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Ingo Brothers (Concept) 2



Gorman Ingo (Italian-American, 21)
Norman is the youngest of the Ingo brothers,  but stands taller than most. Afflicted by a strange thing (MASS syndrome), he grew up shunned, relying on his brother to make the decisions. He's an excellent sharpshooter, and has a background in either cattle drive, of administration.

Talon Ingo (Italian-American, 22)
Talon is the older of the ingo brothers. Obese and short, he's manipulative and greedy. Using his brother, Talon manipulates him into following his crazy get-rich-quicck schemes. He's good at hand to hand combat and explosives, and either has a background in merchant and intimidation, or law.

They're not at actual height, Gorman stands nearly twice as tall as his brother.

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