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Wyngro: Alex Upgrade Batch!

Got a whole bucket of upgrades here for Alex!

+ Fuzzy Coatala Ears; 3 Months Old (Approval Application - Alexandrite)

+ Medium Feathered Back Wings; 3 Months Old (See Above)

+ Butt Wings; Taking Part in the "Carousel of Mischief" (Wyngro: I'm Going to Regret This)

+ Colored Sclera; Draw your Wyngro Crying ( Wyngro: Friendly Boost by JustAGirlOnline ) 

+ Change Tint Color of Base and Secondary Colors; Draw your Wyngro in a Nature Scene ( Wyngro: An Early Easter by JustAGirlOnline )

+ Add a New Color; 10 Colored full-body Drawings (12, 345678910)

+ Color Mixer; 5 Colored full-body Drawings (12345)

3/317 Wyn 
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One of the coolest Wyngrew I've seen.
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A-A-Alex?? Jaw drop   Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 
mjlkshake's avatar
Woah! Alex looks amazing!
SpiritOfTheLilys's avatar
This looks awesome!
Vaylore's avatar
That dark blue really works well!
Dragon-Burn's avatar
 *gasp* so cuteee
RamenNoodleFerret's avatar
Dayum little lady

She's so beautiful
Oak-Storm's avatar
lookin good : o
Tokaliz's avatar
damn looking snazzy
Li0nless's avatar
hnnnnnggggg those wings!!
Shady-Raichu's avatar queeen.........
Musicalmutt2's avatar
GOD SHE'S SO GORGEOUS :heart: :heart:

Pascal: Tamaki Blush Emoticon  *swoon*
TopazOwl's avatar
Ah woah! She looks awesome!
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