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These are the things I have made. Please don't steal the pictures I make. Especially if you are trying to help me in a story.


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These are some random things I may enjoy in. Examples are vore, transformations and Angry Birds.



Once again, long ago, :iconthesingettesrback: had done it once again. In hype of Yo-kai Watch 3 set for a localized release date of Feb. 8, 2019, this was the result of one request.

This relates to the Sukiyaki-exclusive quest where the third Yo-kai Watch movie is involved, with the art-style in the game being more like a graphic novel when Koalanyan jumps the world between "dimensions".
Human/Yo-kai Reactions
Reaction time! This is the second post today, again, another request batch from me drawn by :iconthesingettesrback:! (Also, the human designs are of Rachel's main Yo-kai Watch AU [except for Komasan]. So, that's just a little disclaimer.)
Fuu2: Is that what I look like?!
Nate: You're not that much to look at either.

Koalanyan/Koalanyan (Human): Wow.

USApyon (Human): Who are you?!
USApyon: I'm you.


Komasan (Human): MONGE! You're me?!
Komasan: I look great as a human!
The Fall Season is here!
Nekokiyo: How do you explain this to Nurarihyon about these outfits, Lord Enma?
Lord Enma: I mean, I'm usually the one to even explore the human realm more often than he does. Besides, it's starting to get a bit chilly.
Inumaro: Hmm. He was quite conservative about that. I think this might kinda do for now.
Lord Enma: *sigh* Nurari, you might need some explaining to do later. Surely, Justin would have known too...
I'm back! And with some more posts I need to upload here!

So, it's been quite a while since I finished up the last of Before Rovia, the story/RP which is part of that franchise I refuse to talk about at all due to the salt war contains the final chapters of the RP in the recent submission. Now that I'm back into the groove of Yo-kai Watch, I'm going to upload some images I had saved, but never got to post lately until now. Clap 

The first one here is based on a clothing meme that :iconthesingettesrback: wanted to do, and so I participated, using this kind of outfit. (Sadly, no headwear. Otherwise, it would have made me make a kind of RUSSIAN dance thing, lol.) Then, with that outfit, Nekokiyo, Inumaro and Lord Enma were the characters I picked. I gotta say, they do look good.

Give :iconthesingettesrback: some appreciation too. She was the one who drew this after all~

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Before Rovia: The Story of Bird Island

A story by Justin Rubin, from an RP with SecretProdigyHeart on DA

An Angry Birds Movie-based story, starring Justin and Scarlett



PG-13+, for coarse language, violence, torture, blood/gore, and may contain scenes not suitable for younger audiences

Viewer/Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 9: Reality

Justin looked in horror over the mess of the house; it was basically trashed all over, knowing that the pigs did a deep search over the entire place. But that’s not what was the case. The fact that Scarlett was kidnapped by the pigs really did it big time.

He then noticed a letter of sorts, a legal document, as he opened the envelope, and read the letter.

This was a letter from King Leonard.  KING LEONARD. It was really a tense situation; the final sentence really got his attention:


"If you want her back, come to piggy island and declare your resignation."


It was a hostage situation, an ultimatum. He knew of Justin’s plans to unite the islands into the Republic of Rovia, and wanted to take control of it, and become a dictatorship. Not only that, one detail really took it up a notch…


It was ordered to meet at 6 tonight or else Scarlett would marry King Leonard.


It was only more mortifying by the green wax seal and Leonard’s signature. But then, he hears muffled screams from the closet.

“RED!” Justin rushes to the closet and breaks open the lock. Red fell to the floor, all tied up and gagged.

“Hang on now….” He cuts apart the bindings, and saw he was badly tortured; whipped and bruised all over.

Red panted harshly… “Scarlett...”

Justin was shocked from what Red told Justin… “Oh my god…” His powers were starting to unleash slowly into maximum rage, as Justin was “glitching” with each stage of increased anger.

“Save her…”

I will.

Nolia: It's time for all of us to save her, and I think Justin got a good idea...

And soon enough, Justin’s rage made it to the Max Level; Red’s Anger Instincts being activated, taking in a murderous form of himself. “...and we will exterminate the pigs!

Then, he told Red about what he did a few hours ago. “I gave Chuck and Bomb my business cards. And I'm pretty sure they're getting the members of the flock now...”

“You sure...? They probably think of them as just casual.”

“Well, the business cards are embowed with the aura needed, for each member. Even you.”

“How do you use it?”

“Well, if it senses a flock member, like you, it'll give you your powers, and that you will be able to fight the pigs with brute force.”

Red's business card starts to imbue him with the aura of his Angry Birds force. “Cool.”


