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Ezekiel (Character)
(drawn by the amazing DropOGlue)
Name: Ezekiel (last name unknown)
Nickname: Zeke, Master, Beaked Bastard (Lovingly named by Venom)
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 1st of January
Place of Birth: Unknown
Gender: male
Race/Species: Naturally born Mage (he seems immortal/not dying of old age)
Language(s): English, German, Latin and an unknown Language

"You pathetic pest. the least you can do is being food for the creatures of this forest.." (he said after almost killing Seron)

"I will bring back the Dark lord so he can bring justice and order back into this cruel world"

"FINALLY! THE NOCTUNONICON IS FINALLY MINE!" (after obtaining said book)


"WHAT?! B-But I killed her! How is she alive?! I struck her with lightning!"

,,M-My lord....why?....I deticated my whole life to revive you" (after being betrayed by his dark lord)

He has mastered Element Magic (Fire,Ice,Water,lightning, earth, flora, air and Shadows) and various other kinds of magic such as Portal magic (creating portals) and dark magic. He has also mastered leviation (he levitates most of the time). he also mastered transformation (into a flock of Ravens)

~The 8 Angels of Death~

Ezekiel saved 8 children from a abusive and downright rotten household that he himself burned down after he saw how they were treated. He took them in as his apprentices that he trained in various weapon and martial arts... 7 of them were girls but one was a boy..This boy was raised by him to be a girl like the others so he would be like his sisters...but what he created was his very own enemy

~Short Backstory~

Ezekiel ran away from home one day when he was younger and left his parents and his sister back at home. He has practiced magic of various kinds and over the years he became better and better but sadly after a lot of stones thrown in his path to the future and a lot of mocking and hurting he has lost hope in day he found a book about a dark king that once ruled the shadowrealm with Justice and Order..he became obsessed with this he deticated his life researching and gathering power so he can bring him back once more.

Physical Description
Height: 1.84m
Weight: unknown
Eyes: Red
Hair: brown (shoulderlong)
Skin: pitchblack
Physical Description: he almost always wears his signature robe but he is described as relativly skinny and covered in scars

Typical Clothing:
-A red Mage robe
-a Black birdmask with inbuild gasmask
-a brown pouch around his hips
-brown feathers around his neck

Equipment: The Cepter of Elements
-This Cepter is made of a special and unknown wood that keeps itself smooth but at the top rest a stone thats glowing in many colors...this stone is called the Rainbowcrystal(its named that way because of its glow) and its the primary source of his abilities.

Personality/Attitude: Ezekiel is a twisted and deranged person that dosent care for others except the 8 angels of death. he has lost sympathy for others or himself in that manner..his only true goal is reviving the king.

Talents/Skills: He has mastered various kinds of magic but he is also pretty quick when it comes to attacking and dodging

Favorites/Likes: Its quite unknown what he likes but one thing that he seems to like was the seafood served in Nebulas he does like seafood it seems

Most Hated/Dislikes: He hates many things equally....Darkaira, Humans, Cheese many things really
Strengths: His determination and will are incredibly strong
Weaknesses: hes antisocial as heck
Fears: unknown
Hobbies/Interests: His total obsession with the dark lord
Strange Behaviors: he gets really nervous in a crowd of people as seen at the dinnertable in Nebulas mansion
Sexual Preferences: Unknown
Place/Type of Residence: A building in a abandoned Village
Occupation: Cultleader/ Selfproclaimed Prophet of Sombra
Family: Yazuma (Older Sister)
Friends: The 8 angels of death, Reaper (kinda)
Allies: The 8 Angels of death (now 7)
Enemies: Aiko, Crow, Scarf, Camilla, Omega, Plasma, Yuno, The Kind and Queen of Darkaira, Scanto, Skull, Black Maxwell and Lysander
Dark Lord: Sombra

(Due to him eating part of the Rainbowcrystal(Because the Staff broke) he gained the powers of the Crystal. When he uses spells he creates Pentagramms with the element he is using in the air)

-(Pyrogramm Attacks)- (Fire)

Inferno: (Long Range)
-He creates a spirale made of fire and shoots it forwards

Burning Angel: (Long Range)
-he creates a bigger pyrogramm above himself and shoots a white fireball out of it

Hades Wrath: (Long Range)
-he creates a ring of blue fire around him that gets bigger the longer it travels

-(Cryogramm Attacks)- (Ice)

Frozen Sawblades: (Long Range)
-he creates two big snowflakes made of solid Ice that can cut through most things and shoots them towards the enemy.

