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Lyn you left your DA logged in on my computer. 
now I take over the journalssss

go look at the arts
and go get a commission
► Name ➔ Brandy 
► Will you answer all questions truthfully ➔ well I'll try
► Are you single ➔ nope
► Are you happy ➔ I'm happy enough
► Are you bored ➔ no I just don't want to do homework
► Are you sad ➔ //muffled simple plan music playing in the distance
► Are you Italian ➔ I kissed an italian once
► Are you German ➔ a lil bit
► Are you Asian ➔ not to my understanding
► Are you angry ➔ I don't think that's an ethnicity
► Are you Irish ➔ aye I'mma quare irish 
► Are your parents still married ➔ lol they never were

► Birth Place ➔ this shitty town
► Hair Color ➔ blonde hrg
► Eye color ➔ blue/grey
► Birthday ➔ no my english teacher took all my birthdays away
► Mood ➔ I hunger
► Gender ➔ ~* it's a mystery *~
► Lefty or Righty ➔ southpaw (lefty bitchesss)
► Summer or winter ➔ summer
► Morning or afternoon ➔ I guess mornings bc they're cool and nicer smelling

► Are you in love ➔ I'm pretty sure ??
► Do you believe in love at first sight ➔ it's not for me but I think it exists
► Who ended your last relationship ➔ I did ghjkl
► Have you ever been hurt ➔ no. I've never been hurt. I've successfully lived my entire life without once facing any sort of physical or emotional pain. I'm invincible, thanks for asking
► Have you ever broken someone's heart ➔ apparently
► Are you friends with your ex ➔ I guess but not as well as I'd like to be ghjkl
► Are you afraid of commitment ➔ laughs what noooo
► Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ ah yes
► Have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ my mom wrote me a note telling me not to forget my lunch once does that count
► Have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ I don't knoooow

► Love or lust ➔ both are completely natural, healthy and awesome no matter what anyone tells you
► Lemonade or iced tea ➔ lemonade as long as it's not too sweeet
► Cats or Dogs ➔ yes hello I am cat
► A few best friends or many regular friends ➔ besties m8
► Television or internet ➔ internet includes television THEREFORE
► Pepsi or Coke ➔ canada dry
► Wild night out or romantic night in ➔ can I say wild night in?? wild can be romantic IF U KNO WHAT I MEAN
► Day or night ➔ night please
► IM or Phone ➔ phone 

► Been caught sneaking out ➔ I felt guilty and turned myself in oops
► Fallen off the stairs ➔ countless times
► White water rafted ➔  once at Canada's Wonderland if that counts vuv
► Finished an entire jawbreaker ➔ what the fuck is that
► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ I thought this said "wanked something/someone so badly it hurt"
► Prank called a store ➔ nope
► Skipped school ➔ hAH
► Wanted to disappear ➔ 2spooky (yes))

► Smile or eyes ➔ under what circumstances?? I mean eyes are more valuable on the organ black market from what I understand
► Light or dark hair ➔ I am usually more attracted to people with dark hair but ultimately it doesn't matter to me
► Fat or skinny ➔ in a partner?? I don't fuckin care
► Shorter or Taller ? ➔ preferably taller than me??? ? so taller than 5'7'' ye
► Intelligence or Attraction ➔ both thanks
► Cheerleader or Nerdy girl ➔ both thanks
► Hook-up or Relationship ➔ both are cool w me but I'm in a relationship right now so .. that ??
► Funny and poor OR rich and serious ➔ uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ((I'm just gonna leave Matt's answer there)

► Last Phone Call you dialed➔ uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
► Last phone call you received ➔ I got called in to work
► Last person you hung out with ➔ people in drama club for friends birthday yeyeye
► Last thing you ate ➔ french vanilla cake oops
► Last thing you drank ➔ arizona (<3)
► Last site you went to ➔
► Last place you were ➔ uhm Ashloh's house

► Are you in a committed relationship ➔ yes
► When was your last relationship ➔ a few years ago
► Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? ➔ I rly like cats
► Do you still love them ➔ I really love my current partner a lot yes
► Do you like someone right now ➔ hella

