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Hierarchy of Angels and Demons


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Another school project. Hierarchy of Angels and Demons from various sources, presented a bit cartoony. :)

All images in my gallery are under my copyright and may not be used or re submitted, unless you have my permission. They may not be edited in any way or posted on other sites without my knowledge. They may not be sold or passed out as your own work. Breaking these simple rules will lead to legal action.

Thank you for respecting my art!
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May I ask where do you get the reference of Beelzebub is patron of Asian culture? Anyway the angels you drew look very cute!

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Omg this is amazing! May I use this as a reference for my story?

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Very nice. Who knew that demons of hell were so helpful.

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Thanks! That's what I found fascinating during my research

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This looks very interesting. Thank you and may God bless your soul.

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You're welcome. But as for me, I now walk with the Gods of Olympus.

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this was a really cool read !!!
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Nice, I saw this cartoon, Hazbin Hotel and it's quite crazy because how Hell is interpreted is weird. All the demons come in different shapes and sizes that I would wonder how do evil humans end up looking like them. 

If hell in Hazbin Hotel is a very sleazy city, Heaven would be more clean and bright. Bet the demons in hell fear the angels' great leaders. 
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Oh yeah, that cartoon looked awesome :D I forgot to take a look at it. Thanks for reminding me :)
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No problem. 

I saw that cartoon too but I was wondering what would heaven look like. We all know what hell looks like. 
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I watched Hazbin Hotel and it was fucking awesome, I'll tell you that. But until then, Helluva Boss is the main thing Vivziepop is focusing on right now.

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I found this to be a very interesting read. Thank you.
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You are very welcome :)
but seriously how is anyone supposed to read this? The print is so small
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Seriously, click on the image and zoom in to original size, and read away :)
I must say though. this is somewhat the opposite of how I would have them. at least as far as the angels. I would have had the archangels at the top and Cherubs at the bottom. (plus I would have added the four Horsemen as powerful angels and the 7 deadly sins as powerful demons.) 
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Awesome! You should make your own list and change it completely. For the sake of discussion, four horsemen aren't angels, so I'm not sure how they would fit into a hierarchy of angels and demons. 7 deadly sins aren't demons either. This was a loose study based on different theological sources, many of which use different names for the same entities and some of them don't have others etc. Archangels are very specific angels when it comes to their rank, as they can move up and down the hierarchy based on what God needs them for (again, from the sources I found). As this is not fact and science, all of this is just a discussion about different fantastical creatures and figments of the amazing human imagination. When it comes to religion, different scholars, different interpretation.
I have heard a few interpretations where the 7 deadly sins were demons. The most famous being the movie Shazaam. as for the horsemen as angels. for that I was mainly going off of the Horsemen of Death, you often hear the term "The angle of Death" when talking about the grim reaper. So I kind of went with the idea of the angel of death, with the horsemen being angels. some interpretations of the horsemen say they do the work of God, some say they do the work of Satan. So I would kind have the concept that they are a certain breed of angels, but they serve neither Heaven nor Hell. I have been writing a story that is actually a fanfiction of the show Danny Phantom, and Fairly Odd parents that deals with angels and demons. Mainly I thought it would be interesting to throw something as strong and powerful as angels and demons, into worlds like Danny Phantom or Fairly Odd Parents, whome have some pretty powerful beings themselves. Of course, in that case, it would be a bit more of a comedic take on Heaven and Hell. For example, Gabriel would basically be Gabriel Iglesias and I might give Beelzebub a Canadian accent (as a reference to a South Park episode). The story is called Danny's Inferno.    
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This study was based on Christian angelology so no DC comics and no Shazem. Grim reaper is not the same as the angel of death, and Death is not the same as the reaper, or as an angel (very convoluted, yes). If you read the stuff I wrote, there actually is an angel with a scythe and black wings, called Sariel and then, as the great cop out - they can serve how they are needed, with the rank they require, like the God's SWAT team. Also, if an angel doesn't have a rank (archangel, throne etc) then he belongs to the lower ranking angels. Now, those creatures are very powerful and they do have a role to play when they are asked to do so. The horsemen are too malevolent to be angels. The whole point of the angels is to protect and defend and to serve God. They are the great reset button. Basically, if it's an angel, it serves heaven, if it's a demon, it serves hell. Powerful entities, as horsemen, can exist in a fantasy universe, but, to me, they don't sound like angels. As far as your fanfic goes, good luck with that :) I hope it comes out the way you want it to.
and like you said, it's not an exact science. In my story the angels and demons are treated more like races of people, even though they are not human. But like people the angels and demons will have complicated emotions and goals. I.E not all angels in my story will be good, and not all demons will be bad. Also in my story, again this is just my story, and not REAL christian angelology the angels are stronger than the demons, so only an angel can handle the powers the horsemen have. I have two chapters published on the first chapter is kind of meh, I didn't know what direction I wanted to take the story, but the second one is where the story really starts to get good. 
Well if an anime can make the 7 deadly sins into good guys, I can make the horsemen into good guys
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