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Vanaheim Academy | Cadet | Elin Holvik

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Though she be but little, she is fierce.

~ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


Full Name: Elin Holvik
Nickname(s): Elin, Valkyrja, (The White Lady Stare )
Gender: Female
Age: 30
Birthdate: 14.01.1986
Nationality: Norwegian
Zodiac: Capricorn
Height: 157cm
Weight: 59kg
Physical Description: feminine, curvy, wide-ish hips and thighs, tiny but possesses a surprising amount of strength; white-ish blond, wavy hair that reaches down to her lower back, pale complexion, blue eyes 
Bloodtype: AB-

Voice: soft with a british accent, like Daenerys here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFELQv… (and what do you know, she’s also the inspiration for Elin’s appearance)

Relationship Status: Single 
Sexuality: Straight (-ish) (aah who am I kidding she's definitely not straight)
Marit Holvik (mother)
Ian Jonathan Holvik (father)
Tove Holvik (sister - 8 years younger)

Education/Degrees: graduated from high school, trained and worked as an EMT, studied medicine at the University of Tromsø
Learned Profession/Occupation: Emergency Medical Technician
Name 3 core courses your character would sign up for: 
- On-site medical training & Herbology
- Traditional & Ceremonial Dragon Fight
- Mounted Combat & War games (/ Armed Combat & Dragon Tracking)

What is the goal of your character by graduating at the Vanaheim Academy:
- Combat Medic (On-site Medic/Surgeon specialized for dragon-caused injuries)
- Dragonfighter 
- Researcher/Scientist specialized in Dragons

Assigned Drakehest:
4886 EMS Róta

Personality: Elin is tiny but fierce, give her a challenge and she’ll master it or die trying (metaphorically mostly…). She likes being in the thick of it, watching from the sidelines is not something she could bear for longer than five minutes. Elin has retained a lot of love for every living being and nature as well and enjoys those rare moments of wide-eyed wonder. 
She’s a hard worker and incredibly compassionate but also not above telling big, burly men to suck it up, quit whining and let her do her work. She has wonderful deadpan humour and secretly enjoys puns but would never tell anyone. Elin is usually really chill but goes from 0 to 100 really quickly if provoked in the right way. When it comes to her job, though, she can keep a scarily level head and hyperfocuses on the task at hand.
She values her family and friends above everything else. During stupid plans she’s usually the one who joins because someone responsible better be involved! Also sometimes it’s just fun. She's actually quite adventurous and spends most of her time in the saddle or the forest when she's not working.
At Vanaheim Academy she hopes to help people out on battlefields but strives to learn all she can about dragons as well because they’re beyond fascinating for her.

History: Elin grew up in a small village east of London. The family lived next to a small horse farm where she spent most of her time, playing, tending to the horses, helping out and eventually riding as well. Not the brightest kid of her class but getting decent grades she made her way through school. On the side she still went to the neighbouring farm but also picked up gymnastics on the side. 
When she was 13, Elin’s family moved back into her mother’s home country, Norway, where Elin resumed high school. 
She has always been passionate about helping people as best she could and it came as no surprise to anyone that she trained and worked as an EMT after graduation. Eventually she decided to take it a step further and started studying medicine. Med School was hard work but she pulled through until she had just finished her medical residency. 
She still continued riding and upon hearing of the famed Drakehests got into old norse history and myths. Elin came upon her own Drake by chance and considers it to be one of the best things to ever happen to her. Together with Róta Elin got into stunt and trick riding, building upon her gymnastics background and expanding on it with vaulting.

Likes: winter | how cozy it feels in front of a fire | learning new things | stunt work | history, myths and lore | physical exertion | medicinal herbs and natural remedies

Dislikes: people telling her what she can and can’t do | arrogance | injustice | whiny people | 

Pet Peeves: people touching her hair (dO NOT!) | questionable homemade remedies | people calling ambulances when when it’s not an emergeNCY DAMNIT | being mocked for her height

Fears: being forced into helplessness | something happening to Róta or her family

Strengths: never backs down from a fight | flexible as hell | physically strong | analytical | level-headed | precise | tenacious

Flaws: never backs down from a fight | stubborn as hell | tends to put other people’s needs over her own | not good with kids | impatient | can seem cold and unfeeling

Skills: cooks wicked good coffee | throws a mean curve ball | also really good at darts for some reason? | will fight you | vast knowledge of myths and history | wilderness survival skills

Hobbies: braiding things (braiding, braiding, always braiding) | hiking | bouldering | historical research | dancing (avid belly dancer, too) | long trail rides

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Oh yay you have a cadet too!!!!
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I doooo.:D Really late to the party but when am I ever not?xD
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Lol well maybe our cadets could hang sometime?
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They really should!
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Sora, I hire you to draw my human references. :stare: <3
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I.. might have been possessed or onn lethal amounts of sugar when I drew this. I honestly don't know how this happened.:lmao:
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Pfffft... XD
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yeeeeaaaahhhh boi

She's so beautiful YES
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fdsjkfdksjfkdlksjfdjsaf thANK :iconsupertighthugplz:
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