► Do you and your family get along  ➔ snorts
► Would you say you have a "messed up life"➔ lol 
► Have you ever run away from home ➔ yeah man but not for longer than a night
► Have you ever gotten kicked out ➔ kinda
► If so, how long ➔ a day and a bit

► Do you secretly hate one of your friends ➔ hate is overrated
► Do you consider all of your friends good friends ➔ idk
► Who are/is your best friend(s) ➔ matt, luke, ash, danny, emily and lauren
► Would you die for them ➔ depends on the circumstance?
► Who knows everything about you ➔ either lucas or matt
does anyone know where I could find a tablet driver compatible with the BambooPen??? it's not on the Wacom website anymore and I can't find it elsewhere online augh
is there like a dump of old tablet drivers? 
if you can find it for me I'll give you like at least half of my heart 
1. What is your natural hair color?
light brownish blond sort of thing

2. Where was your ID pic taken?
like what my drivers license?? I got it done in clinton

3. What's your middle name?
oops I don't legally have one

4. Your current relationship status?
in a long term relationship vuv

5. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
jfc I hope so otherwise we have a problem

6. What is your current mood?
tired and groggy

7. What's the color of your underwear?
dark purple mothafucka

8. What is one thing that makes you happy?
cuddles, tim hortons, listening to ludo (ok that's three things forgive me)

9. Who was the last person you cuddled with?
either my cat or Lucas vuv

10. If you could go back in time, and change something what would it be?
uh idk maybe I could have handled my first kiss better??? I'm afraid that if I changed anything it would have too much of an effect on today
I could have gone without the scene phase that would be okay

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day?
an owl or a cat. oh. yes. an owl/cat gryphon?

12. Ever had a near death experience?
idk I was supposed to be aborted and I've been in a car crash and I've almost choked to the point of unconsciousness if that counts

13. Something you do a lot?

14. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
ludo - go-getter greg

15. Who did you copy and paste this from?
302, but FlSHBONES and Lunamania also did it

16. Name someone with the same b-day as you?
the nice lady who owns the dance studio in my town

17. When was the last time you cried?
uh idek man

18. Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?
in choir groups but not alone vuv

19. If you could have one super power what would it be?
complete control over my own mind. like being able to feel how I want to feel and think to my full potential you know

20. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
idk how they dress I guess?? depends on the person

21. What's your biggest secret?
because I'm really going to share that on the internet

22. What's your favorite color?
crimson and purple 

23. When was the last time you lied?
idk probably sometime today

24. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows?
I guess so yea

25. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
biting my tongue???

26. What's your favorite smell?
campfire, coconut and irish spring deodorant

27. If you could describe life in one word what would it be?

28. When was the last time you gave/received a hug?
I hugged my boyfriend this morning .w.

29. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?

30. What are you thinking about right now?
I want tim hortons or something my throat is killing me

31. What should you be doing?
school work 

32. What was the last thing that made you upset?
my dad :b

33. Do you like working in the yard?
yes I do a lot of gardening with my mum uvu

34. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?
something cool like Scribe or Faolan oUo I wouldn't mind my boyfriend's surname either 00ps

35. Name 5 things in your closet:
my desk, shelf, books, posters, chair (my closet is a little workstation sort of thing 00ps)

36. Do you act different around your crush?
idk probably? people just naturally act differently around different people

37. When was the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?
erry night guuurl

38. How many times do you take a shower a week?
usually 7 unless I run late or the water isn't working

39. Do you brush your teeth everyday?
yeah son

40. Have you ever said something stupid in front of your crush?
I never say anything not stupid around him

41. Have you ever watched a hockey game?
I'm canadian wtf do you think

42. Do you lie about your age?
nah I don't think so

43. Ever been jealous about something stupid?
oh god all the time

44. Do you pick your nose?
nah son

45. What's the one food you hate?

46. What's the one junk food you cant live without?
idk I guess pop if it counts

47. How old were you when you found out Santa was fake?
idk I just sort of always knew??

48. Have you ever blown your nose and looked inside it the napkin?
no I don't think so

49. Describe your favorite underwear you have?
they're boyshorts w pretty designs on them and they mak my butt look fantastic

