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The Last Wish - Geralt

By JustAnoR
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Ah, how I missed that little string in his hair. I wish RED's made it a haircut, that was our classy Geralt 
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It's totally omission. With all this stupid hairstyles for Geralt in the game they could do this string. Shame, shame, shame :-D
Maybe fans have a such mode? ;)
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That is the sword height for a witcher considering they carrying it on the back. The size of swords in the game cannot be pulled out or sheathed in the real world.
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Indeed. Andrzej Sapkowski in "Season of Storms" even gave us the measures: the blade is 27,25 inches (69,215 cm) long, the whole sword  is 40,5 inches (102,87 cm) and weighs less than 40 ounces. Both swords have similar weights and sizes.
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I tried to find original longsword with similar measures, most longswords have longer blade but now I found this:… (picture 22.)
so the swords with this measures really exists and now I am curious if this would be possible pull out from the back using geralts style from one of short stories where he rise his right hand above his shoulder and with left hand pulls his belt on the chest down so his scabbard is in different angle.
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Great discovery! Wow! 
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Обалдеть!!!! О_______О
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That's awesome! 
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Вау! Очень классная работа! Как -то так я его и представляла, когда читала книгу в первый раз! 
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Благодарю ;)
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Oh would you look at that, it's my fictional husband ;P

Seriously, how did I not know you draw Witcher stuff?! I'm gonna have to go back and re-peruse your gallery :XD:
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