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NAME: Norma Jean the Deino
GENDER: Female (Cis; she/her)
Dragon Rush
Dragon Tail
Hyper Voice

BG INFO: Norma Jean emerged from the fog only a few months prior to the events of the Regigigas incident. She was found in the fog with a lone egg by her partner, Angel. She has lost all her most cherished memories, like her childhood, and her marriage, where she got her egg from...and possibly the worst of all. She has forgotten who her husband was, and what happened to him. She has vague memories of her husband, like how he looks, who he was, how he acted, but...The images are fuzzy. Almost black, and faraway.

The only thing she remembers are the scents. The smell of her husband, her adoptive parents and siblings. But the images escape her mind and she tries not to dwell on the memories too long or else they might drive her mad trying to remember. She hopes her memory-loss in indeed caused by the fog and she'll remember in time. But she fears it might be full on amnesia and that she'll never remember her husband loving smile again...

NAME: Angel the Pichu
GENDER: Female (Cis; she/her)
Thunder Shock
Thunder Wave
Nasty Plot

BG INFO: Angel never knew who her mother was. She was raised alone by her father until she was three, then she was raised alone by her aunt, an Audino named Audrey. She lived with her and her two twin sons in Andalusst for many years. She attended public school when she became of age and loved it. She loved to learn and was always eager to know more. Unfortunately, this caused many of the students to see her as a teacher's pet and bullied her a lot after school. They teased her about her passion for education, calling her a nerd, and more often then not, making fun of her over-sized ears. Her ears always made her self-conscious, but when others brought them up, they made her feel even more insecure.

One day, while being hounded by two students, a Pawniard and a Trubbish, while walking home, she was surprised when a cute Smoochum walked up to the bullies and chased them off with an dual Ice Punch to the stomachs. Angel was amazed at how a small Pokemon like her chased both of the Pokemon away, with one having a great advantage over them. She thanked the girl sincerely, and was surprised when she asked if she wanted her to walk her home. She accepted, and that began her friendship with Amelia the Smoochum.

One day, while wandering the outskirts of Andalusst, Angel heard a few cries coming from deep in the fog-bound forest surrounding the city. Curious, she wandered into the fog, using her developed hearing to listen for any sounds or stirs. It didn't take long until she heard a rumbling growl. She turned around to see a mangled and ruffled looking Deino. Startled, Angel was about to run, she she noticed that the dragon type's right eye was closed tight with dried blood surrounding it, and saw the glistening purple and green orb she was protecting that could only be an egg. She spoke gently and softly to her, trying to keep her calm. Once she was, Angel approached her, saying that she new someone that could help her, help her clean her eye and get her somewhere safe and with food. She agreed gruffly and started to roll her egg with her front leg. Angel offered to carry if, but was met with a growl. She remained quit for the rest of the walk back to the city.



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Nice Team! Hope to see more! :D