Justin see the others coming, with Chuck and Bomb, as well as others, like Terence, Stella (and her friends too), Bubbles, Hal, and others that were part of the team.

The crowds were chanting, in support of the fight against the pigs. “GET HIM, JUSTIN/ MAKE HIM PAY!”

Justin smirked, as he prepared to make the fight happen. He slams open the door, and steps up, beginning his speech to the people.


Fellow members of the flock.

A time of darkness has dawned upon us.

The dictator, King Leonard, has taken Scarlett hostage.

I, President Justin, will not let that happen.

We, as fellow members, know that the protection of Bird Island is at stake.

I know that Bird Island is not part of Rovia just yet, but I know what is needed to be done.

This letter even proves it, with him threatening me to declare resignation so that he can overthrow the government.

It's only 4:30, but the threat is at 6...


It's time for a revolution!

A revolution for a united Rovia!



The crowd shouted back in response, “WE ARE!!!

“Excellent! The naval fleet is ready, armed for destruction.”

He stands ready, to bring back the peace.





The crowd salutes back at his salute.

On to the ships, and set sail, for PIGGY ISLAND!

Justin spreads his wings and starts to fly, bound for Piggy Island, and the dictatorship of King Leonard...


We're coming.

Chapter 10: Dictatorship

In Piggy Island, Leonard was with Scarlett in his castle chambers, all tied up.

“My little Scarlett.... What's makes you worthy of this "Rovia" thing, hmm?”

“Go choke on your ego, you bacon bastard.”

“Oh? One to cook together? I wouldn't say so...”

“Don't come near me.”

“Oh, don't worry...” He gets out a throwing knife. “All I need is that Justin to resign, in front of the worldwide public. For you, that's easier said than done...”

Just from the dark horrifying thoughts that Leonard was planning all along made Scarlett begin to tremble in horror.

“...because I know who you were with all along...” He throws the knife at Justin’s picture. “The one who started this war...

“You leave my friends alone, you overgrown coldcut.”

That leaves Leonard only one thing to do: “...don't make me have to sedate you.

Bite me.

This ticked off Leonard, forcing him to snap. He calls on the guards to secure her and put her in a confined room; secured to a table, with sleeping gas that Scarlett was forced to inhale.

“Is that so? Well, in that case... I'll have you not only sedated...”

Then, the doctors then pierce through her skin with the needle with the same black fluid and start to inject it into her. It was the same black fluid that was injected into Justin on the night of his incident.

“...but injected. All part of his resignation. Guards! PREPARE THE AUTONOMOUS GUN BOT. It's time...”

Scarlett’s eyes began to get droopy as she falls over, all sedated.

Sleep well, little demon...

Then Leonard smirks, as he knew what he’s going to do…


Chapter 11: Raid

As the clock reaches 4:45, the naval ships are appraising shore. At this point, Scarlett was starting to wake up from all that pain. Justin was ready to take on the pigs.

“4:44... We still got time.”

Justin lands on the sand, and was guiding the big naval ships for docking. He gets out his tablet, and Nolia activates.

Nolia: Red? Status update.

“Everything's quiet...a little too quiet.”

Nolia: Well, good news. The shore is safe, as well as the entrance. But I must warn you, there's a secret weapon coming along when we're deep into the castle.

“Any news on Scarlett?”

Nolia: No idea. We could try, but the signal jammers prevent access.

“Just be careful...”

Shortly, the boats were docked. “Right…”

The doors start to open, as everyone prepares. “Anyone got some strategies?”

Bomb replied, “Take out the baddies in a fiery plane of infernos?”

“Well, maybe, or that they have a strong military.”

Chuck responded, “Come on, we've handled them before.”

“Alright. Let's go.”

The whole bird army charge towards the castle; Blades of Glory style. Justin follows them down the shore.

Stella chanted, “GIVE US BACK SCARLETT!”

Justin could then see the entrance guarded with some pigs, some carrying bows & arrows. “Okay, what...”

The pigs fire their weapons, which Justin manages to shield from. A few birds go down from the hits. “Shit…”


This gave Justin an idea and gets out a highly-modified pistol like Time Crisis, and shoots. Some pigs were shot down from the bullets. “Going well so far…”

Later, Justin, alongside Red, Chuck and Bomb, made it in the castle. Nolia shows a map of the castle.

Nolia: It seems the king is at the top floor, Floor 35. But Scarlett is in the basement...

Red answered, “Let's get her out of here.”

“And the access to Floor 35 is only able to be unlocked from the basement...”

“Let’s go!”

“Right. Lead the way, Red. Chuck, Bomb, stay with me...”