Blizzard: (Long Range)
-He creates incredibly cold wind that can freeze enemies

Icicle Rain: (Long Range)
-He creates many Cryogrammes above the him and the enemies. Icicles fall from them

-(Astragramm Attacks)- (Lightning/Electricity)

-Execution: (Close Range)
-He creates a Astragramm in his palm and charges toward the enemy to grab them and shock them immensily with electricity.

Electric Flow: (Long Range)
-He holds out his hand and shoots lightning from it

-(Aquagramm Attack)- (Water)

Serpent Tsunami: (Close Range)
Its a combo attack where he creates big watersnakes to attack:
Sideswing Left+ Sideswing Left+ Swing from both sides+ Waterwave

Refresh: (Healing)
-He covers his wounds in water and gets small heals

-(Terrarogramm Attack)- (Earth)

-Stonewall: (Defense)
-He creates a stonewall around him that shields him from damage

Earthquake: (Long Range)
-He presses his hands on the ground and creates spikes and cracks on the ground that can damage the enemy.

Stonegolem: (Helper)
-He creates a Stonecreature that can endure a lot of damage but isnt really smart

-(Aerogramm Attacks)- (Air)

Stromwave: (Long Range)
-He compresses a lot of air into a ball and then releases it as a strong blast

Tornado: (Long Range)
-He creates strong waves of wind around him that form sort of a shield

-(Floragramm Attacks)- (Flora)

Tortured Vines: (Long Range)
-He grows throny vines that wrap around the enemy and cause damage

Blossom Double: (Trickery)
-He creates a double made of blossoms that falls appart once hit

-(Sciogramm)- (Shadows)

Dark Wave: (Long Range)
-He shoots shadowenergy from his body that looks like a big shadowy raven

-(Dark Magic)-

Dark Energy: (Long Range)
-He creates 3 balls of electric dark energy that he shoots at the enemy

Negative Blossom: (longrange)
-He collects a lot of dark energy and forms it into one huge ball of electric dark energy that he will shoot at the enemy. the explosion looks like a blossom from a far

~Special attacks~

Elemental Inferno: (Long Range)
-He creates ALL Pentagramms and causes a inferno of all elements does drastic damage

-He is basically the main antagonist for most of the story

- Yuno, Lysander, Aiko and Nebula by ConnyWolfLove
-character by me
Scanto Enchantre (Character)
(Drawn by the incredibly talented SkittlesPops)

Name: Scanto Enchantré
Nickname: Captain (By the Royal Guards and Knights), The Royal Families Guarddog
Age: 32
Date of Birth: 28th of September
Place of Birth: Darkaira (The Capital)
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Dikara
Language(s): English, German

,,Are my eyes playing tricks on me or are you planing on giving up?! We are the Royal guards! We took an oath to protect the Royal Family with our lives! We will not go down because the enemy outnumbered us! WE WILL FIGHT ON TILL THE ENEMY IS SLAIN AND THE ROYAL FAMILY IS SAVE! DO YOU HEAR ME?´´ (To the Royal guards when the darkest time has arrived)

,,We will fight side by side till the end has arrived....´´ (to Yuno Ashton and Scarf)

,,It has been a long time Xina......we have a lot of catching up to do´´ (to Xina as he finally reunites with her)

,,YOU will tell us why you have done this! Right here and right now! And if you dont do this I will drag you to the gates of hell BY MYSELF!´´ (He Said to Viola)

Backstory (Short) :
- At the age of 17 he has lost his Parents in a housefire that was (accidentily) caused by his cousin Xina and therefore he became a orphan. But after that he was taken in by a man named Willam who was part of the Darkairan Royalguard and was trained by him to become his successor...but instead he became the Captain of the Royal guard at the age of 24.

