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If you hear of any animal news, good or bad, or have any charities that are animal related please send them in  a note. I will review them and post them here. We all love animals here and would like to stay informed and helping as much as we can. I need all of you for that as I don't hear every piece of animal news..

thank you

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Traditional Art 2
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Digital art 2
Chihuahua by Seranalu
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Dog sticking its head out of a car window by matsmoebius
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Domestic Dogs 3
~*Elegancia (Collab)*~ by LadyMaliah
Over the hills by DeepCorePhotography
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Domestic Cats
Sleepy Head par ACM by FROG-and-TOAD
10 months later by Bastet-mrr
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There is no way by hotamr
Wild Animals
Galloway Stag 2 by Coigach
Indian Rhino by Orca-Onyx
EYE OF THE TIGER by EamonReillyArtist
Koda the Lynx by Antrague
Other Domestic Animals
White Horse by miss-dandy-kat
Llama by FloweryFruitFangs
Flower by Allentia
Relaxing by WhiteVolt
Wild and Domestic Horses
Hobbyhorse 'Coran' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Hobbyhorse pony 'Short Round' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Arabian hobbyhorse 'Veilfire' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Hobbyhorse 'Jante' by Eponi-hobbyhorses
Leaf fox by ShadowOfLightt
Wolf by matsmoebius
Curious Arctic Fox by FoldedWilderness
The dreamer by YanisaXlll
Wild Cats
Yawn by Antrague
Wild and Domestic Birds
Thirsty flamingo. by Ravenith
Heliophanus Flavipes by JU-LP
Reptiles and Amphibians
SANTA MOCHA by Heather-Chrysalis
Aquarium Pets
The Soul of the Black Fish by David Munroe by DavidMunroeArt
Wild Water Life
Dolphins by ghostyheart
Traditional Art
Hugs are pretty brutal by Dontknowwhattodraw94
Digital Art
Felidae sapiens by Lynxander
Domestic Dogs
Novak by SuliannH
Wild and Domestic Birds 2
Caracara by KlaraDrielle

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Category Guidelines

This category is closed to all submissions!

Other Domestic Animals:
This category is for any other kind of domestic animal. Examples are... hampsters, mice, guinea pigs, bunnies, etc. Farm animals are included expect for chickens, hens, roosters, & horses. Those 4 animals belong in a separate category. If you have 2 or more different kinds of domestic animals together in one submission, you may submit it here as well. Examples are... dog & cat, cat & bunny, bird & cat, etc.

Domestic Dogs:
This category is for any domestic or stray dogs.Wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc. belong in a separate category.

Domestic Cats 2:
This category is for any domestic or stray cats. Lions, tigers, leopards, etc. belong in a separate category.

The first Domestic Cats is closed due to it being full. That's why you can't submit to it.

Wild & Domestic Horses:
This category is for any domestic or wild horses. Donkeys maybe submitted to this category, but zebras belong in the wild animals category.

Wild Animals:
This category is for wild animals including zoo animals. Examples are... Elephants, giraffes, bears, etc. Reptiles, amphibians, aquatic animals, birds, wild cats & wild dogs, have their own separate categories.

Wild Dogs:
This category is for all wild dogs. Examples are... wolves, foxes, coyotes, etc.

Wild Cats:
This is category is for all wild cats. Examples are... lions, tigers, leopards, etc.

Wild & Domestic Birds:
This category is for all domestic & wild birds.

This category is for all insect submissions. Examples are... snails, butterflies, spiders, etc. Basically, any animal without a spine must be submitted to this category.

Reptiles & Amphibians:
This category is for all domestic & wild reptiles & amphibians. Examples are... frogs, lizards, crocodiles, snakes, turtles, etc.

Aquarium Pets:
This category is for any aquatic animal that you'd basically have in your home. Turtles & snails, on the other hand, are not to be included in this category. They go into separate categories.

Wild Water Life:
This category is for any kind of aquatic animal that wouldn't be in your home. Examples are... dolphins, sharks, octopuses, whales, etc. Some submissions of otters, sea lions, walruses, etc. may be submitted here, but only if they are in water! If they are on land, they must go into the wild animals category.

Traditional Art:
This category is for traditional art of any kind of animal. Any artisan craft submissions must be handmade by you, or they will be declined!

Digital art:
This category is for digital art of any kind of animal.

If you still have a question, send us a note!

justAnimals FAQ

:bulletred:If your submission gets declined, that means it was submitted to the wrong category. Re-submit it to the correct category and we will be happy to accept it.:bulletred:

How do I join?
Click the "Join Group" button at the top of this page.

Who is allowed to join?
Any and all animal lovers! If you love animals, you may join!

What kind of art can I submit?
Any kind! We accept all forms of artwork, as long as it has animals in it.

How many submissions can I submit?
The global settings for all Categories is set for one submission a week.

How do I submit artwork?
Click the "Contribute Artwork" button at the top of this page. Please remember to submit to the proper category, or it will be declined! If your unsure of which category to submit to, please refer to our category guideline, at the top.

What about stuffed toy animals?
Unless you made it yourself they are not welcome. Not that we don't love stuffed animals, but we held a vote and no one thinks they belong in this group.

If you still have any questions, please do note hesitate to ask us. :)










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