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Halloween 2021


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Lores of Yria - The Haunter of Dreams Cover

Devious Inspiration

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Seams Of The Depths

With silent screams You stole my dreams; Nothing that gleams Is what it seems... The seams; It may be you who fans the flame, But you see, I am the one who stokes the fires, Illuminating funeral pyres, Setting the allure ablaze... You are my weakness... My one true thrill, And it is you Alone; Who knows What is Hidden In my heart... When every beautiful word Is already written, How can I ever possibly convey The depths; Emeraldine jewels That lurk in shadows, Beyond the veil Of pale moonlight and... Sin; I've never felt something so terrible, And so beautiful...


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How to THINK when you draw BEDSHEETS quick tip!

Tutorials, Resources, and ETC.

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Skylanders Battlecast - Ninja Strike


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Heaven Refsheet (Tf2 Sniper Oc)

Cool character designs

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How to Report Spam Accounts on deviantArt

I've been noticing this a lot and I want to bring this to everyone's attention: If you ever see a spam comment - like that by karthim1786 I reported recently - advertising some crazy stuff (that one advertised some download, but I've also seen crap like porn sites and viagra (well, kinda a given, lol) and religious stuff and even some shady attorney services) - do not, and I repeat DO NOT HESITATE to check for the following red flags (though just the link is usually enough to discern those spam bots from the average users) if you aren't sure: Nonsense username consisting of letters and numbers (very often); No avatar (also very often); Created during the span of the last 24, maybe 48, hours; Really vague bio (I've seen most of them putting in 'they\them' pronouns (in rare cases 'she/her' if it's some sort of a sex ad) and I have also seen a lot of them put in a country like Pakistan or India (in case of Karthim1786) or another not-as-common here country so they don't even bother to


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SugerPlum Sonic

Sega Sonic Collection

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Just helping with the groceries

Cute Corner

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Possessed Zelda


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Papercraft Bozouki

3d work

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Art process video: Heart


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Pansies Galore


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Motaro for Mortal Kombat Collab, animated

pixel art

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WinAmp Skins

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Explorer Peach


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UPDATE: if you have anything to tell me, PLEASE note me! (traced art, ect, anything. send me a note please, dont comment!) --- aight guys, since i have to say this: my claim isnt "they copied my layout and thats my probem!" my problem is they wont stop copying, referencing, ect my art. i dont mind if they have a green cat oc. i DO MIND that they have changed the name, specifics of the design, ect, to match mine. theyve added a tattoo to their oc when it previously didnt have one. coloring/dots between the eyes has been added, the spots on their character are the same placement as mine. theirs used to be a normal cat, changed to a semi hair

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Trendwhore CSS Pack

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