Physical Description
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 87kg
Eyes: Purple (two shades of purple)
Hair: Black (shoulderlength)
Skin: black (literally)
Physical Description: Scanto is a very well build man with a lot of physical stength and a Skull tattoo on his face. He may have swords but he dosent shy away from taking out enemys with his bare hands o.o

Typical Clothing:
-A dark gray turtleneck pullover
-square glasses
-dark blue jeans
-black shoes

Royal Guard(Captain) Clothing:
-A dark grey leathercoat
-a brown turtleneck pullover
-dark blue jeans
-black boots
-dark brown leathergloves
-a dark brown Australian hat

Equipment: The Frostburn Blades (Dualblades)
-Red Blade (Inferno)
A blade forged from a special steel only found in Darkaira. The Red part of the Sword emmits a burning hot energy that can turn into literal flames when needed (Its all controled by Scanto).

-Blue Blade (Blizzard)
A blade forged from a special steel only foung in Darkaira. The Blue part of the Sword emmits a freezingly cold energy that can freeze anything it stabs/slashes when needed (its all controlled by Scanto

Personality/Attitude: He is a very cold and serious man with a intimidating stare but even if he dosent look the part he is a kind man. Not as kind as his Cousin Xina but kind non the less

Talents/Skills: He is a amazing swordfighter but other than that he is rather fast which makes him almost unbeatable

Favorites/Likes: He is someone that likes to drink some coffee and read a good book but other than what he likes most is when everything works the way it should be (when it comes to his work)

Most Hated/Dislikes: Literally everyone who opposes the Royal family is his foe (Yes he is pretty deticated to his work). He isnt really a dog person but rather a cat person so yeah he dosent really like dogs XD

Strengths: His will to help/defend people and his Detication to his job but also his strong sense of Justice are his strongest attributes 

Weaknesses: His will to help and his dedication are also his biggest weaknesses because he could die by doing what he thought was right (Tho its not really a weakness....kinda admireable to be honest)

Fears: Unknown
Hobbies/Interests: His job is his life but he also finds time for himself and his Cousin

Strange Behaviors: He is like a teacher. If he sees some of the knights doing something wrong during training he corrects them

Sexual Preferences: Heterosexual
Place/Type of Residence: A House in the Capital of Darkaira
Occupation: Captain of the Darkairan Royal Guard

Family: Xina Enchantré (Cousin)  (the last surviver of his family)
Friends: Venom, Lysander, King Ludwig(King of Darkaira), Queen Claire(Queen of Darkaira)
Royal Guards: Scarf, Omega, Camilla, Plasma, Yuno
Mentor(former): Reaper(William)
Rivals: Sombra, Blackjack, Asura, Sebastian, Jerome
Special Respect:  Darius


Attack-Combo: (Close Range)
- Down Swing+ Up Swing+ Strong Spin+ Double upper swing

Erruption: (Close Range)
-He jumps up and slams the red sword into the ground which causes a fiery explosion (3 meter Radius)

Ice Age: (Close Range)
-He stabs the blue sword into the ground which causes the ground and everything in a 3 meter radius to freeze

Rising Phoenix: (Long Range)
-He shoots a fiery bladebeam from the red sword which looks like a phoenix that gets bigger the longer it travels. It explodes on impact

Tundra Breath: (Long Range)
-He swings the blue sword and which creates a strong but freezing cold gust of wind. It could freeze the enemy for a bit)

Frostburn: (Close/Long Range)
-He holds both swords together and uses them for one powerful swing that creates a great bladebeam

Crossblade: (Long Range)
-He holds his swords in a crossposition and also swings them in a crossposition. This sends out a cross-bladebeam

Captain Strike: (Close Range)
-He charges at the enemy with great speed and attacks with a cross swing

Hawkblade: (Close Range)
-He jumps high up in the air and falls back down on at the enemy with his swords crossed.

