the figure and the man who saw it

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June 11, 2021
the figure and the man who saw it by JustALittleAmerican

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I pressed my lips together and I shook my head. He was gone again. I was not surprised nor angery at him, but I did want him home. This must have been all of too much for him again, that poor poor man that ruined my life by mistake. Forgiveness is a holy action in the right light, and since a young age I had to remind myself that till it was second nature. Something those Church goers didn't know about me.

A non modern light was above my head since I've been born. I left like a civil war aged man. The earth called to me, something simple half a mile away from town country side and gaurding could not heal for me. I needed something richer. My plan was to get something just like that before I die, but my father has ruined my life plans once again while trying to be helpful- oh what a poor man- no what poor men we are!

That night I feared what dream I'd have, because my dreams and my day time reaility blended together like butter and bread. Not really together but they stuck well enough. Still the more you hid from sleep the closer you get to it later, until it eats you hole and full and no more escape is possible. Since my father wasn't home- Roger as I called him, I descied to go ahead and sleep in he's bed that I had given him. He had told me in the past week that it'd be better for him to sleep on the couch then we keep switching beds, but really I just wanted to catch him in the one I picked, I missed him, and I remembered my youngest years so well, and I wanted to be treated like that young young kid I once was. But even slightly normal men don't treat their 24 year old son like how they treated them when they where 3.

Sleep came quickly to me, and very hardy too, like it had been waiting and waiting for me, wanting me to come back to it.

My bed was gone

my floor was gone

my room was gone

my clothes was gone

my world was gone

without my control my body posed itself into a standing up position, and I was looking around the darkness. Soon the darkness started to look less like true emptyness, and then more like the kind of darkness you'd get if you walked in a bathroom, shut the door and turned off the lights. My hair was messed up, like I left it unbrushed for a week, but not dirty. I felt rested in this place, and I was nude but not cold. The only thing I could do was walk, but for some reason my mind did not know I wanted to walk the other way from where I was first facing, I did not want to go the way I was told, the way that felt right, no I wanted to go the way that felt wrong because it felt wrong. I kept on walking for God knows how long, it was probably a hour but to me it felt like a few minitues and at the same time much much longer, I was in my own thoughts, what they where and what I was thinking I'm not really sure on, but it felt strange. The longer I went the more tried I felt, and the more I wanted in bed again, to ease my legs and hips, to smell he's smell and wished that he smelt me like a coyote smells a cat. It was wrong and nither of use had a right to be there anymore, but we where here anyway. Then I saw that I was walking though a metal pathway, and that there where many many others to my side, only the other ones didn't have people walking on them like I was. Then I came opon the figure. It was tall, so tall when I looked down I couldn't see it's legs. It was in between the paths beside mine and anouther. It had the body of a Egyptian god, yellow body colorful beak, and a cloth hiding it's mid-zone. It did not move it's beak as it talked, but it was breathing and I could hear it come from it, it's voice was so booming it hurt my ears slightly, but it did not take on a attacking tone, but it wasn't truly friendly either.

“Fetus of life, you go home now before it comes.”

“What will come? Great one.”

“The nature of the earth you live under wants you, your too good a meal not to hone in on. They took your grand mother slowly, because she was just good enough to eat that they had to savour, but you- your so good they can't leave you alone for 60 years Fetus. They don't have the time to wait, unless you leave.”

“What do you mean by leave? Oh great one, leave this place, or live the town of my plainter's origin?”


And like that the place dissapeared, and I looked to my side and saw a hand on my back, when I turned fully around I saw Roger looking down at me, he had the eyes of a father right then in that light, and it came to my attension that outside the window it was still night, only about a hour had passed as I'd guess it, and to my strange mild dissapointment I was in the room again and was in my normal work clothes that I fell asleep in.

“Are you ok?” Roger asked, trying to sound not too intrested clearly.

“Yes.” I said flatly.

He rubbed the left side of he's head next to he's ear, then said. “Should I sleep in your bed tonight?...” It was at that momment when Roger saw that I was holding a jacket he left on the bed closely, and slept next to it too. “... If that's what you want.” Was all that I could say. Roger nodded, and quickly made he's way out of the room without saying anything.

At least he was home now.

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Very Nicely done!!! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!!

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Congratulations on your well-deserved DD. :)