The birds follow close with each other. Justin follows with Red closely…

“If they so much as pull off one of Scarlett's feathers, it's personal...”

“Maybe... Basement first?”

“You just said we were going to the basement.”

“Ah, right.” He starts to head down the door. When he came in, there was a sound of growling and groaning in the basement.

“What the...”

He looked on the floor to see...

“A sleeping gas mask... and an injector...?”

That’s when he heard Scarlett’s growling.

Flashbacks return to him as he would notice the black fluid that injected him, and now...


He saw Scarlett in pain. And dirty bird footprints that follow down where Justin was.

Red was shocked too. “What did they do to her?”

“You would NOT believe what I just remembered...”

He showed Red the horrifying flashback, reflecting on Justin’s backstory of how he got his Sparks and corruption. Red’s eyes widen with horror. “The black fluid which they used on me, on how I got my Sparks...”

Scarlett’s eyes open, all red, glowing. Justin then could sense the glowing red aura...

“She knows my corruption now...”



The demon inside me is one that who complies with me. But yours...

It'll only be time before it knows your pain.

Red. Not only had they sedated and injected her, they've seemed to have successfully brainwashed her.”


“Scarlett...? You still know me?”

Help me...!

Justin would then come closer to the demonized Scarlett, as she was screaming in pain. “The demon in you… It knows me...

GET IT OUT!!!!!!

“I'll only have to figure this out...” He goes to use the white spark to start to calm down the demon. When the demon in Scarlett was calmed down, Scarlett collapses in front of them. “Scarlett! You okay...?”

Scarlett was able to reply to them, weakly… “Run...”

“Wha.. Why?!”

“He stuck that thing in me...”

His Anger Instincts are starting to cave in slowly, as he remembered who. “Motherfucking Leonard...

He once did it to me, and I survived the agony.

Now that he's threatening to destroy my presidency, he's taking it too far...”

“Run!” Scarlett shouted, tears in her eyes.

Red and Justin then started to run back up. “Red! It's time!” The two runs to check what's up on Bomb and Chuck.


Justin radios up Chuck and Bomb via Nolia. “Guys. We just unlocked the main top floor access. You ready?”

Nolia: The elevator is ready.

The group gathers at the spot, and Red tells Justin: “Say the word.”

“Open Sesame.” With that, the hidden elevator doors appear and slide open.

Chuck asked, “Do we go in now?”

“Do it.” The birds charge in the elevator.

Nolia: They knew they had to got a high-speed Express elevator...

They go in, and the doors close, and start to accelerate in speed as it goes up.

Chuck’s reply solidified one fact that Justin had wanted to do with the Anger Instinct in him; “Let's kick ass.”


Chapter 12: Final Stand

The elevator finally makes it to the top floor of the castle. “We're here...”

“I've waited a long time for this...”

The doors open. It seems kinda quiet...

“Oh, really. Too obvious...”

Bomb said, “Sneak attack any minute now…”

“I mean, nothing else knew what was gonna-“ BANG


“…Called it…” Then, blood was starting to leak out of Bomb. A gunshot wound, which caused Bomb to faint due to loss of blood.

“OH MY GOD...”

Chuck rushed to his bud. “BOMB!”

Justin then hears laughter from the room.


Leonard appears with a cigar in his mouth and a gun in his hand.

Justin was mad about all this cold blood truth coming through him. “The hell have you done this time...”

“Trying to take back Scarlett?”

“Well, you think-“ He sees Scarlett next to him, bound and gagged. “Wait, WHAT?!” He honestly thought he freed Scarlett, but Justin was fooled to a carbon copy.

“My new wife~”

“Are you saying that-“ Then, he noticed the time. 5:59 in the evening. And the seconds were drawing near. “AW, FUCK...”

And at that point in a second before 6, Leonard kisses Scarlett in front of him.

After the kiss, the time reaches 6, exact.


“I... failed...”

“NO!” Scarlett was trying to get away.

Justin fell onto his knees, dropping Nolia down on the floor, shutting off, bricked. Red tried to push Justin, “JUSTIN, GET YOUR MIND TOGETHER!”

“No, Red...

It's 6 p.m., exact...


With Scarlett’s scream, “I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!”

…it was no use.

...finished.” He finally collapses and loses consciousness.

Scarlett crawls over to him, only to be met by pure silence. Scarlett tried to hold him but was replied by silence.

He was slowly trying to regain. “I can't...

My term ends....”

Scarlett kisses him, then a scroll falls out of his bag, with the signed transfer of presidency to Leonard “” He faints again.