~Special Attacks~

Blazing Perma Frost: (Long Range)
-He stores a lot of energy in both blades and releases a strong energyburst that looks like a red and a blue dragon flying forward in a swirlmotion

Tornado Slash: (Long Range)
He stores a lot of energy in both blades and then does a Swordspin that releases all the power stored in the blades which looks like a tornado/Whirlwind. This can throw many enemys up in the air and render them helples

-Character by me
-Yuno, Lysander
- the Darkairan Coat of arms was designed by the amazing Lisa44412 

(Drawn by the really awesome DropOGlue)

Name: Sebastian Kurondé
Nickname: The dark kings jester, The Mad one, Seb
Age: between 22-25
Date of Birth: 31st of October
Place of Birth: Shadowrealm
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Finsterdweller (a Being made of Darkness)
Language(s): German, English, and an Unknown language
,,Would you swear on it dear lady? It would be a damn shame if you would just lie to me´´

,,Ok now you got my attention fat boy!´´(to Vik)

,,Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls of all ages. Prepare for the greatest show you will ever see!´´ (his introduction line cut down)

Power: Mirrormagic
-Mirrormagic is a rare and dangerous kind of Magic that lets the user create various mirrordouplicates and can even multiply a weapon to ten more weapons of the same kind. very experienced mirrormagicians have mastered the art of traveling between mirrors! 

~Short Story~

Once a poor powerless boy who couldnt stand up for himself and now a funny madman who enjoys seeing people laugh but also brings fear into the heart of the enemies. He was taken in by a fallen Angel that liked his he brought him to the dark lord to work as a Jester....he was surprised that the king loved his humor and means of entertaining and so he became the jester of the dark he is also the Jester of a Countess named Nebula.

Physical Description
Height: 1.74m
Weight: unknown
Eyes: Yellow(glowing)
Hair: White(relativly short)
Skin: Pitchblack(except for his fingers who are white)
Physical Description: He is a thin man with a weird body that can bend in impossible ways

Typical Clothing:
-A gray full-head mask with crossed out eyes and a jesterhat with bells at the end
-a green/black jestercostume with cardgame bells
-jestershoes with rings around the ankle
-purple shoulderfur

Equipment: The Spade-Spear
-The Spade-Spear is his go to weapon which he can pull out of a mirror he can create. Its a dangerous weapon that he can use in combination with his mirrormagic to do some great damage

Personality/Attitude: Sebastian is a psychotic yet random Jester that is very loyal to his bosses and their people and will not hesitate to do whatever it takes to make his bosses proud. Surprisingly he takes his job as entertainer seriously and does NOT use his entertainer persona when going on missions. Surprisingly he is great with children

Talents/Skills: He is very acrobatic and with his weird body he can do some...crazy poses and tricks. He mastered mirrormagic which can duplicate himself and his spearattacks. Paired with his mirrormagic he can create illusions that can trick enemies and make them vurnable.
he is a master in spearfighting

Favorites/Likes: He likes sweets and good jokes. He likes to fool people. And he likes cats
Most Hated/Dislikes: He hates ,,partypoopers´´ that ruin his fun and and he dislikes mushrooms

Strengths: he is a good cook and he is really good at his job (being a Jester)
Weaknesses: He may be fast and hard to hit but his body is pretty frail so he is kind of a glasscannon (Glasscannon= Can put up a fight but cant take much)
Fears: Unknown
Hobbies/Interests: He likes to trick the guards of the kings castle. He likes to cook too. But what he enjoys the most is making people laugh

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: He behaves like a total lunatic sometimes and smiles very often
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual
Place/Type of Residence: The Dark kings new Castle
Occupation: The kings Jester/ The kings favorite killer
Family: Unknown
Friends: Darius(well kinda), Blacksmiley/Vergo
Boss: Sombra and Nebula
Rival: Viktor, Aiko, Xina


Spade-Spear Combo (Close Range) :
- Forwardstab+triplestab+kick(enemy gets thrown forward)+Mirrorstab(3 spearscome out of nowhere)

