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An oooold piece of pixel art, from when I didn't have a tablet. I really like how it turned out, even if it's kinda "flat". Originally concept art, I made a tiny 3-4 page comic... I'll try to post it up soon...

Any, as backstories go, here it is:
Adam Sark (2263)

Adam was Vault 74's technician, specializing on repairing computers and maintaining the intercom system. Of his group, Adam is the one with the most common sense, sometimes leading the others. From a young age, Adam Excelled in hacking and helping out around the vault. He might behave oddly from time to time, but he's someone you can always trust. His father was a crackpot inventor, creating some of the vaults more odd machines, Adam was trained by his father on the ways to use laser pistols, as well as hacking the systems and developing code. During the panic to escape the vault, Adam raided the cafeteria and was one of the only survivors with food when fleeing, he also got lucky while looting the armory, finding some armor and a pistol. After escaping the vault, Adam made his way to Memphis city, where he found a job repairing electronics for the town and helping maintain the generators. Since then, he's gotten some training using firearms and has improved his general know-how of the wastelands. He currently lives with the other survivors in their repaired house.

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