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dsafdfdsf I have no idea how I managed to finish this after posting the last challenge picture but thanks to some miraculous circumstance I did? YAY okay, time to finish this story.:D
Also Róta is shaking her head here... I don't know if that comes out as that.xD Probably not.


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Elin's mouth was set in a stern line when the trees finally grew scarcer. Eventually the first lights of Vanaheim blinked through the branches.
This...hunt, one might say, hadn't ended the way she had anticipated.
And eventually her bad conscience had gotten the better of her and she had turned around. 
She was almost back at the bridge that led into the forest.
Elin could already see the lights that lined the path all the way up to the stables. She could also see a person hurrying along the path.
"Ooooh boy..", she murmured to herself when she recognised her sister's figure.
When they were close enough to see her face, Elin noticed Tove's worried expression change to anger.
"What... what the hell were you thinking, Elin? You just disappeared without as much as a word and left me alone up there all on my own. Then I go looking for you after an hour and find both car and trailer abandoned in front of the stable! What happened? Where did you go??"
Tove was almost yelling by the time they met close to the first lantern. She really seemed upset. Elin bit her lip.
"I'm really sorry, Tove, I just... there were horses escaping and I just went after them and.."
"And you didn't think to let me know you've gone off on a wild goose chase through the creepy forest at night?"
Elin almost didn't flinch. 
"Horse chase and I wanted to, I really did, but my phone's in my backpack and that's in the car and by the time I realised I was already too deep in the forest."
Tove's eyebrows shot up. "Too deep...? Where the hell did you go? And in the middle of the night?? Jesus Christ, Elin, anything could have happened and I wouldn't have known!"
"But nothing happened, this isn't New York, there's no crazy axe murderers here."
"No, but bears and wolves and.. you know... dragons..." 
Elin sighed.
"I'm fine, okay. If you're done lecturing me we could go back, put my stuff away and get some dinner?", she said in an amicable tone, trying to get her sister's mind away from her worrying.
With a half smile on her face she held out her left hand behind her back, offering to help Tove onto Róta's back.
"You wouldn't even have to walk..."
Tove just glared at her, her arms crossed in front of her chest.
"I promise, no more foolhardiness while I'm at the Academy."
Tove's stern face only held up for another second, then she snorted out a chuckle.
"You haven't even really arrived yet and you're still on the hunt for mysteries." She shook her head. "I got a feeling your stay here is going to be... interesting.."
Elin rolled her eyes and shook the hand behind her back again for emphasis.
"Yeah yeah, can we get going now? Our trailer is still right there in front of the stable and my stuff.."
"And there's food at the restaurant..."
"Well.. yeah that, too."
"As long as there's food..." Tove shrugged, took the hand Elin offered her and climbed onto Róta's back behind her sister.
"Man, you're easily persuaded", Elin said and led Róta up the bridge towards the stables.
"It's food, Elin, f o o d!"
The laughter of the two women mixed with the mare's hoof beats on cobblestone echoed faintly towards the forest.
The glowing eyes of various creatures watched them for a little longer. Then they slunk back behind the trees, disappearing in the shadows and the forest was as silent as ever.



Horse: 4886 Ròta
Rider: Elin Holvik

Also featuring: Tove Holvik and some glowy eyes
Event: Veternaetr 2017
Class: Whodunit - Challenge X


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 2 hours
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Oh auch wieder ein super Bild...aber diese Augen....brrrr xD
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maww danke.:D Ein wenig Spoops in Vanaheim.xD
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Ich sollte auch mal hin glaub ich xD
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Machen wir dann zusammen was? Kann man da überhaupt noch rein? O-O
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Können wir gerne machen.:la:
Klar, ich bin ja auch erst jetzt, super spät gejoint.:D
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