Oh Boy This Account Is Going To Be Useful Again

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Vv here...

So basically, I wanted to make a new account but uh...turns out google is being a pain because I don't have access to a phone in order to login into gmail to verify said new account

S o b a s i c a l l y 
this account is finally gonna be useful again!

More will be coming, this is just a notice.

Expect this account to be revived this week/next week.

What will it be revived for?

Well I wanted to make a separate account for bases, but on top of not having a phone I realized that this account still gets page views every day and has more page viewers to.
So basically this account is going to be my dumping ground for lineart edits, mainly within the WoF fandom.

My other account for adoptables might also just fold and I might decide to just switch back to this one, even if it means repairing my reputation which is probably going to take a while

I honestly think it might be for the better to just stick to this account due to it already having the eyes I need, but updates on that will come AgAiN within this week or next week.
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