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So you don't want to or can't go out but you still want to take some macro photographs? Fear not! We have some solutions for you!

  • Think textures

Indoor photography can be as interesting as outdoor photography. Think of the place you live like a location waiting for you to be examined!
Take the time to notice the different fabrics of your clothes: which ones look the most interesting to you? Pay attention to your walls with all the different colours, holes, bumps.... What about your decorative items with different colours and rich textures? Or your gemstones? Or the shape or insides of your fruits and veggies? The possibilities are just endless. All you have to do is look around and pay attention to your surroundings. :)

  Match by Azph  Slice from the other world by PaVet-Photography  BatSuits by PinciPix gimp by AlyonaTravkina

  • Think water collisions

Water drop collision photography is a fun and rewarding way to spend a rainy day afternoon. There are many techniques, from using a basic medicine dropper and your camera's flash, to the more complex setups with timed valves and multiple speedlights. Once you get the timing down, the pictures you produce can be breathtaking. You can use different backgrounds, use color gels on your flash, or add food dye to the water to introduce some variety. Practice makes perfect!

Water Drop Xanthan Gum Trial3-2838 by dirge137 City lights puddle by carlessphotography  Mg 6576 by HerrSpiff Bubble Splash. by andy-j-s

  • Think water droplet

Don't wait for rainy days to go out and take water droplet photos! Instead, provoke a situation! The classic example is using a feather as a surface onto which the water droplet(s) can remain intact for a rather long time. But you can use other surfaces too! Eyelashes (yes, eyelashes), dandelion seeds, veggies, flower petals, drops falling down your sink, CDs, fabrics, rough surfaces... You can spice things up by adding some colourful background too, or play around using a prism to have some interesting reflections into the droplet(s)!

Tomacro II by pflonk covered by the light by JoannaRzeznikowska Volvic condensation by Remaurd The Clear Quill by SilverBokeh

  • Think paint

If you're feeling extra creative, then this next project is for you! Combining different colors of paint using the "pour" technique can yield beautiful and unique opportunities for abstract macro photos. You will need at least two colors of acrylic paint, a pouring medium, and a substrate such as glass, plastic, metal etc. It is best to use a high flow acrylic paint. High flow acrylic ink combined with a pouring medium works well too! Once you have everything together, it's simply a matter of combining your chosen colors. There are many methods to explore, and it can be as simple or complex as you want it to be.

20170107-acrylfluids Details Hintergruende-6675 by eluela W-out 0777 '  andersover ' by W-out Drip drip drop by rosiebear93 (Pour) Ocean Bubbles by lupienne

  • Think bubbles

Another fun way of taking macro photographs is using bubbles! You can make them in different ways: either by mixing water with soap or dishwashing liquid, or by using oil! You can use different colourful or monotone surfaces that you could display underneath them to have some really nice reflections. And the final results can just be magical with breathtaking patterns! One wouldn't think that bubbles can be so pretty :aww:

Frog eyes by lindahabiba O by Sortvind Inside a Soap Bubble IV by dalantech Planet III by Matthias-Haker

We hope that this article will increase your creativity and help you see your surroundings as a less boring place! Indoor macro photography can be as fascinating as outdoor macro photography! Don't hesitate to experiment, that's the best way to learn.

This article was brought to you by endprocess83 and JustACapharnaum ;)

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