50. Did you lie in any of these questions?
don't think so son        
hey everybody

my tablet has been working fine and my computer was working fine and everything is great but now my computer is dead again and I've been without it for almost two weeks now

fortunately my grandfather is amazing and tech-savvy and he gave me a laptop he bought in 2005 and doesn't use anymore 
it runs windows XP and it's kind of an ancient beast but it's a start and I'm making it over and getting everything I need on it
hopefully with it I'll be able to start drawing again
I just want to get my commissions done why does everything suck

gomen ;;

- cats
first of all; I've got tons of points laying around that I will legit probably never use and I've really been wanting to see some of my characters in other artists styles so does anyone have point commissions open or know of anyone that is offering them? I'd appreciate it! <33

also this is going to be super annoying if you're waiting on a commission from me but right now my tablet is basically dead. it's been giving me tons of shit for the past few months and I think it's finally done. I'm gonna be hopefully saving up and looking for a new one. thank for your patience prettiesss <33
  • Drinking: the blood of virgins
I'll still be mostly active on dA commenting and stuff but I won't be uploading art for a while
this bitch needs to do some artistic soul searching 
I will force my way back into that cocoon matt
I need to separate myself from digital art for a bit and figure out my style
I just wanna be able to draw and have fun doing it again
thanks for reading
hopefully in a month or something I'll be back with some improvement 
ta ta sluts
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haha what

Turn-on = ON
Turn-off = OFF
Doesn't matter = DM

Has a nice butt: dm I'm not really passionate about butts

Plays musical instrument: dm

Is taller than you: on on on on on ahh

Is shorter than you: mostly dm but I really really prefer taller

Has green eyes: dm

Has blue eyes: dm

Has brown eyes: on

Has black eyes: dm

Has hazel eyes: on

Has long hair: dm

Has med. hair: on

Has short hair: off

Drinks alcohol: dm but if you smell like vodka I'll probably bang you

Smokes weed: dm

Has blond hair: dm

Has brown hair: dm

Has black hair: on

Has red hair: dm

Calls you just to say hi: dm I guess?? 

Creative: on

Compliments you: dm but I don't really like being complimented I see it really unnecessary

Shaves his/her legs: dm

Wears jewelry: on

Has bigger feet than you: dm

Has smaller feet than you: dm

Belly piercings: on

Doesn't party: dm

Likes to party: dm

Wants to party: dm

Laughs a lot: on

Funny: this is not a turn on this is necessary

Skinny: dm

Rides a street bike: dm


Honest: on

Open: dm

Shy and quiet: off

Licks lips: on

Lightly bites: yes

Talks dirty: on vuv

Leaves you random comments: on I guess

Competes with you on stupid little stuff: on

Dresses Gangster: off

Dresses Preppy: what is preppy //googles it
polos and school boy shorts are off
suits and ties and dress pants are just damn

Dresses Skater: dm

Dresses Athletic: off

Dresses Hick: off

Smokes cigarettes:  dm.. it's sexy but I don't want my partner to die 

Does pills: dm??

Plays sports: dm

Can skate: dm

Writes lyrics:  dm

Smiles a lot: on

Has good teeth: on

Has spiky hair: off 

Has no hair: dm

Good dancer: dm

muscles: off ._. man muscley guys aren't great for hugging and cuddling I'm sorry well-toned guys but your bodies are too hard for me to love

Laid back: dm

Plays guitar: dm

Plays drums: dm

Raps: dm

Can draw: on

Has a lip ring: on - but only on girls

Has a tongue ring: dm

Nipples pierced: dm

Hugs you: on

Hugs from behind: on

Calls you just to hear your voice: that's kind of weird

Goes to church: dm I guess as long as it isn't force don me ( funny story tho my boyfriend goes to church even though he's an atheist his family makes him go and he does tech and he makes me go with him sometimes to keep him company so 00ps )

