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Beneath a Still Sky

..lies The Rock of Monemvasia, and its medieval fortress. Some even refer to it as the Gibraltar of the East or The Rock.

I’ve always thought of the place as enchanting and mythical, even when I had visited it as a kid (and as a kid I was very hard to impress because I was indifferent to anything and everything). It looked to me as the medieval counterpart of Atlantis for some reason and its name sounded even more enchanting, like some sort of a magical incantation.

Odd as it may seem, when I look at this photo I realize that the best part of that morning in December 2009 was not the sunrise itself. And it was a lovely sunrise spent perched precariously on the rocks, watching that huge cloud that stood over The Rock for a long time changing its shape from a caterpillar, to a snail, to a sea turtle (yes, the sky wasn’t so still after all, and that cloud was a big show off, thank God!). Still the best part of that day was the subsequent walk through the narrow cobblestone paths of the castle, and the slippery climb trying to reach the highest point of it with the company of a friendly mongrel dog who quickly took the lead and sniffed its way to the top thus showing us the way. And the even better part of it was having a delicious breakfast in one of the cafes there, basking in the sun and enjoying the terrific view.

Hope you enjoy the view too! :)

Location: Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

tech stuff

Camera: Nikon D300
Lens: Tokina 12-24 @ 12mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed: 4sec
ISO: 200

Hoya ND8 (3 stops Neutral Density)
Lee 3 stops ND soft graduated filter (0.9)
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That is a beautiful view! :heart:
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Very sharp and beautiful shot.
Enchanting and mythical indeed.
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It's so beautiful!
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Thank you so much Alexander! :)
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Your very welcome
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Really glad you like it Petr! :)
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Thank you so much dear, very glad you like it! :)
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you are very welcome & you deserve it amazing photography :)
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Really happy you like my work! Extra many thanks for all the new faves, the wonderful comments and the:+devwatch:! :)
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you are very very welcome :)
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Many thanks Matias, glad you like it!
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you're welcome
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unbelievable!:) Just perfect - everything.
but perfect could be boring, its paradox..
But no, iam not boring in this case:)
When i go to Greek again i would be happy if i can meet U:)
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Many many thanks my friend, so glad you like it :)
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Fantastic atmosphere, light and colors! :clap:
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Hello dear Myriam, so glad you like this one too! :hug:
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