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Tequila Sunrise

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Not entirely satisfied with this but after staring at it for so long I don't want to look at it anymore.xD Doing some "after effect trash magic" sort of saved most of the weirdness but I still wish I could have made it look better. Oh well, no use crying over it now. Still on more to do because I fucked up my time management.:stare:


Competition day had started surprisingly good for May’s expectations. Ira hadn’t overslept so that was a plus. Konstantin had even been there before the time they agreed on. Honestly, May would have been more surprised if he had actually been late.
If she didn’t knew any different, she would say that he was nervous. He would deny it of course, but it seemed like he was suffering from nerves big time. Sure, Konstantin had won a fair few competitions but these had been local, small. Not anything like the monster they were facing now.
Compared to him, Ira seemed ridiculously calm, throwing puns and jokes around herself like they were going out of style. Just as usual.
The preparations went just as smoothly, which turned May’s surprise just the slightest bit sour. Something HAD to go wrong, right? They couldn’t just breeze through everything on the first try easy peasey, like it was nothing.
And May had seen the trailers of their competition. There were an awful lot of successful riders signed up. This show of talent was actually quite impressive.
It even made May’s nerves flare up a bit.
But only a little.
She was a professional after all.
She kept telling herself that when she watched Ira lead Au towards the warm up area. The small stallion’s steps had as much flair in them as usual but here between all the well trained jumpers he just seemed so oddly out of place it made May snort.
The warm up went smoothly as well and May’s suspicion rose.
Something was bound to happen. She was sure of it.
When she felt safe to leave Ira to her devices, she watched a few rounds of the other competitors in the Novice class. A couple of good rounds had already gone down, judging by the enthusiastic cheers of the audience.
When it got closer to Ira’s turn, May called her over to the fence.
“How are you doing?”
Ira grinned.
“Excited. Ready to go.”
May shook her head with a laugh. This kid was unbelievable.
“Good to hear. Don’t stress about winning this, okay? The competition is really tough today.”
“Oh, you know I don’t.” Ira had lost nothing of her carelessness when she mounted her horse. “I’m just here to have fun.”
May watched her trot into the arena with a small wave and a grin.
She shook her head. “Bless her mindset.”
The bell had just rung for the start of Ira’s round when Konstantin joined May on the fence, Stormfall already tacked up and grumpy as usual next to him.
He didn’t say anything, just watched with a set jaw as Ira and Au cantered down the long side of the arena. May sized him up for a moment.
“You nervous?”
He almost didn’t flinch.
May supressed her smirk.
“Are you nervous?”
“Me?”, he shook his head resolutely, although his tone was barely convincing, “No! No, I’m good. Great. Can’t wait.”
May smiled to herself. It was sort of funny to see the usually so composed Konstantin get all finicky and nervous. At the same time she sympathized with him because she know how that felt.
“Good.” She clapped him on the shoulder. “I’m sure you’ll do great. Just keep your head, you’ll be fine.”
Konstantin made a noncommittal sound and nodded vaguely. May figured any more nice words and he might faint.
Smirking, she directed her gaze back towards Ira and almost choked.
Sure, Au had always had flashy gaits. Hell, the whole horse was flashy. But what he was doing now in the arena was beyond that.
He seemed to quite enjoy the attention of the audience and put on an extra show for them, throwing his knees as high as he could get them. They had just cleared the first jump and were headed for the next. Au held his head so high the reins hung loosely, even though Ira was holding them pretty short already.
May didn’t know if she should laugh or cry when she saw Au take off over the next obstacle, knees tucked prettily but incredibly impractically; his neck was arched so well he looked more like a high class dressage horse.
Next to May Konstantin just uttered a soft “What the hell..” and May had to agree.
She had seen her fair share of weirdness in her time in competitive horseback riding but this was a whole new level.
When the pair approached the obstacle closest to them May finally saw Ira’s face fully. There were tears in her eyes and her cheeks were coloured the brightest shade of red.
But it wasn’t out of embarrassment, oh no.
She was laughing.
Very hard.
And trying to hold it back and keep up as much of a professional image as she could with Au showing off. Her form was almost in line with hunter regulation. Au’s… not so much. But he sure looked fabulous.
As they whipped past Konstantin and her, they could hear Ira giggle wildly, not even trying to get the stallion to behave anymore.
May had to give it to her, Ira was definitely having a blast.
As long as that was true, their result really wasn’t important.


Horse: EMS Aureolin
Rider: Ira Severin
Event: Rømø Beach Seaside Show Jumping
Class: Novice class


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: too loooong.:stare:
Ref (sort of): fav.me/d6hjg1f by CalyHoney
Brushpack used:
concept art brushes by SoldatNordsken
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This is beautiful :heart: I love the color and the texture of the sand.
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Thank you so much.:heart:
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Aww, such a cute pose <3 and your stories are lovely <3
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you're spoiling me with so much niceness.//dies
Thank you so much.:huggle:
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Kleines Pferd für groooßen Reiter, aaaber es ist wirklich sweet geworden :3 Ich mag die Komposition sehr, auch die Farben <3
Sehr schön geworden
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Jaaa so ein Pony.xD
Aww dankeschön.:tighthug:
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Süßes Pony

Geeerne :huggle:
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those tiny lighthouses make my soul happy <3 :') 
look at that FABULOUS form xD 
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That's what I aimed for.:la:
It is, isn't it?xD Such fabulous.
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