Mirrortrap: (Long Range) :
-He stabs his spear into a mirror that is on the ground and under the enemy/s appear a barrage of spears

Mirrordouble(Mix) :
He creates a darker Mirrorversion of himself that uses the same attacks as he does until the double get hit and destroyed...the shards of that double can still damage the enemy

Illusion: (Trickery):
-He creates an illusion to trick the opponent which makes them vurnable to his next attack...but this isnt garuanteed

,,Who is the right me?´´ (Trickery) :
-He creates a few illusions that look like himself so he can fool the opponent and strikes the enemy

Stabbing Mirrors: (Long Range)
-He creates a mirror that he puts the speartip in to create multiple seperate mirrorspears that attack the opponent/s

Combat Combo (Close Range) :
-Forwardpunch+ forwardkick+ Uppercut(sends them in the air)+downkick(sends them down)+ dropkick down

Earpiercing Scream: (mix)
-This is a very loud and demonlike scream that can paralyze opponents and can send out strong soundwaves...this hurts his throat a lot tho

~Special Attack~

Execution: (Close Range)
-He strikes the opponent with his spear and walk a bit off. After he flicks with his fingers 6 mirrordoubles appear and each give the opponent one strike

Super Spade Spear: (Long Range)
-He creates a big mirror and sticks the spear into it and then over the enemy a big spear strikes down on them.

-Character by me
-Nebula and Aiko by ConnyWolfLove

-Sebastians original name before this one was ,,Lance´´
-He was supposed to have 4 arms
-In his early ,,developement´´ he looked more like mega-Banette which I noticed so I gave him this outfit
Viktor and Susanne(Characters)
(Art by the AMAZING cNyanKora )
(I will give a small describtion to Susanne near the end)
Name: Viktor Schmid
Nickname: Vik
Age: 25
Date of Birth: 25th of August
Place of Birth: Boston
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Human (who gained powers from his girlfriend)
Language(s): german, English
Extra: He actually has german roots
,,Listen. I was like you once so let me give you advice. Find someone you love either a girl or boyfriend or good friends...believe me it does WONDERS. Yes it hurts but the pain slowly dissapears...even if it takes time,,

,,Give her back or I will tear you´´

,,HAHAHAHA You are one funny woman! How about we get something to drink? Its on the house!´´

Power: Burning Passion (Temporarily Granted by Susanne)
-Susanne grants him the power to transform willpower into pure brute force (In form of a burning Aura). This ability harms the body after a while. (the force can be applied to weapons like Baseballbats)

~Short Backstory~

Viktor and Susanne are married to eachother but do to a accident that was caused by Susannes powers that costed her her life. Viktor felt very guilty and panicked so what he did was looking though some of Susannes books about spells and magic... He found a spell that could revive her and ...IT DID! but not quite like he imagined... she transformed into a small and fragile shadowcreature instead of waking up from the dead... Viktor still feels guilty about it and developed depression because of this accident but he learned to live with Susanne being...well...tiny. They drove off far away from their homeplace and were basically homeless for a while but then they found a guesthouse in the woods near a small town.

Physical Description
Height: 1,73cm
Weight: 103kg (hes a bit chubby)
Eyes: Browngreenish
Hair: Dark blond(short)
Skin: White (Normal skin color)
Physical Description: Viktor is a rather chubby man with dark rings under his eyes and a relaxed expression.
Typical Clothing:
-a winered hoodie
-brown beige jeans
- brown low boots
Extra: He has multiple piercings
Equipment: a baseball bat (rarely used in combat)
-Its just a baseball bat he got from his dad when he was little.... he loves baseball

Personality/Attitude: He is a really layed back dude that could be described as ,,the guy who buys you stuff from mcdonalds and you dont need to repay even tho you didnt want it...but you dont complain either´´but most importanlty he is a kindhearted person that loves Susanne with all of his heart and likes to help even if he dosent look like it

Talents/Skills: He was a tailor for 3 years so he has experience with making cloths(He made Susannes little cloths). Cooking is something he likes to do and hes quite good at it but not perfect

Favorites/Likes: He Loves having his little girlfriend around they may not have a full relationship like back in the day but they do have a romantic one nothing pervy XD. He also likes to play videogames and even having a drink or two with Omega and maybe even Taylor
Most Hated/Dislikes: He is strictly against bullying and will go out of his way to defend people who are bullied (like with Aiden). But what he truly hates is when someone makes fun of Susanne..the person will regret messing with Vik after that.