Can do stuff with his/her tongue: this is a turn-on but u don't understand I get so awkward when it comes to tongue

Has dimples on his/her face: dm

Has facial hair: 

Places you like to be touched/kissed: collarbones, neckneckneck and lower back vuv

Places you dislike to be touched/kissed: my tummy, most of my face(except for my lips okay I'm just really self-conscious about my acne), and my butt plEASE DO NOT TOUCH MY BUT :C

Fetishes?: odaxelagnia 
look it up
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coonbutts is my spirit animal

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 17, 2013, 1:02 PM
Facebook l Myspace l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

both memes stolen from coon vuv
I'm bored as shit and enjoying a few last moments of freedom before I commit myself to working on homework 
for once

Name: brandy
Age: fifteen til september
Birthday: september 8th or 9th
Gender: lady (alternatively: "i don't give a fuck")
SO: I guess the best way to label it would be pansexual

Eye color: greyish blue
Natural Hair colour: 50 shades of blonde 
Painted hair colour: I want to go ginger some day if that counts???

Nationality: eh eh queen maple syrup moose hocky
Current residence: land of the free (health care)
Places visited: in Canada really just my area and a bit of Quebec, in the states I've been to Michigan, New York and Florida
also went to Cuba a few years ago that was fun :3

Pets: I have one kitty babby and her name is roadie
Siblings: haha
Characters: between 80 and 200
Languages: english, et je parle un peu de francais 
Sports: that's funny
Music: oh I listen to a lot, I like classic rock and metal; some modern hard rock(like shinedown and sixx:am, not asking alexandria ok) 
and cute acoustic alternative love songs
and a fuckton of musicals, I'm a dork for show tunes
and classical, mostly einaudi and the piano guys(if they count??)
that doesn't even begin to cover it haha
Hobbies: drawing(barely anymore cause I started to suck then forgot how to draw haha), writing
playing guitar and piano, but I suck at it
and I play a bunch of video games and watch stupid amounts of castle and star trek
Bad habits: breathing

Favourite youtubers: vlogbrothers(john and hank green), toby turner, vsauce, felicia day, thepianoguys, jack douglass
Favourite song: alice cooper - poison | dr. horribles sing along blog - my freeze ray
Favourite Pokιmon: fuck wow uhm I love marowak and umbreon, as for starters I usually go with the grass type
and all the other eveelutions are fantastic too
Favourite game: ocarina of time, assassin's creed iii, god of war trilogy, and pokιmon emerald
oh and skyrim
and minecraft
and sagfjLDLHKGH 

Favourite food: raspberries!!!
Favourite drinks: coffee ;w; I take it regular
worst food: I donno icky things

also tloz, superwholock, tim burton,

Other stuff: penis uh hERE HAVE ANOTHER MEME

1. my desk
2. a fuckton of books and dvds
3. drawings
4. my guitar
5. drawings
6. drawings
7. notebooks full of writing
and drawings

1. Do you like someone? welL SORT OF YES A LOT
2. Does someone like you? I think so yeah ;w;
3. Who was your last crush? ,u current one???
4. Have you ever been lead on? uh don't think so
5. Have you ever been cheated on? wow i really hope not ._.
6. Do you want to be in a relationship? uh well I'm in one and I'm happy
7. Do you wanna get married? well I'm not really in love with the idea but I'm not opposed to it

1. oxygen
2. my biffles for iffle; ash, luke, danny, matt and emily
3. my ear buds
4. my phone(mostly because it supplies me with my musics)
5. dr. horrible's sing along blog 
6. a sketchbook
7. a pencil

1. homework
2. want diet coke
3. it would be super great if I had a sketchbook
4. grades
5. sex
6. wow I'm gonna fail all of my classes
7. I want to sleep

1. Believe in God? naw not really 
2. Had a dream come true? "DO YOU HAD A DREAM COME TRUE"
3. Read the newspaper? sometimes I do
4. Pray? nope
5. Have a best friend(s)? I've got 5 vuv
6. Had braces? no but I think I'm supposed to get them
7. Wish on stars? napes

