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OT Conference - The Naughty

Little Snafu is quiite the troublemaker. This pose was actually a lot of fun. Also what happened to the shading on him? Magick??
Also tagging Neko-Raccoon here. If you want me to remove Dizzy, I'll gladly do so, but if I had waited any longer I'd have missed the deadline.^^;


Conference Show 2018

Foal Halter Class

Horse Name: EMS Störtebeker | depicted with his mother: SBS Contradizzione
Horse Age: 6 months
Horse Breed: Obertaurer
Horse Color: Silver Blue Roan Conversation (Ee/aa/nR/f-/nZ/GG+)
Breeder Stable / Wild Caught: Emerald Meadow Stables bred and owned
Horse Owner / Handler: May Kumme


Story tba later

Quick rundown:

- So, May knew Snafu was a troublemaker. Hell his name already heralded trouble. The whole foal was trouble from the tip of his ears to the last strand of his tail.
- She had an added obstacle of having to lead an unfamiliar mare. Not that she was giving her any trouble, no! Dizzy was sweet and easy and tolerated May enough to allow her to lead her around.
- But Snafu.
- Snafu was on his best behaviour.
- Which was suspicious.
- In hindsight, May should have suspected that something was up.
- It had to be with that little devil.
- He was prancing along all nice and dandy next to his mum as May led the both of them into the arena. His trot was flashy, he was nickering and looking around all curious wide eyes and flared nostrils.
- And then..
- then they passed the flowerbeds.
- And May should have known.
- The moment Snafu saw those flowers, he decided that they were pretty and smelled nice and probably tasted really good as well.
- It took him just another flick of his tail to decide that they were also his. 
- All of them.
- He snorted, trotted another round around his mother and then..
- ran full speed towards the barrier, only to jump over it in one mighty leap right into the flowerbeds.
- But there were no flowerbeds where he jumped
- Just a steep drop
- Uh oh


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: around 6 hours

Refs used: 
Noriker Foal_9 by CalyHoney 
Background by abosz007 
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ANIMALGIRL1869's avatar

:o NOOOOO Snafu!! Don't jump! *too late*

Glad to know he's ok, but thats a scary thing. This looks great!

abosz007's avatar
HECK. I AM HAPPY TO KNOW that the foal is safe and sound :faint:
But the entry is AMAZING , the poses are so full of life and you really nailed to make it blend with the surroundings
Neko-Raccoon's avatar
Oh. Sweet. Lord. :faint: :love:
Bet Dizzy isn't surprised by her son's behavior :XD: :heart:
This is gorgeous! I feel honored you added my mare in you entry, she looks gorgeous! :hug:
blackkurai's avatar
The poses are so on point it looks awesome!
But as Bloodwine already stated, there is a big drop on that position.... I just hope nobody got hurt
Bloodwine-tales's avatar
God, that must've been such a scare. Having an unfamiliar mare on the lead plus keeping an eye on a foal like that is already a quite daunting task.
Especially if said foal is jumping the railing to the arena. That's quite a deep drop there, yikes! 8(

If you would be up for it I'd volunteer to place somebody down there to save the foal XD (but only if that is really okay with you :heart: )

Anyway, I really like how you incorporated the the colors to the provided bg. Looks really fitting!
EquineRibbon's avatar
LMAO oh man my heart would have stopped dead, I thought it was a big drop on the other side xD
blackkurai's avatar
It is a big drop.........
jassukassu's avatar
Ahahah what a funny pose :dummy:
MoonyArsaraidh's avatar

Oh man arme May, da hat sie ein sehr anspruchsvolles Baby xD Was mich auf eine Idee bringt xD Ich hab da so drei ausgewachsene Troublemaker... Ich glaub ich muss dazu was malen xD

Bist du zu nem Bilder RP Bereit?
LiaLithiumTM's avatar
haha this is awesome xD
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