Strengths: His fun loving/brotherly nature and his Determination

Weaknesses: He does suffer from depression but he dosent like to show it but when it shows its not pretty. The depression came from a event that happened many years ago that caused Susannes old body to die

Fears: He has a strong fear to lose Susanne again. or to be alone again

Hobbies/Interests: Playing Videogames, Spending time with his new friends and Doing stuff like going out for a drink

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: He overthinks often which causes sudden sadness, Anger or other stuff

Sexual Preferences: Hetero (Married to Susanne when she was still in her old body)
Place/Type of Residence: A guesthouse in the woods
Occupation: Former Tailor
Family: Unknown
Friends: Omega, Taylor, Xina, Jackie, Black, Drake, Aiko, Crow, Asteria,Aiden
Relationship: Susanne
Rivals: Sebastian, Blackjack


Strong punch: (Close range)
-Basicly his arm is surrounded by the burning aura and he then delivers a very strong punch that can launch enemys meters away

Punch-Combo: (Close Range)
- Forward punch+Uppercut+ 2 punches from left to right+ Strong punch

Headcrusher: (Close Range)
-He grabs the opponent by the head and slams them into the ground with force


Apocalyptic Homerun:
-He delivers several mighty punches and on the last one he throws the enemy up in the air. Viktor grabs his trusty bat and finishes off the enemy with a mightly blow from the bat and launches the enemy to kingdom come

Age: 26
Height: 32cm (formerly 1.72)
Cloths: (on the picture) (they were made by Vik)
Race: Shadowbeing (Now)
Hair: Black(shoulderlength)
Personality: Susi is a very kind, caring and Fun loving person that loves Vik with all of her heart and always stays by his side (literally). Shes also really openminded and loves to be around other people expecially if Vik likes them since he was always so antisocial
Power: Boost
-This power grants the user to give abilities (temporarily) to other people with ease but she can also grant powers permenantly but it takes a LOT of strength from her and can even cause her to get sick...not deadly sick but sick

-Character by me
-Picture by cNyanKora
-Aiko, Asteria, Taylor ConnyWolfLove 
Xavier(Character+Reworked Character)
(By the INCREDIBLE Akiro-p )

Name: Xavier (Last name unknown)
Nickname: Mr.X, The Man who lures in the shadows, The Beast
Age: Unknown (he sounds like he is is between 30-40)
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: The fountain of Shadows (Shadowrealm)
Gender: Male
Race/Species: Mythical Shadowcreature
Language(s): English, German and a Unknown language

,,Now now, If I was you I wouldnt be boastful....You dont wanna end up in complete darkness now do you?´´

,,I will leave the boy here to see if you are worthy of protecting such a rare and powerful ability. I will watch you from the shadows´´ (To everyone in the Guesthouse when he was about to leave Aiden there)

,,Y-You have made a g-grave mistake your majesty....You dont treat them a-as a danger to your l-little Revenge Plan.....they will take you down and bring you b-back to the nothing you awoke from´´ (To Sombra when he shot Xavier)

,,You have gotten stronger than I thought Aiden...You found a place where you belong and you found people who would give their lives for days as your mentor have met their end.....This is my final farewell to you Aiden´´ (Xavier to Aiden after their big fight)

Power: Monster of the Abyss
-This power allows him to controle, create and become Shadows but this is not all.
He can create Shadow-arms that can grab/stab/tear apart everything they get a grip on. He can also travel between the Human/Dikara world and the Deep Scape(a place he Owns) and even hide in peoples shadows. But his most dangerous ability is turning into ,,The Shadowbeast´´ which his basicly a more animalistic and bigger version of him that is completly made of shadows...its very destructive and wields a big scythe.

