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Dragon Maid (stickers) by [Never Content]
I got these stickers above in the mail. I plan on grabbing more eventually.
If you’re a anime fan, you should check out Never Content’s peeking series stickers. 
‘Here’s more examples:

5a481b44-b17e-4a6e-9405-2294936ecdc1 by justD3F  A9294e7f-adb8-493c-8c47-5a78e6aa2400 by justD3F  3a71277e-8721-49c6-87e0-5647b9e993ac by justD3F 
679009a2-9532-4df6-9a86-f473520a1c86 by justD3F  3c33bc1e-5d9a-4373-a59a-b14fccbefa98 by justD3F  0e2c2f67-6177-4405-b9a6-b259ce08b363 by justD3F 

There’s a lot more characters, check out their Instagram link below.
The link to their store is in the description. 
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Icon Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Icon Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Icon Instagram New Icon…

Inktober Plans: 

Work is slowing down my entries but, we will make it through them all. 
You’ll be seeing Star Butterfly soon, along with some really old cartoons from Hanna-Barbera, some Disney girls, current and 90s CartoonNetwork characters, 90’s nick, Hilda from Netflix, Betty Boop, and some other surprises appearances. 

Inktober day 7 (Exhausted) - justDEF
Ryuko Matoi
OC - (bats) Stanley, Moofs, Ivy and Kalonice

Want to see more of my sketches? Ryuko (Mad) [V1] You do? Ryuko Matoi [Kill la Kill] Then follow my Twitter and Tumblr. Ryuko Smiling Icon Sign Emoji-09 (Peace) 

Racing Girl Emoji (Info below) [V3]You can also find me here:
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Inktober day 6 (Drooling) - justDEF
Wildernessa and Cheesesticks
OC - (bats) Moofs and Lenky

Want to see more of my sketches? You do? Then follow my Twitter and Tumblr. Sign Emoji-09 (Peace) 

Racing Girl Emoji (Info below) [V3]You can also find me here:
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2e11d111-1c1a-46cd-b690-89b5cd69d7a2 by justD3F

Mable Raise The Roof Looks like I’m coming back just in time for another Inktober! Anyone else participating this year?

I’ve planned out every character for my 31 drawings already. GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! 

Finding time to draw them is the challenging part, so I’ll post the following picture ahead of time. It’s unlikely I'll keep up with my schedule.

6898c923-fdad-4136-9703-0c75b7dbf903 by justD3F

Dipper Agrees Emote Looking forward to seeing what everyone else does though. 

I thought being on DeviantArt was going to be all about art. Over time you meet new people and create friendships.

Sometimes when you check in with a friend you see they’re in a dark place. There’s nothing more heartbreaking to me than reading someone contemplating suicide or seeing self harm photos. 

I’m just someone who posts art here but, I do wish the best for everyone I encounter. Try to reach out to friends, family, someone you trust or even this lifeline if you are having these thoughts or feelings. 
274ebdf4-3021-465b-a2bd-43fe577bb754 by justD3F
I’m wishing you all a great 2018! Things will get better and stay safe. :heart::heart::heart:


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
- :wave: Hello visitors and friends,

I'm DEF, a self taught artist from Boston, MA.

I do traditional art, mostly original characters. I have created my own style but, can still draw cartoon, anime and comic book characters in their original styles. I love making friends as well as learning from and talking to all artists. Although I'm not a professional artist if you need help or are curious about how I draw, supplies I use, don't hesitate to ask questions. Hope you all enjoy my artwork. :peace:^^

Thanks for checking out my page, for the Favs, Comments and Watches! :tighthug:

Do not post anything political or religious on my page, you will be blocked.

Sketch Request Round 3 (Closed)

41. harryslasher56 - Starfire swimsuit (TTG) [FanArt]

42. T-mack56 - Shaniqua Brown [OC]

43. Mathew-Swift-VA - Kyle Broflofski (South Park) Loud style [FanArt]

44. ADRIAN9 - Sabine [OC]

45. PopRocking - LaTea [OC]

46. Garfieldfan22 - Kanna Kamui (Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon) Garfield style [FanArt]

47. cartoonhero3 - Demented Debbie (Hotel Transylvania) [FanArt]

48. JacobWestern11 - Unity [OC]

49. NewEraOutlaw - Crystal, Loud style [OC]

50. kevintoons915 - Kevin Jr, Loud style [OC]

