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Perfect Fit by Just4TeenTitans Perfect Fit :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 44 4 Release. . . by Just4TeenTitans Release. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 19 1
The Gettaway Pt II
After two airport stops, and twelve hours of jet lag, Raven finally arrived at the hotel.
As Robin had stated, her reservation was accepted, and she was given the key to her room.  Dropping her bags to the floor, she could only marvel at her lovely hotel suite. Completely impressed by how fancy it really was. It even had a kitchen and a mini bar packed with wrapped complimentary cookies and chocolates! Shaking her head, Raven thought of Beastboy, knowing he would've had a field day with all these sweets!
     But what caught her eye the most was the balcony overlook.
:iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 7 0
Serenity. . . by Just4TeenTitans Serenity. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 34 0
The Gettaway Pt I
  As she drifted weightlessly through the clouds, Raven looked down at the crystal blue water, feeling the cool ocean spray covered her face. Inhaling the tranquil aroma from the surf, she continued to drift onward, watching as the sun began to set over the horizon. Free. . .At this moment she never felt so free and rejuvenated in her entire life.
    Coming to a landing on the sandy white beach, Raven could feel the warm sand squish between her toes. For her this was a rare treat. Normally she wouldn't be caught dead without her boots on. But on this rare occasion, she just couldn't resist. Walking to the bamboo-made cabana, she approached a picnic table where her belongings still remained. Here she didn't have to worry about anybody taking her things. For there wasn't a single person within a mile in any direction. Unless she counted the hotel on the beach.
    Climbing on top of a picnic table, Raven sat crossed legged, and attempted
:iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 9 0
In The Blink of an Eye 9 Pt 3
    Grasping a hold of her hand, Robin then pulled Star forward until he was cradling her in his arms. Inhaling deeply, he tightly closed his eyes.
   “I’m sorry, Star. . .I’m so sorry.” He whispered, as she began to cry softly against his chest. Swallowing down a lump in his throat, Robin tenderly stroked the back of her hair.
   “Shhh. . .It’s alright. Everything’s going to be alright, now. . .”  Sniffling Starfire cuddled closer and whispered, “Are you sure?” Hearing this caused Robins eyes to slowly drift open, pulling her away, until he was looking down at her so tenderly.
     “Positive. . .I promise. I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered, as she smiled at him through her tears. Caressing the back of her neck, Robin pulled Star forward and began to kiss her in a manner that was timid, very gentle at first. But g
:iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 9 0
Like Mother Like Daughter. . . by Just4TeenTitans Like Mother Like Daughter. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 89 8 Never Say Never Pt I by Just4TeenTitans Never Say Never Pt I :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 75 10 A Long Way to Go by Just4TeenTitans A Long Way to Go :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 59 4 Conked Out by Just4TeenTitans Conked Out :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 73 6 Resistance is Futile . . by Just4TeenTitans Resistance is Futile . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 60 5 Their Moment of Truth by Just4TeenTitans Their Moment of Truth :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 68 10 So Much for Mind Over Matter. . . by Just4TeenTitans So Much for Mind Over Matter. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 31 0 Her Every Whim. . . by Just4TeenTitans Her Every Whim. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 63 7 She Knows her Daddy. . . by Just4TeenTitans She Knows her Daddy. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 53 4 Cravings. . . by Just4TeenTitans Cravings. . . :iconjust4teentitans:Just4TeenTitans 51 5


Please don't leave me, I love you by BlueStripedRenulian Please don't leave me, I love you :iconbluestripedrenulian:BlueStripedRenulian 57 24 why you no hug me? by briannacherrygarcia why you no hug me? :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 38,539 4,202 Prime Evil by jerzydrozd Prime Evil :iconjerzydrozd:jerzydrozd 30 9 Formal Gru by jackie-girl Formal Gru :iconjackie-girl:jackie-girl 3 14 Midnight Movie Madness by Shannanigan Midnight Movie Madness :iconshannanigan:Shannanigan 166 45 Gru by QGildea Gru :iconqgildea:QGildea 514 84 Despicable me by Leska1994 Despicable me :iconleska1994:Leska1994 81 26 Jesus Christ by MonsterMarika Jesus Christ :iconmonstermarika:MonsterMarika 1,130 284 Made Of Minion Muscles by azianwolfdoll Made Of Minion Muscles :iconazianwolfdoll:azianwolfdoll 216 17 Despicable Mail by JesamineFey123 Despicable Mail :iconjesaminefey123:JesamineFey123 81 73 Happy Birthday Daddy WIP by jackie-girl Happy Birthday Daddy WIP :iconjackie-girl:jackie-girl 5 9 .:Despicable Birthday:. by kittyXartist .:Despicable Birthday:. :iconkittyxartist:kittyXartist 196 45 Apparitia by BigChrisGallery Apparitia :iconbigchrisgallery:BigChrisGallery 35 3 prime evil roughs by frankenart prime evil roughs :iconfrankenart:frankenart 5 0 Skelevision is being Watched by devilmanozzy Skelevision is being Watched :icondevilmanozzy:devilmanozzy 7 1 Ghost-Busters movie teaser by RayStantz Ghost-Busters movie teaser :iconraystantz:RayStantz 15 5



***I haven't been on here in several months and when I do come on, I get a comment about being, "F*cking lazy." Why? Cuz I'm not posting any art? So what! That's my business! At least I had the courtesy of keeping my old art up instead of deleting it altogether! I know alot of you appreciate that. But to the few idiots who don't? Get a life and move on! Because NOTHING lasts forever. Including this page! 

****For those who have not seen my journal on my :iconfirewalker71: page, here's the link.…
I'll be as brief as possible. I've turned this account souly into a Teen Titans account. I've been transferring deviations from one account to the other all day, and still aren't through yet. Why? Because I'm tired of my other art NOT being recognized. So in order to keep myself from getting annoyed, I've decided to separate it for good! Now you will have all the TT art to your hearts content, just in my other account. SO. . .for all those who faved? Sorry. . .But you'll just have to start over. If not. . .then it's all good too. But at least it's here.
****This includes, all my stories, comics, and drawings. Everything. . . Do to serious eyestrain. . .I'm still not finished. But I will be by tommorrow!

Till then, Laters. . .


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Well known as Firewalker71!!!
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
***I've written for the past 28 years. From short stories, to fan novels. Although I've never succeeded in selling my novels, it doesn't matter. Alot of you know my writing, have read my stories and loved them. And as an artist, that's all that matters to me. I've drawn off an on since I was a teenager. But it really took off from 2004 when I saw how much the younger generation loved Teen Titans. As you can see by my gallery. . .it sort of took off from there. ;)
***Alot of you know I'm very deverse, drawing other stuff which came from my main DA account. But the Teen Titan art was so popular, that I decided to make this account soully for the fans.
I hope you enjoy it., :)
***And please feel free to check out my main account where I have lots of other different fan arts as well. :iconfirewalker71: Till then thank you for such wonderful support. You can also find me on facebook, where I hang out there. . .maybe even more. And post alot of my other art!



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