Scarlett was saddened about the loss of her best friend after…


…But in a surprising PLOT TWIST, the scroll has fine print, enabling Tracer powers onto Justin, regaining his consciousness. Scarlett looks at him with happy eyes.

“Don't worry, love...



He then initiates the RECALL, as he does a rewind 5 minutes back, to the point where Leonard was just about to kiss, at 5:59. Scarlett eyes widened with amazement, as he was able to reverse the time stream, right to that point.

And it was about to play the same as before, where Leonard was about to kiss Scarlett...

Time was slowing down, as Leonard was trying to kiss Scarlett..

Even his body movements were still slowing down...

And, Justin arrived back at the exact moment. 5:59:40 currently, as Leonard tries..


He talks to Scarlett via telepathy: "Scarlett. Watch Leonard carefully as time slows down..."

She watches closely…

Leonard could start feeling the movements slowing down. “What the hell...why can't I move...?”

5:59:43, and Leonard wonders how his body movements are slowing down...


5:59:45, and time completely stops, Leonard unable to move at all.

“You fucking did this you son of a bitch...”

“Leonard!” He then was appearing behind the frozen-time Leonard.

“It's been 11 seconds.”


“I guess that's your limit now.”

Scarlett cheered Justin on, “Get him, Justin!”

“Don't worry, Scarlett. I'll show you now. Just watch.” He then talks to the frozen-time Leonard.

“It's already been 11 seconds, Leonard. Seems that's your limit now. I stopped time at the 9 second mark.”

“Just kill me already if you want!”

“You know...”

Justin grabs his shoulder.

“I once had an idea like this...”

“Imagine, you once were a guy who can hold his breath for more than a minute.”

Scarlett watches in the moment…

...until he gets dragged down deeper, struggling to get up. For you, I feel no pity at all.”

Then Scarlett tells Justin, “Kill him, he deserves to die.”

Justin SMASHES Leonard’s leg with a strong, swift kick, breaking his leg.

“Time has begun to move again.”

Time resumes, and Leonard gets flung into a wall, smashing into it with a broken leg.


He starts walking over to him, trying to get up.

“I even haven't had an ounce of pity for you.”

Leonard weakly tries to convince Justin. “I surrender...please...let me live...”

“From the moment you tricked me to signing that agreement, to now; You're still the same. The moment you try to fight me, my Star Platinum will come and destroy you.

Now, as in the western world, I'll tell you this...

"Draw. Let's see who has the fastest gun in the West..."

Then Scarlett holds it up for a bit. “Justin, wait.”

“What is it, Scarlett..?”

“Just banish him so we can go home. you're in charge now.” But Justin can see Leonard getting up, smirking evilly. “Leonard. What now...”

He replied to Justin. “You think a pig who has done so much in his life is going to give up so easily?”

“Well, what makes you say that?”

Justin was looking over at what Leonard was trying to say, as he was getting up...

“I am the King of Pig Island...I won't give up so easily!”



As the whole village watches on the big screen outside, the moment is intensifying...

Leonard charges at him.

“ORAAAAAA!!!!” Star Platinum comes and punches Leonard's Stand leg, but the fist cracks...

That was where Leonard chuckles evilly…

Then, the tables have turned, as Leonard's Stand leg starts to crack.


So, to the amazement of the Bird village watching the moment, Justin goes to push all his strength into it, activating the full maximum power of Red's Anger Instincts. “YOU'RE NOW GOING TO GET IT, TRAITOR.” With that strength, the cracks increase.

At full power, the cracks become a slice, increasing as it goes up between Leonard.


Also, it affects the reality on him as Justin and Scarlett watch and stare...


You disgust me, you fat hog...


Scarlett covers her eyes, so that she won’t see the horror.

6 p.m. exact, and Leonard explodes in blood and guts all over, killing him.

The birds just stare in shock. Bomb vomits, so does Chuck while Red is agape.

Justin was gasping for air, over my extreme power he had to use, to save Scarlett.....


Scarlett was seen crying after all that trouble. “...I want to go home now...”

“Scarlett. It's over. We did it...

We're finally able to go home.”

He soon calms down and comes outside, onto the outdoor spot where Leonard once used to give speeches.

“Fellow citizens of Bird Island...”

He then picks up his sceptre and his crown, robe, and put it on.

“We have did it, and got Bird Island free at last! Piggy Island is no more!”

They cheer.


Epilogue: New Dawn


It was September 25, 2017. On that day, Piggy Island was finally in control by the Republic of Rovia.

Before that day, Piggy Island was a special administrative region of Rovia, under King Leonard’s rule. However, with the rising discovery of the eggs from the first encounter, it was soon turning into a dictatorship under his monarchy. And ever since the start of the great Bird War, times had changed.