51. izzy903 - Leni Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

52. JacobToonz - Jessica Stevens, Loud style [OC]

53. IEPH - Isabella Garcia-Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb) Loud style [FanArt]

54. derkman - Chiro, Butch Hartman style [OC]

55. StarSylveon11 - Cristina [OC]

56. JujuPnF1995New - Rei Hino (Sailor Moon) [FanArt]

57. Handleman87 - Chloe [OC]

58. Paula712 - Anne [OC]

59. Kawaiirebichan - Deccosweet (Cuphead) [OC]

60. skrallhunter - skrallhunter’s Lincoln Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

61. gizmo01 - Peg Pete (Goof Troop) [FanArt]

62. LablelessWaterlily - Kyu-T [OC]

63. Master-Rainbow - Himself (TLH) [OC]

64. nakuuro - Katty Katswell (TUFF Puppy) [FanArt]

65. MulatoSoca - Daia Jang [OC]

66. RedWesternRanger - Tideus (Power Rangers) [FanArt]

67. BIO675 - Blue and Red dragon [OC]

68. doinkmasterclown1 - Lori Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

69. 3dmarioworld - Allistar/Ginga [OC]

70. Kanpekinageijutsunya - Connor Murphy (Dear Evan Hansen) [FanArt]

71. RealMilesifyWorld64 - Leni Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

72. FanboyLoud [Tw] - Sam (TLH) [FanArt]

73. derfs51 - Dani Moonstar (X-Men) [FanArt]

74. TotalDramaFan1000 - Luna Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

75. 7Swords7Lives - Zahra [OC]

76. Pilulu - Daphne [OC]

77. sa6044 - Lalo (TLH) [FanArt]

78. martinATHF - Ashley (Warioware) [FanArt]

79. lettup - Lucy Sang [OC]

80. sb12933 - Taylor [OC]

81. GamingMetalhead999 - Royal Woods Psychopath (TLH) [OC]

82. canned-peaches - Mackhelah Morgan Mckennly [OC]

83. Necromin901 - Maggie (TLH) [OC]

84. GloomiBoo - Yurei

85. Tatsunokoisthebest - Lori Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

86. Delta-Magnus - Jen Sanchez, Loud style [OC]

87. NestieBot - Botsune Nestie (Fanloid) [OC]

88. Bea81 - Todo (Hunter x Hunter) [FanArt]

89. Gabriel1017 - Leni Loud (TLH) [FanArt]

90. ClemansProductions - Flying Scotsman (Thomas & Friends) [FanArt]

91. Aliana-chan - Raionna (Miraculous) [OC]

92. LaddyLegasus - Rosebud (Teen Titans Go) [OC]

93. DoctorManny - Camila Mendes (Riverdale)

94. Hillygon - Odette (The Swan Princess) [FanArt]

95. Shadesummer - Tania [OC]

96. ruffytoon - Ruffy [OC]

97. saximaphone - Bulk Meatslab [OC]

98. ElTioSam385 - Kelly (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) [FanArt]

99. BenjiLion09 - Ralph (Wreck-it Ralph) [FanArt]

100. Meatwad-Mobile - Maddie (Future-Worm!) [FanArt]

101. ZardX - Lincoln Loud as a werecat (TLH) [OC]

102. horrorshowfreak -

103. dragonmaidtohrukin [Tu] - Tohru (Dragon Maid) [FanArt]

104. Alexisnightcorestar [Tu] -

105. Strongstarz93 [Tu] - Fumina (Gundam Build Fighters)

106. AngryPrncess - my choice

107. ‪MARGARETEADY22 ‬[Tw] - Blossom (Powerpuff Girls) [OC]

108. PJToon75 - Gail The Snail [OC]

109. DragonChaser195 - Smirk [OC]

110. BlueRockShooter109 - Mirai [OC]

111. Delijz - Eloaney [OC]

112. CyberBluu - Blu [OC]

113. megakyurem4188 - Megajira [OC]

114. artisticamara - Kadeem [OC]

115. cam-and-sister-paint - Cam [OC]

116. SweetlyViolent - my choice [OC]

117. Dangerouspayne - Dangerous Payne Squirt [OC]

118. rogelis - Envy (Seven Deadly Sins)

119. Meryberrypie - OC



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