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Man of Steel - Movie Poster

Concept poster for the upcoming Zack Snyder film 'The Man of Steel'.
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Dude this is awesome!!! :D
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Awesome~!! What font did you use on this poster?
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Not bad. A little unfocused from the story, but not bad.
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There hadn't been any news regarding story when I made this, other than the name of the film and that Zod would be the villain.
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Ah. Still awesome :)
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Well, that certainly makes me believe a man can fly.
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You perfectly captured the essence of what I would like to see in a poster and a dvd cover... excellent work and in my fan-heart, it's been worth every minute you put into it! Simply stunning.
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Wonderful work, reminds me the work on Inception psoters, with much more action and emphasis on the spectacular. :D
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Awesome! Incredible work! :)
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That's a poster - a really well designed one. Well done!
superhippieman's avatar
Hey, that's pretty cool!
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Excellent work. Very nice indeed
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
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