September 25 was the day of the end of the long Bird War, which came with King Leonard’s death, and the recapture of Piggy Island by the Republic, making the island a part of the country. Bird Island hadn’t been part of the Republic, but on that day, Justin was with Red, moments after the recapture of Piggy Island; something that came to his attention.


“Now, Red...”

This got Red’s attention, as he turned to face Justin. “Yes sir?”

Then, Justin bestowed upon Red a special role for the Republic of Rovia. “I, President Justin, want to give you the bestowed title of Island Governor. Not of Piggy Island…

...but of Bird Island.”


He replied. “I wanted Bird Island to join the Republic of Rovia.” Red was so honoured to have Bird Island join Rovia once and for all, uniting all the main islands together: Golden, Lopando, Vanhool, Piggy, and now Bird.

“Justin...I don't know what to say.” Red was so honoured by the special role, that he couldn’t really say anything proper at all.

“Of course, you are being an Island Governor, which is like you being able to help manage the island. You got Judge Peckinpah at your side too.” With that said, Red knelt on one knee, his hand to his chest, head bowed down.

“I'll make you proud.”

“Thanks, Red. Scarlett, let's go home, and rebuild our town...” Scarlett nods, gathering all the people back towards the dock. “Onwards to the ships...”

Justin flies over to the dock and follows the ships as they sail with everyone else on board.

Because on September 25, 2017…

The Republic of Rovia was born.


Before Rovia: The Story of Bird Island (Ch. 9-E)
Welcome back to Before Rovia.

It is a time when things got serious. This is Justin's final chance to unite the islands together. But still, he's got a swine to deal with first...


This is the final part of the RP story between me and SecretProdigyHeart in Discord, where this was like the prologue of how Rovia was created.

(I'm sorry for the very long wait for this, I didn't have much patience left in me to finish it, but now I finally did it. The last time I did it was in November 4, 2017, and that was just Chapters 6-8.)

With that said, I'll be soon uploading the full story into here and FanFiction.

Mature Content for the rating.

Scarlett is of SecretProdigyHeart
Justin is me
Youkai Watch 4 Nintendo Switch cover
Dracunyan Icon 

Yokai Watch - Whisper:iconsaysplz:So I made a fake Nintendo Switch cover lately, and this time it's of the upcoming Yo-kai Watch 4 game coming soon to Japan this year.:iconsaysend-plz:

Yokai Watch - Whisper:iconsaysplz:FYI, this was my first time doing this on Photoshop (it was the first time I used it properly, I swear). If you guys wanna try to do a proper cover than I did (I mean, this is a template...), check out the template here!… :iconsaysend-plz:

Yokai Watch - Jibanyan:iconsaysplz: Hopefully, we'll all be hyped! Are you guys hyped too? :iconsaysend-plz:

Zaytun Jurina NyaaKB (Next HarMEOWny) 
SodaDog Ricchan NyaaKB (Next HarMEOWny) 
Rachel Paruru NyaKB (Next HarMEOWny) 
Tristan Paruru NyaaKB (Next HarMEOWny) 2 
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Yokai Watch - Nate with is yokai watch:iconsaysplz: Enjoy! :iconsaysend-plz:


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So, new day, new post.

Been slacking a bit...

But anyway...

new deviation incoming! Hope you guys will be ready for this..


And check out the Yo-kai Ark pack unboxing I did recently!

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jadethestone Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the fave on my GeGeGe no Kitaro artwork! Have a great day!
Justin1029 Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, why not? Yo-kai Watch perhaps fits alongside GeGeGe no Kitaro too, and that the latter was featured as a special part in the fourth Yo-kai Watch movie.

And hey, I can't resist the fun art you did!
jadethestone Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, yeah, they do have a lot in common! I didn't know the Yokai Watch movie included Kitaro! Neat!
Justin1029 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, the Shadowside movie? They did it. :)
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blcksheep Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the faves. :)
Justin1029 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't deny it. c:
KevinSolano Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2018
How's your life goin?
Justin1029 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, still going well...

KevinSolano Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018
Me too! Hey Justin1029, have you ever heard of this vehicle before?
Yocto-2 (JAP) by KevinSolano  
This is from Yo-kai Watch episode 164 in Japan, I think this is like a Yocto-2 or something but this design has been changed tin the U.S. since they released Yo-kai Watch Blasters: Red Cat Corps & White Dog Squad and in 09.27.18 Moon Rabbit Crew, and very soon it will change the design in the anime soon in the U.S.
Justin1029 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AH YES! The Blastersmobile? We're onto something!
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