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BlackBerry Storm

By Justflikwalk
Here is the new BlackBerry Storm, the first touch screen device from BlackBerry. Will it be the iPhone KILLER? On Nov. 21st we"ll find out.

Please only for personal use, if you like or use please leave me a commit.
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The infamous Storm...
el-abda3-com's avatar
thank you i used it :)
PetiteBlondeMilf-com's avatar
You rock...looks so nice
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Very nice! How do you make the reflexion on the ground, as if it was made of glass? Do you duplicate layers, flip it and lower the opacity, and the add the shadow?
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Yes, you duplicate the layer, flip it. Then you need to make a layer mask. Use the marquee tool.
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Exactly. You can get you can get Ps plugins for one click reflections, or software for Mac called Picturesque.

And to create the shadow just select the ellipsis tool, draw a circle, squash it w/ transform and gaussian blur it.
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Oh, ok, thanks a lot! :)
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im going to use this somehow (:
nice work.
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Thanks! Post a link I would like to see what you do with it.
iStephhhh's avatar
sureeee =)
but i dont think i'll be making anything anytime soon
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That looks great :D
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damn man you are good
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