1. Fallen in love?  I think so vuv
2. Kiss someone of the same sex? nope
3. Cheated? no
4. Had sex? naw
5. Ran away from home? well I tried to a few times
6. Played strip poker? no I'm uncomfortable with my body
7. Pulled an all nighter? hAHAH

1. Cried? nope
2. Had fun? yes c:
3. Been kissed? yeess vuv
4. Felt stupid? always
5. Talked to an ex? yeah I guess
6. Bought anything? I bought a chocolate milk from a vending machine
7. Used chapstick? yes

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burgled from danny

Journal Entry: Tue May 7, 2013, 6:52 PM
faysebewk l the tumbles l my gallery l what I'm listening to l watch me l note me


1.Do you want a boyfriend or girlfriend?
uhm I'm content

2.When did your last hug take place?
uh the school yard with 3o2 or luke

3.Are you a jealous person?
oh god yeah I wish I wasn't

4.Are you tired right now?
not really

5.Do you chew on your straws?

6.Have you ever been called a tease?
omfg I don't think so

7.Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

8.Do you cry easily?
uhm it depends

9.What should you be doing right now?
making sure I packed everything for sears #yolo

10.Are you a heavy sleeper?
no my cat's footsteps on carpet wake me up

11.Do you think you can last in a relationship for 6 months?
uhm I haven't yet but I really hope so

12.Are you mad at someone right now?
not that I can think of er not at the top of my head at least

13.Do you believe in love?

14.What makes you laugh no matter what?
my idiot friends <33

15.Who was the last person you talked to?
my mum, I baked cookies with her c:

16.Do you get butterflies around the person you like?
shhhhhhhh nnoooo

17.Will you get married?
uhm I don't know
I can't really picture anyone being able to put up with me for that long haha

18.When was the last time you smiled?
a few minutes ago, my cat was tickling my face ;w;

19.Does anyone like you?
uh I think so

20.Do you secretly like someone?
technically no

21.Who was the first person you talked to today?
I woke up and matt had messaged me or something

22.Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about anything?
ash or matt

23.What are you NOT looking forward to?
exams omf

24.What ARE you looking forward to?
leaving for a drama club trip tomorrow and missing half a week of school cccc:
also getting to meet FlSHBONES someday
and going to college omfg I've wanted to go to Sheridan College in toronto since sixth grade

25.Has someone of the opposite sex ever told you they loved you, and meant it?
; ; ohgads I hope so

26.Suppose you see your ex kissing another person what would you do?
why would I care if they're my ex???

27.Do you plan on moving out within the next year?
it would be nice but I've got another two and a half years to go

28.Are you a forgiving person?
uh I guess soo

29.How many TRUE friends do you have?
I have quite a few actually but I guess I have five super close fantastic special friends that I worship the very ground that they walk upon

30.Do you fall for people easily?
uh up until a few months ago I only had a few crushes on friends and stuff here and there but I'd never really properly fallen for anyone so I guess no I don't

31.Have you ever fallen for your ex's best friend?

32.What's the last thing you put in your mouth?

33.Who was the last person you drove with?
my mummy

34.How late did you stay up last night and why?
idk not super late like only til 11:30 or so

35.If you could move somewhere else, would you?
uh probably I'd move to toronto or something
I love my hometown but I've lived here for so long it starts to get kind of alsfkh

36.Who was the last person you took a picture of?
does my cat count

37.Can you live a day without TV?
what's a tv

38.When was the last time you were extremely disappointed?

39.Three names you go by..
cats [[people on PI started calling me cats because my name on there is catswithbowties so I guess its sort of a name I go by right]]

40.Are you currently in a relationship?
yeeees ;w;

41.What is your all-time favorite romance movie?
totally the wedding singer omfg
its also the only romance movie I like oops
unless you count dr. horrible's sing along blog???

