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Miraculous fandom: *wasting their time attacking poor Thomas over Chloe's development in season 3*
Me:  Jontron STOP by JustaPerson0107
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Me when theories about corrupted Steven
When someone is rekting ur bulding base in Fortnite
LivingLivi13's avatar
When I hear lip smacking, Jontron STOP by JustaPerson0107
Girthepoketitan's avatar
This is what the website needs. Also Tumblr.
AbbyTheGamer's avatar
when that one kid wont stop singing Jontron STOP 
HopesDreamss's avatar
ITS TIME TO STAHPIt's time to stop ok? No more! (chat/comment icon) 
StarTheInklingDraws's avatar
When that one kid in the class starts reading and they can't pronounce 99% of the words
stoned-ocean-420's avatar
Exactly! I feel like I’m the only one in my classes with a decent comprehension of the English language.
catboy676's avatar
When someone ruins your favorite franchise.
RadDitto's avatar
What I want to yell at people when they call me "princess".
RAPM0N's avatar
mlstymountalns - you when i call you a bean lmao
mlstymountalns's avatar
Soursopful's avatar
when my friend anoyys me about a week and i'm getting tired of their shitJontron STOP STOP THE PAIN! CEASE THIS MADNESS! 
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flamingcreepsunlimit's avatar
What video of his is this from? I've been trying to find it.
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When someone says that chucky is sexy.
Eridanatemeh's avatar
Me to the Undertale fandom
Toad900's avatar
I'll just insert the next part here to complete the "STAHP scream". Jontron FBI Scream Emoticon XD
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