently strapped to and looks over her recent victim. After the successful attack on Beacon Academy, Cinder took some of the Huntresses that caused her the most strife and treated them to, what she thought was rightfully deserved, punishment for having messed with her plans for so long.

The interrogation was only 5 hours in and Glynda already looked like she was at her breaking point, with the machine fucking her pussy and ass rapidly without stop, the nipple suction cups torturing her sensitive nipples, and the immobility that came with the latex bodysuit she was suited in that had straps all over her body.

"The injection I gave you seems to be working perfectly I see...", Cinder says as she caresses the underside of Glynda's chin, which was currently covered in the drool that escaped out her enormous mouth filling penis gag and panel gag combo.

"MMMMMPH, HMMMPH UUUMP", Glynda moaned as she writhed around in her binds uselessly, sweat seen visibly on her forehead from her struggles.

"I see that you still seem to have a bit of fight in you, but maybe some sensory deprivation would fix that just fine I think", Cinder whispered in her ears as Glynda's eyes widened, seeing the bondage hood that Cinder pulled out behind her back.

[10 minutes later]

"Now that looks much better don't you think!", Cinder says with sadistic joy as she looks down at Glynda's new addition to her torture.

The gag was taken out and replaced with a deep silicone tube that was inbuilt into her ring gag. Then went over the hood that had inbuilt ear plugs and blindfolds, taking away all her senses except touch. The only hole remaining was the small one left on her mouth, which was currently drooling like no tomorrow.

"Let's come back tomorrow and see if you'll tell me anything new okay darling...", Cinder says sarcastically, slapping Glynda's sensitive breasts on her way out resulting in gurgled moans and yelps from Glynda, who's slowly losing hope on holding out...

I return to my RWBY love with some great Glynda Goodwitch bondage, done by the amazing Bondagarna ( who you should definitely check out!

If you want to see the uncensored version plus the bondage hood variant, go check it out on my pixiv:
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Lucky Glynda, sounds like fun.

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I enjoy seeing a beautiful busty blonde suffering in bondage. Maybe some capsicum paste on the dildos will get her to talk.