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Please be aware this journal is subject to change, this is only the beginning of the changes.

Yes! Edit requests are open as of 10/24 

If you enter a edit request it will be sent to my que though!You'll just have to be patient and wait a while until I can go back and snatch them ( which may or may not happen for a few weeks or monthS )

examples of my edits can be found in my gallery ok but I only have two thing as of 9/28

also hey si this be free come take uh lookie-see ya' dweebs
( aka yes this is free ok )

So let me be clear, requesting edits ANYWHERE else then in the comments of this journal will not be considered valid, if you want to submit a request I'LL ONLY REGISTER THEM IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS JOURNAL.

another thing for me to be clear on when I say 'request' I mean as in edit requests, when you post a request to the comments please follow this format, failure to follow the format will not get your request put in my que.

again I'm repeating the fact this is for E D I T R E Q U E S T S involving lineart editing and base combining and other things related to that, I can not draw I'm just pretty good at editing.




paid for additions will be coming soon, but for now the only paid one is to add coloring layers for 10 points/10 cents, however every account/person will get Five FREE additions, although I'd recommend saving them for when a journal gets added here.

and just to be clear, n O color layers are not a default and you have to pay for them although otherwise you just get to request linearts for free

Original Lineart(s): Put a link to it/them here.

Requested Changes: List them here

(OPTIONAL) Accessories/Familiars: List them here

(depends) If This Is For A Character Lineart: Answer question and put a reference(S) here

(OPTIONAL) Extra Refs: List them here and this includes the following, flesh references, eye close ups, wing references, different types of color references ( you have to add the colors though ) etc.

mouth references can be tricky depending on the lineart requested/if it's from the WoF fandom

Form Of Communication: Notes or discord is accepted, however discord is preferred

( do not list your discord publicly, just say if you have a discord and I will send you a note for it to discuss things further )

What The Completed Edit Will Be Used For: List the purposes here

after you fill that out and post it into the comments, you will be given a G E N E R A L time frame of completion, and what number you are in the request que.

if you have more then one request, please submit the second one in a separate comment.





again I only accept requests in the comments of this journal


In each lineart post, in the description there is a marked 'credit' section that you are required to copy N' paste for credit, anything else then it is not accepted and you will get a notice to simply swap it out, failing to do so within a seven days time frame will temporarily block you from using my edits.

This is the same with requests, when I finish it I'll send you a note that has a marked credit part you MUST copy N' paste as well.


Another common sense one, don't claim you made the original lineart or that you edited the lineart yourself.

This is a rule I will 100% not tolerate, or accept excuses from.


No, I don't accept NSFW requests.


There is a limit of 7 requests PER day, this might change depending on the back log I might be experiencing.

Requests will be publicly displayed in this area for me to keep track of and it is a default for your request to be public, if you want your request to be fully PRIVATE please note me with the request, and ask for it to not be displayed publicly.

Current projects

1:Make at least three-four WoF hybrid linearts with Owibyx bases before the 24th of October 

2:Setup this journal better

Request Que

N a n

That's it!
I can't wait to see what type of requests I'll get within the next uh...probably never, but again this journal is a work in progress!

but until then, don't trust someone who owns a frog with a lamp hat.


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