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NAME: 'Princess' the Glameow
GENDER: Female (Cis; she/her)
Dream Eater
Knock Off

BG INFO: Princess was born into an upper-class family that is well established in Andelusst. Her family tree dates back to about twelve generations. She was an only child growing up, only because her mother didn't desire to have children in the first place, but needed an heir to take over the family business when she and her husband passed on. Her mother wasn't very involved with her in her childhood. They usually only ever saw each other at dinner, but never spoke. She was more close with her father and her family's many servants.

She attended the higher learning education that Andelusst had to offer. One day, while playing outside during a break, she angered a group of children for defending a mute boy from being picked on. While running, she climbed up a particularly tall tree and taunted the children from the top branch. She leaned a little too far off the end and she fell out of the tree. She landed with a sickeningly loud 'crunch' on her left. She woke up a few days later in the hospital with pain and aches and...a strange feeling in her left hind leg. When she moved the blankets aside, she noticed that her leg was completely gone, save for her thigh. She was surprised to this day that she felt...nothing. She didn't feel the shock one would feel at the sight of her leg gone.

Nowadays, Princess, because she is bipedal, walks using her tail as a prosthetic. Mostly because she doesn't like the look of basic prosthetics that the Research Guild offers to the recruits. This isn't easy because her tail isn't really build to hold her weight. For now, she does exercises with her tail to build up strength. Every day her tail gets stronger, and she can travel longer distances when using it. But for now, she's happy to have Diesel to lean onto when she needs him to. 

NAME: Diesel the Machop*
GENDER: Male (Cis; he/him)
Karate Chop
Bullet Punch
Dual Chop

BG INFO: Not much is known about Diesel's past. All he tells anyone is that he grew up on a humble farm in a city not close to Andelusst in the slightest. He travels for years, alone, to different cities and towns, and even happened across many dungeons he was able to pass through and ended up somewhere different. He still doesn't understand them, and doesn't really want to.

It was a decade ago when he happened upon Andelusst and decided to stay, as he was getting quite old. He looked for work, and found some with very nice expenses, a place to live and food to eat. He worked as a servant for Princess' family. It wasn't very demanding work. He never had to deal with the young Glameow until after she had her accident. Her parents decided he would be the best fit to help her get around when she needed help. Even now, he is devoted to Princess and would lay down his life for her.



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