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Dandelion the Minstrel

By JustAnoR
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Dandelion - Julian Alfred Pankratz viscount de Lettenhove :D
"I know that you nearly forty, you look at thirty, you think, if you are not much more than twenty, and does so ostensibly you only ten."- Geralt
The Witcher. Sapkowski
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That's a lovely picture :) I just don't get why Jaskier was translated to Dandelion though...would Buttercup sound too feminine?
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Have no idea actually :)
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 Прекрасная работа. Лютик у вас прям красавчик получился. Каким он собственно и должен быть. По моему имя Лютик все таки ему больше подходит, чем Одуванчик.  
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Канон есть канон. Меня умиляют люди, который спустя столько лет чтения саги, каждый раз выказывают свое удивление -"Лютик - блондин??? О_о"
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Fantastic, the best version for me. One minor criticism though: you have given him the hips of a woman lol.
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That quote was the best way to describe the character
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Класс. Теперь есть и Лютик
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wait... he's blonde? i've forgotten that detail... is he blonde in the book?
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Exactly, he's blonde:D
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I love that you made him blonde. :D I love the games, but that was one detail that always bugged me, that they gave him black hair. 
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Feeling the same, thanks :-)
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i have to re-read those brilliant books! borrowed them from a friend some time ago, read everything in one week... now i have to buy them. :P planning on making illustrations for the books?
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I've already started to illustrate some time ago :)
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but is there an official edition with your illustrations?
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unfortunatly no
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i hope there will be,one day :p
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Jaskier, oh you.
I love this.
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What a wonderful drawing :)
And he looks so Dandelion-ish, even with the blond hair, which I need some time to get used to :lol:
And his hat! (or whatever we call it) It's like: first you hear some music, then you see the hat, and finally you recognize Dandelion :D
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