Power2: Soul-wielder
-This Power allows the user to manipulate or take other peoples souls.

~The Deepscape~

The Deepscape is a realm owned by the being named ,,Xavier´´ which basicly acts like a cage in a way. It keeps countless souls of people that Xavier took there but it also holds the Body of the Dark king in there as a means of protecting Darkaira. This place is almost like a wasteland.

~Short Backstory~

Nothing is really known of where he came from, who he is or even WHAT he is but what is known that he seemed to have a love relationship with a woman...most likely passed away. He is sometimes seen in front of a grave that he keeps safe no matter what

Physical Description
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 88kg
Eyes: light gray
Hair: Black (short)
Skin: White (normal human skin. But in his beast form it turns black...but it can also turn black when he turns into a shadow)

Physical Description: Xavier is a tall and menacing man with a white mask and fancy cloths. He moves and acts in a formal or calm way.

Typical Clothing:
-A Black Stockman hat
-a white mask
-a black furcoat
-dark gray suitpants
-dark brown shoes

Weapon(only in beast form) : The Reapers Pride (Scythe)
-A big scythe that can cut through almost everything with no problem..its an acient Scythe

Personality/Attitude: Xavier mostly acts like a gentleman or atleast someone formal but other than that he is menacing and someone you dont want to be around

Talents/Skills: Other than his abilities to controle/become shadows its quite unknown what he can do.

Favorites/Likes: Its quite unknown what he likes  but he does seem to like making deals with people...

Most Hated/Dislikes: its quite unknown what he hates but heseems to hate it when they try to doublecross wont end well for them

Strengths: Due to his shadowbody he cant be killed with normal weapons like guns or swords

Weaknesses: Holy Light(a rare ability) that can hurt him really bad or strong light in general because it can weaken his abilities

Fears: Unknown
Hobbies/Interests: Unknown
Strange Behaviors: he sometimes dosent care about personal space and invades it sometimes to threaten a person

Sexual Preferences: unknown
Place/Type of Residence: The Deepscape
Occupation: Soul Collector
Family: Unknown
Friends: Cold (more of a allie than a friend)
Student: Aiden (Xavier was the person who gave Aiden his powers and tormented him and basicly made him the wreck he is now)

Rivals: Sombra and Nebula


Shadow-Arms: (Long Range)
-His own shadow forms into multiple Shadow-Arms that can either slither along the ground or even on walls and such...or they become real and attack like real arms would. Or they grab/wrap around the opponent like snakes.

Shadowshield: (Defense)
-His body turns pitch black and every attack goes through him like his is a ghost.

Beast Hammer: (Close Range)
-You could call it a counter attack since he crosses his arms in front of him as a shield and lets them grow a bit bigger and turn black with black spikes on them. When somebody hits him he either grabs them and throws them away or he deals a strong punch

Shadowspikes: (Long Range)
-He creates a black space around him or at certain places and lets spikes grow out of them.

Shadow Doubles: (Trickery)
-He creates one or two shadowclones of himself to trick the opponent

Shadowstrike: (Long Range)
-His own shadow actually starts attacking the opponent by charging towards the enemy(while still on the ground) and then jumps out of the ground with force

~Special Attacks~

The Beast of the Abyss: (Rampage)
-He turns into the beast he is and starts to attack with his Scythe like he was on a murderous Rampage

The Beasts Gaze: (Selfhealing)
-He creates a big black space around him that sucks in all the enemys that stand in it. It consumes everyone standing on the black space and later it spits them out but with their energy drained (not dead) healed Xavier

-Character by me
-Nebula by ConnyWolfLove 


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Hello there Pesants (Just Kidding) Im Tobi and this is my page where I share some stuff about my characters and maybe even some Story details about them ^-^. Sadly I dont draw myself but I will try to learn it so that one day I maybe can do this myself :D
(The Pictures are NOT by me! They are drawn FOR me and I have permission to use them. The Characters on this page are 100% my characters. Thanks to all the artists who drew my characters! You.are.awesome!)

here are some of the most awesome people I´ve ever met <3

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