Art Theft And Leecher Wave! Be Aware!

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Heya, have you noticed an account being able to post seemingly often that's been made anywhere from 5 days ago to a month ago? Yes?

Do they also have this type of description for EVERY post they make and there profile info?

'MY Online stores LINKS

Redbubble store :link here:

Teepublic store :link here:

T-Shirts Hoodies- <insert tons of keywords here that aren't related to the image'

Do they cram in a bunch of usually unrelated tags to try and get clicks?

Do they seemingly have a concerning amount of followers even if they've only had an account for five days?

Do they turn off comments so the only way for you to call them out is to take extra time out of your day to note there watchers?

If all of that above is the same or similar, congratulations! You found one of the recent invasions of art thief's who not only DON'T GIVE CREDIT AT ALL, BUT M A K E M O N E Y OFF OF SELLING AND PROMOTING THERE MERCHANDICE.

There is a total of six current ones however I'll show the evidence I have for just two as I don't have the time to get evidence for all of them.

Don't believe me?

Here's my attempt at documenting proof from a ( currently still activated account at the time of making this, ) (( and they've now been deactivated ))

aliens and humans

Which is from: or

^ Full library at the time of posting this for archive purposes, see how many you can spot look to be directly stolen from Fuzichoco.

I also got blocked by them if that says anything, and there now deactivated.

Okay that's one but that's not enough for a wave of them is it?

Another one, this time at the time of posting this has count em', 950 WATCHERS. NINE. FIVE. ZERO. WATCHERS. FROM STEALING CONTENT AND HAS BEEN ACTIVE FOR A MONTH.

Glowing Night and Bridge
Moon Light View in Night

Stolen from: or

A lot of this accounts stuff is stolen from them and they have almost as many followers as the original artist does on twitter. And they've likely made the most money from this account as well.

How many of them stolen from Alpcmas can you spot yourself? Taken for archive purposes.

Aaaaannndd got blocked by them as wel-They recently deactivated there account, wOoOo!

Still not enough? How about one from the one account I managed to take down via spamming all of there watchers:

Stolen from

I believe you can still search up there account username and get there posts even if the account it's self is deleted.

Doing this you can try and see how many of them are stolen from that artist.

These bots tend to target specific artists and repost there stuff the most, however they likely steal from others that are just harder to find with reverse image searching.

How can I help fight this wave?

Well I discovered a way how to find new of these accounts, please note me for more info as I'd rather not make my methods public.

Do be warned that I have seen someone get blocked by Himari for posting a journal about her.

These accounts will also quickly be deactivated and thrown away if they notice there watchers start going down.

How do they get so many watchers so fast? I believe they use bots to an extent however I cannot prove that.

They seem to be taken down maybe faster if the original artist also gets involved however due to most of the artists stolen from speaking other languages then me I'm unsure of how to approach them.

Again if you want to help me find them feel free to post there account info in the comments here, note me or note me asking how you can help find them via my methods!

How I found the original artists:

Tineye can also be used however it has nothing on ^

Still Active Accounts:

^ I don't have proof of any of these, however because they follow the exact same format, don't allow comments & post to stores and this person is a multi-offender, I have my doubts on them being innocent.

I don't have the time to go through and prove it though with reverse image searching, if you find anything on them let me know!

There is a total of eight current ones.

List of one's that have been deactivated:

Please spread this journal around! I will be trying to update this with more as more accounts are deactivated and discovered.

This journal is mostly to archive evidence and get people curious about the situation, I do not have the time to spam message there watchers anymore either or to actively search for them.

Assistance is appreciated and welcomed....allsssoo because I recently discovered one made a week ago that blocked me already, despite doing nothing to them or even listing them here.

Guess I'll just make an alt~

Random gyazos for archive purposes


© 2020 JustAMutant
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