42.Do you believe that everyone has a soul-mate?
uhm idfk
it's sort of a big question
I'mma go with no

43.What's your current problem?
if only there were just one

44.Have you ever had your heart broken?
uh I don't think so ;;

45.Your thoughts of long distance relationships?
nothing against them
as long as everyone in the relationship is happy and committed and there's no cheating I say go for it
it's not something I'd be super willing to do I don't think but I mean I'm not like super opposed

46.How many kids do you want to have?
not really my thing I guess
I can't see myself being happy with kids in the future

47.Have you ever found it hard to tell someone you like them?
that was sarcasm can you tell

[[twerks away angrily]]

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also my tablet's not working and I have a thing to finish aauuGGH
here journal memes

(One) Hypothetically, If you were to have sex right now, would you use a condom?
yes but can I like not sex

(Two) Are you happy with yourself?
for the most part yeah I just wish I had clearer skin and cute hair???

(Three) Would you change yourself for the person you love?
if I need to change myself for the person I love then I love the wrong person

(Four) What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
man up buddy it could be worse

(One) When did you last cry?
I don't know I think I was watching dr. horrible

(Two) Do you believe in religion?
I'm aware that religion exists but I'm atheist???

(Three) When was the last time you fell asleep with someone of the opposite sex?
march 22nd and it was only really half-sleep but it's as close as it gets

(Four) What is the last lie you told your parents?
'drama went on til 6:30 tonight'

(Five) Did you ever wish a close friend to death?
no oh my gosh my friends are my life

(Six) Has a guy/girl ever seriously punched you more than once?
sort of

(Seven) Have you ever made out until you ran out of breath?
no how does that even work can't you just breathe from your nose or something

(Eight) Do you think you were ever in love?
I think maybe sort of????

(One) Have you ever dated your friend's ex?
no I don't think sHOLY shit yeah I guess I have

(Two) Have you done bad things with your parents near by?
define bad things
I j-walk

(Three) Have you started a horrible rumor about somebody?

(Four) Did you ever fail the school year?
no I am a brilliant man

(Five) Have you ever done hallucinogenic drugs?
napes on them grapes

(Six) Have you ever been too drunk to remember a certain night?
I've never actually been drunk oops

(Seven) Do you think your future will be a good one?
I think so I just feel like everyone in my grade and drama club has a lot on our metaphorical plates right now with regionals and the osslt and a clusterfuck of projects to work on I think we all just need to hug each other and have a prayer circle then go home and eat popcorn and sleep for a few days

Name: brandy or whatever you want to call me
Single or Taken: tekkin
Gender: sexy
Birthday: sept. 8
Sign: virgo I think???
Hair colour: light brown with blonde or somesuch
Eye colour: blue
Height: I think I'm a bit over 5'5"
Are you straight/ bisexual/ gay?: idfk I love what I love

-----------• Χ • F A S H I O N | S T U F F • Χ •--------------

Where is your favourite place to shop for clothes?: wal mart and thrift stores I'm classy I promise
Favourite designer?: me
What is your sexiest outfit?: my favourite is probably like green lantern shirt, dark jeans and purple plaid. or blue skinnies w/ my doctor who shirt. idfk.
What is your most comfortable outfit?: depends on how I feel and how you define comfort??
What do you usually wear?: skinny jeans, converse, graphic tee, plaid button-down and sometimes a beanie. also gold locket necklace from my danwich.

--------------• Χ • S P E C I F I C S • Χ • -------------------

What kind of shampoo do you use?: real elves use pantene
What are you listening to right now?: alice cooper - spark in the dark
Who is the last person that called you?: I think like Ashloh
How many buddies are online right now?: what buddies

-------------• Χ • F A V O R I T E S • Χ •-----------------

Foods: strawberries
Drinks: coffee
Girls Names: alice, elliott,
Boy's names: elliot, anthony, hudson, alec
Subjects in School: english, art, I think media arts and comtech are gonna be super fun
----------------• Χ • H A V E | Y O U | E V E R • Χ •-------------

