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Old-ish stuff is old-ish. I drew this in like November I think? But I didn't really progress with the story enough to actually post it, so there. Have it now.
The thrilling tale continuueeees...

Not really available and online right now. Just want to submit it before the event ends and because it's been done for months already.:I


Well, see here: Caution! Do Not Braid!


“Erin! Hey Erin!”
Erin looked up from her clipboard to see May skipping towards her, her red hair bouncing behind her in a ponytail.
“What’s up, May?”
She stopped beside Erin, her cheeks red from the cold wind outside.
“I’ve been meaning to talk to you about the stall situation. We’re getting a little low on space what with the new boarders coming in and all.”
Erin nodded and waved her clipboard. “Yeah, I already noticed, that’s why I’m here. Actually, you could help me for a bit.”
“Yeah, you know your charges better than I do. Which ones could stay outside during winter so we can provide space for the cold months? Can we talk while we walk? There’s still so much work to do.”
May laughed as she fell into step beside Erin. “Sure, I could think of a few off the bat. The Obertaurers don’t mind being outside. It’s really warm for winter anyway, so most of the warmbloods that aren’t that sensitive should be fine to go out as well. We can get the more sensitive ones blankets.”
Erin made a non-descriptive sound as she jotted notes down on her clipboard.
“How many would that make?”, she asked without looking up.
May rubbed her chin, tallying in her head.
“Well, it’s ten Obers, the two Enochs, the Drakes, definitely as well…” She trailed off when she noticed that Erin was no longer at her side. Turning around, May saw her boss standing in front of an empty stall, staring at the nameplate with a raised eyebrow. She took the few steps back and joined her.
“What is it?”
“Did you put Nana out already?”
“Well, no; I didn’t..”
“Then why’s her stall empty? Did somebody take her out for exercise?”
“No…”, May cocked her head, brow furrowed in confusion, “Rikke took her to the Quince Event... For Endurance? I thought you knew…”
Erin’s expression darkened with every word May said. By the time she finished Erin looked positively livid.
“I take it you didn’t know….”
“No I certainly didn’t. And you let her go?”
May held up her hands defensively.
“I wouldn’t have let her go just like that but she told me you allowed her to go.”
“So she lied to you as well? Great!”
“I’m sorry, I really didn’t know. She said she asked you about it.”
“Yeah, she did and I said no.” She sighed, trying not to take her anger out on May. “But it’s not your fault, you couldn’t have known that.” Erin rubbed her forehead. “This is a goddamn mess.”
May chewed on her lip, still feeling partly responsible for the additional stress on Erin.
“What… what are we gonna do now?”
“There really isn’t anything we can do.” Erin shifted her weight, looking tired and worn out. “By the time we got there she would already be home. It would just be a waste of gas. No… I’ll have words with her once she gets back.”
Weighing the clipboard in her hands for a moment she shot May a quick glance.
“Can we continue this later? The boarders are not scheduled to arrive until later this week and I’m really not in the right mindset to figure this out right now.”
May nodded with barely concealed sympathy.
“Sure thing, boss. You… uh.. You gonna go for a ride in the woods now?”
Erin chuckled wearily. “Probably. After giving the punching bag a piece of my mind.”
May took the clipboard from Erin and gave her a smile.
“Alright. Don’t go too hard on him, you know he’s a sensitive fella.”
“We’ll see about that.” Erin gave a wave over her shoulder as she walked down the aisle in a brisk pace.
May scratched her head. She really didn’t want to be in Rikke’s place once she returned home.

NEXT: Coming soon


Horse: EMS VS Nanael
Rider: Rikke Hvidhoft
Quince Event **OPEN**
Class: Endurance

Extra(-ish): Caution! Do Not Braid!


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 3 hours
no ref used
Brushpack used:
concept art brushes by SoldatNordsken
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Rikke can't seem to stay out of trouble, apparently xD
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just-soraHobbyist Digital Artist
Never!! Trouble should be her middle name instead of Iben.xD
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ZephyrieeStudent Digital Artist
awww Nanaaa :dummy: echt voll schönes bild, sehn beide so entspannt aus, vor allem wie Rikke ihren kopf hält find ich total schön T.T da würde man gar nicht denken was für ein troublemaker sie is haha
voll schön wieder deine geschichten lesen zu können und deine tollen bilder anzusehen :heart:
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just-soraHobbyist Digital Artist
fdsajfkdjsakl danke, danke, waaaah, das macht mich grad voll giddy.:heart::heart:
Ist zwar super spät, ABER die Lust ist wieder da. Wenn dann nur die Zeit mitspielen würde.OTL
Aber, ich versuchs!:D
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ZephyrieeStudent Digital Artist
hachja die zeit xD I feel. ich will auch schnell wieder reinkommen T.T
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just-soraHobbyist Digital Artist
Wieso ist das so schwwwwwer?:stare:
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cheliaceHobbyist Writer
das bild strahlt so eine schöne ruhe aus. ich find das echt richtig schön zum anschauen <3
dass das eine bein und der schweif ein bissl out of frame ist, gibt so einen tollen... 'on the road effect', ur cool c: 
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just-soraHobbyist Digital Artist
waaaaaah, dankee!!:heart::heart:
(super späte Antwort, sorry sorry.xD
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Pretty art none the less!! <3333
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just-soraHobbyist Digital Artist
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