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These are the things I have made. Please don't steal the pictures I make. Especially if you are trying to help me in a story.


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These are some random things I may enjoy in. Examples are vore, transformations and Angry Birds.



So, for Orlando.
Hotels are confirmed, rental car is confirmed, tickets are confirmed.
We're less than a week to go until then.
Orlando 2019 is near. February 10 to the 17th. We are ready.
Gintarjo: Redesigned
(also, I apologize for the text not being formatted properly. I made it in Pastebin...)    

やれやれだぜ... (Yare yare daze...)

That's right. This is unlike anything you've ever seen before.

This is my Yo-kai self, but if you thought the old one was a recolour of a Yo-kai, you'd think right. But, his personality also has seemed to change, for he's no ordinary cat Yo-kai.

He. Is. Reborn. Once. Again.

This is Gintarjo, and this is his new form. As you can see, this is the ultimate redesign for Gintarjo, as he is no longer a recolour of Buchinyan. Now, FYI, this is NMA (Not my art), but is done as a sort of
"commission" by none other than my pal, SodaDog. He's also responsible for helping to draw out the redesign of Gintarjo.

But in order to understand about this design, here's a little story.

So, a few days ago or so (let's say December 3, 2018), SodaDog asked me if I can donate to him, so he can get Yo-kai Watch 3 in the UK. Of course, this was December 7, 2018 we're talking about here, as that
was the day Yo-kai Watch 3 debuted outside of Japan, localized in Europe. I went ahead to donate, and as thanks, he decided to draw out this new design of Gintarjo.

And in the end, I can't help but to thank him for such a cool design. Thanks, man!

Name: Gintarjo (Japanese: ギンタージョー Giintaajyo)
Rank: A (or S, depending on how you see him as like)
Attribute: Fire
Tribe: Tough ("Merican Yo-kai")
Gintarjo's Medallium Info: "Gintarjo is one of the special Yo-kai. He's gone through many rough times (some weren't so pretty), which is the reason for the scars all over, and even one of his tails scarred off.
Truly, Gintarjo has seen and been through it all. And don't ask why he's brought along a modular assault rifle. You might be unaware of the different modes anyway."
Gintarjo S' Medallium Info: "Justin has finally made it to the bestowed Rank S. Now that Gintarjo has inherited a better knowledge of Justin, they can work together, with their best friends, to defeat all evil.
And it seems his rifle has a bit more added to its' versatility..."


Befriending: "You can thank lil' old me for saving the Yo-kai Realm from disconnection of the human realm!" (This is a reference to the second Yo-kai Watch movie.)
Befriending (after battling): "I'm amazed, because you have such great skills. Now that we're friends, you got a special place in me."
Receiving food (favourite): "This isn't all bad!"
Befriending (Crank-a-kai): "Whew, wasn't getting more open anytime soon. Let's work together for a better partnership, mate." Loafing: "Ugh, this one's a doozy.." Receiving food (normal): "Eh, this'll do." Receiving food (disliked): "Seriously, what is this?"

ATTACKS Normal: Dagger Punch [ダガーパンチ Dagāpanchi] (Power: 20 for base stats) This normal attack involves the wrist-mounted pocket daggers, with a 2% chance it is a Critical Hit.
3% chance it causes a Burn status on an enemy Yo-kai.
Technique: Fire Seeker [火の探求者 Hi no tankyū-sha] (Power: 30-75) Gintarjo's elemental attack involves him using his modular assault rifle to fire a Fire Seeker bullet,
with a 3% chance it causes a Burn status on an enemy Yo-kai.

Inspirit: Good Grief... [やれやれだぜ... Yare Yare Daze...] Gintarjo's inspirit causes an enemy Yo-kai to loaf, with the enemy's stats lowered from 3-10%.
Soultimate: Death Blast [死の爆発 Shi no bakuhatsu] (Power: 82-89, or 98 for Critical Hit) Gintarjo's power is let out loose, as his rifle enters an Override state.
He then shoots a Death Blast, affecting all enemy Yo-kai. On the chance of a Critical Hit, one Yo-kai is hit with 98 damage.
Skill: Rough Times [ラフタイムズ Rafutaimuzu] When at critical health, Gintarjo's stats will boost dramatically, enabling him to fight on at 5-15% health, as well as increase ally
Yo-kai stats by 25%. When at normal health, Gintarjo can use this skill to help ally Yo-kai with a 5% boost.

Design Pointers by SodaDog:

One of Gintarjo's tails was scarred because of an incident at one point that caused the tip of that tail to get scarred off.
He's got sharp teeth. But unlike Gabunyan, this is just cause it's normal for a cat.
His hat is almost similar to Jotaro Kujo's hat (yes, I mean JJBA).
He's got a collar, with a Winner's medal with the Kanji for Geki, or Fierce.
His sleeves aren't too long, and he sometimes prefers them rolled up.
His scars were of the many fights he had to go through. Some of them weren't so pretty...
Due to his special design, he's somewhat taller than a standard nyan. ("Something like Sir Pouncealot")
At his height, Gintarjo is 5cm taller than Jibanyan and Komasan.
Originally, during the design stages of making the redesign, his colour was of a purple-blue mix. As stated by Soda, "Something purple-blue; not too purple like Baddinyan or blue like Hovernyan".
So, I initially delayed the post in case if people didn't get it at this point...


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Welcome to my profile!

These Lenny faces will help to make some pretty useful responses. ;)

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I play Steam. My username there is justin102955. This is my current info.

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