Given anyone a bath?: oh dear lord no
Smoked?: yes and I am not pleased with myself
Bungee jumped?: no //sobs casually please no
Skinny dipped?: ew no like agh it's weird
Ever been in love?: I think so
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble?: oh my god no who would do something like that awful people
Pictured your crush naked?: well I have NOW THANKS A LOT
Actually seen your crush naked?: in a towel
Cried when someone died?: yes
Lied: yep
Fallen for your best friend?: you shut your whore mouth
Rejected someone?: I don't know sort of???
Used someone?: oh I don't think so oh gosh I hope not if I've used you I'm sorry oh god

----------------• Χ • L A S T | P E R S O N • Χ•----------------------

You touched: idfk my cat or something
You IMed: 3o2
You yelled at: I yelled across the hall at my mum
You kissed: my lady o love
---------------• Χ • A R E | Y O U • Χ •---------------------

Understanding: nwhat maybe??
Open-minded: I like to think so
Arrogant: yes but I can admit it
Insecure: at times
Random: so randomz!!! lol!!!11 XD X3 LOLZ!
Hungry: no I had apple cinnamon tea
Smart: depends???
Hardworking: if I care
Organized: no thank you
Healthy: nope
Shy: I don't think so no
Difficult: yes I'm sorry
Obsessed: with???
Angry: not usually no
Sad: I try not to be
Hyper: i repeat, "so randomz!!! lol!!!11 XD X3 LOLZ!"
Trusting: uhm I guess of certain people so uhm kind of???
---------• Χ • W H O | D O | Y O U | W A N N A • Χ •--------

Kill: nobody really
Slap: not naming names
Get really wasted with: don't really wanna get wasted
Get high with: don't have any reason toeget high?
Talk to offline: FlSHBONES
Talk to online: whoever
Sex it up with: uhm

---------------• Χ • W H I C H | I S | B E T T E R • Χ ---------------

Coke or Pepsi: i like them both okay
Flowers or Candy: weder
Tall or Short: tall is nice

------------• Χ • C U R R E N T • Χ •---------------

Clothes: dark blue jeans, green lantern shirt, purple and black plaid, glasses and whatever
Music: ramones - barking at the moon
Smell: this room smells like green tea
Desktop picture: neil patrick harris on a unicorn
CD in the player: leeroy stagger's depression river
DVD in the player: wayne's world

okay that was exciting
now I'm bored again
help me
  • Drinking: the blood of virgins
hello friends
my computer stopped turning on and I don't know what the fuck is wrong with it so I probably won't be active for a while
thanks for reading
-crawls back into shadows-
  • Drinking: the blood of virgins
hey dA.
I've been thinking a lot about it lately  and I think I really need to settle on a username. I'm constantly changing and getting new accounts and blah. I'm currently known as Grimm, hurricaneyears, Maledicant, Maledicent, Abderien, and catswithbowties. They're all so different and I just want one username I can settle on.
I'm looking for your guidance.
I'm more learning towards hurricaneyears or catswithbowties.
But I want to know what you guys think cause you're my friends.
I love you all
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I've decided that, now that I'm getting back into digital art a bit more, I'm gonna start posting on dA again. Hopefully c: If I can get me some inspiration. which I think I've succeeded in.
I might do requests in a bit. or just draw gifties for my lovely buddies. idk.
my point is I've cleaned up my gallery and I'm gonna go like hardcore effort. man. I can't even words. I'd be a shitty journalist.
anyways. I'mma start posting more. is my point.
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Hello all.
I'm doing yet another ridiculous project I'll probably screw up and not finish...
Anyways. I've recently obtained some large pieces of cardboard. With that, some acrylic paint, glue, and an exacto knife, I'm going to attempt making a TARDIS.
I'm planning it out thoroughly before I do any cutting.
I'm planning to have a flap in the bottom so I can put in lights that will shine through the windows and the light in the top. ;w;
The windows are going to be either tissue paper or plastic. Or something else if I think of it. I have a few ideas for the light, but I'm not totally sure yet.
The TARDIS will stand approximately 40-45cm tall. Everything I have planned is going smoothly, but I fear the roof will lead me to complications. Ahhh triangles. D:
It'll also be about 20cm at the base.
I'm really hoping for the best with this.

