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Camilla's Training (Power)

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It's been about 2 hours since Camilla was tied and left to stew in her bondage, with the only thing to keep herself company was herself and her thoughts. The conversation she had with Corrin on becoming a more suitable wife for him took a turn for the kinky when she brought up the leather bindings that they never used before. One thing led to another and now Camilla was truly bound up with her upper body fully restricted and her legs hobbled from the ankles up. She was told to take off everything except her lingerie, with the leather harness tying her arms to her side. The posture collar, mini leg binder, and bondage mittens did an amazing job at making her feel even more helpless, with the addition of the panel/penis-gag combo and blindfold to heighten her senses even more.

"mmmmmmph, hmmmmmmph!", Camilla moaned into gag, having dearly missing Corrin for the past couple of hours and wanted him to ravage her even more. Her thoughts on what was to come in the future made her blush red and breathe deeply and heavy, knowing that her "training" to becoming a better wife was working out splendidly...
Got another commission from the amazing Power (user/7090655), who did an amazing job of Camilla from Fire Emblem Fates!

Please go check them out if you're interested in their work as well!

If you want to see the other variants (nude,lewd) go check it out on my pixiv:
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