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United States
Just call me 19-AVGFS-h8er-4, I'm a freehand artist and so much more, too! Enjoy my are and no harsh criticism, ok.

Also don't mind the Icon/ID, its a personal computer program I just don't like!
Ok, to start off, I haven't drawn, nor have I posted anything for about a month (Laziness kinda contributed), and during that time I was thinking when or where I was going to post my art, so I made decision (and no, it has nothing to with anything I used to do, or did in the past), and here it is, I'll be posting my art possibly and very soon on another account, and maybe some on this one, too now if you got my instructions on my new account's name (if you're interested in my new account's username, please send me a note, and I'll tell you the unsername), again why am I doing this? well I just don't like certain people looking at my art if they can't say anything nice about it, and this might just solve it, maybe. and another thing, I really never wanted to keep change accounts, (again and again) like before, and as I said in my last journal, a person needs to establish themselves on here, not change accounts, anyway, hope you understand all this, and I'll see you here, or on my new account (maybe)

19-AVGFS-h8er-4/Justinandrew1984 out!




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