Just a quick update on meeee. Thanks for reading. <3
I might get some WIP photos up if it goes well. Ciao.
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cool people understand the title.


so how are my lovelies? I doubt anyone's going to comment on this so I guess disregard that question

SO. I've been in a pretty good mood lately. I've spent a lot of time with my friends(primarily Luke and Ashloh) this weekend. So that's pretty cool. Been working on the set of our town's production of the Rocky Horror Show and I'm so looking forward to seeing it in action c:

UPDATES ON MY PATHETIC LIFE I barely draw anymore, I've been more focused on playing guitar. LIKESERIOUSLYICAN'TDRAWWORTHSHIT. I almost bought a Gibson (replica, obviously) double neck from my art teacher but nope.

What is new what is new... I'm rewatching Doctor Who, 2005 - now. And once I find it online I'm going to start watching Fringe because it keeps getting recommended to me.

Has anyone seen rubber? It's a pretty fucked up movie...


I'm Catwoman.


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hello all. c:
My brain has been so asdfghjkl;' lately I don't even know what to think I just I can't
I keep writing cute romantic things in circular Gallifreyan... c:

uhh. I apparently won an award? or something? the school and my friend(high on student council) told me I did. I don't know what for. Probably french or something. I dunno. I guess I'll learn tomorrow.


so you know how a lot of people think they're straight for a long time and start to wonder if they're bi or pan or whatever
I've been like I'M SO FUCKING PANSEXUAL for a good while, like a year or something, after three years of alternating between bisexual, lesbian, asexual, and pan,
and it's started to occur to me that I think I might be heterosexual uhm
I mean... I think girls are pretty. Paranoid young me might have assumed that meant bisexual or something. I can admit if a female is sexy.
But I just can't picture myself in a relationship with a female. I can't find myself romantically or emotionally attracted to one.
I haven't like, fallen for a guy or anything. I just feel like I'm straight oh my god I'm so confused


I think that's it
I'm so bored
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ohgads civics class...

well here's the situation.
I'm 15. I have a lot of friends older than me, my age, and a few younger than me.
One of my best and most luuuurved friends is 17. I love him and he's played a big part in who I am today. He's helped me so much with turning from a depressed, socially awkward kid full of hate, to an open person who feels accepted and loved.
My parents found out his age today.
My mom thought he was 16, but she was cool with him being 17 and just shrugged it off. Even invited him over for dinner. XD [which didn't end up happening but that was for the better]
My dad's initial reaction was "why is a 17 year old hanging around a 14 year old girl?"
I was about to correct him but my mom cut me off, "She's 15."
He said he didn't care. It was still wrong and he wasn't cool with me hanging out with a 17 year old guy.
I proceeded to explain to him that Luke and I were friends, all we do is make dumb jokes and talk about Doctor Who and comic books and sing show tunes. And usually when we hang out, other people are there. He's one of my best friends and nothing more.
My dad then tells me it's creepy and I shouldn't hang out with him anymore.

I don't fucking know how to react asdfghjkl;' He's my friend. He's awesome and I don't want to lose him.
I also don't want to make my dad angry. Because if I defy him, he gets royally pissed off and I don't want to make him violent or hostile because nobody can deal with that.

do you guys know what I should do or ;-;
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hey sexy people, I have a few projects going on right now so if you care this is why i won't be uploading for a while
:bulletblack: school started aauuugh
:bulletblack: I'm drawing a giant batman for art class
:bulletblack: I'm making an Assassin's Creed hidden blade out of paper, cardboard, tape and paint
:bulletblack: even in the midst of all this I have a bit of an art block

and other things that are significant to me ;-;
:bulletblack: yesterday was my birthday and I went to see wicked and I died
:bulletblack: Chad Vader is amazing
:bulletblack: I've been addicted to Miracle of Sound and katethegreat19
:bulletblack: I have a cough and I sound like the fucking grudge oTL
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  • Eating: herpes
  • Drinking: milk