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Life is Good

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this is me dicking around in photoshop YET AGAIN, but this time I tried to give it a more painterly/sketchy feel. The background that is. (I think I failed) BUT afterwards I noticed that my people and horse drawing style does not fit painterly.OTL ANYWAY, this picture was probably like 90% fuelled by spite anyway because my editing software is a dick. But the pose was fun. They look so serene.:D


It felt good to be back "out there" again. To not be trapped in the stable, taking care of trivial bullshit he couldn't care less about.
No, that part wasn't true.
Diego cared a lot about the stable, he really did, but sometimes it felt like all the work was burying him.
It were moments like these that made him appreciate every second he got to spent on horseback, not under a roof.
At the same time, though, it made him feel guilty. Because the stable needed caring for regardless of what he felt and wanted and when he wasn’t there it was all on Erin. He hated leaving everything for his sister to handle, no matter how much she told him it was okay for him to go do stuff. Because she never did. He couldn’t really remember the last time Erin had done anything that wasn’t even remotely related to administrative stuff.
And she hated it as much as he did, he was sure. But for her it was impossible to let go, or let someone else do it.
He took a deep breath and pushed these nagging thoughts to the back of his mind. There would still be time to brood later. For now, he could enjoy the fresh air of the crisp autumn morning with his stallion. It felt like coming home, even though he had never really been to Scotland before.
It was beautiful, the rolling hills, the green meadows that would stretch on forever. Everything about this countryside radiated some age-old peacefulness that calmed an uneasiness in Diego that he didn’t know existed.
He smiled as they reached the big lake near Amber Ridge.
Even though it would probably be pretty chilly, going through that lake suddenly seemed like a really good plan.
And Diego was sure, Alec wouldn’t mind, he loved water.
So he lead his stallion down the bank and into the rather shallow water.
Alec shook his head, sending his thick mane flying. He lowered his muzzle towards the tiny waves, kicked up by his hooves and sighed.
Today… life was good.


Horse: EMS Up Again
Rider: Diego Rámoz
Class: Endurance [currently cutting through the lake]
Event: AR Monthly Schooling Show - October 2017 1st place + Grand Champion sta.sh/0xtj4tgi6hi


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 3 hours
Brushpacks used:
this one by SoldatNordsken
Image size
1700x1200px 2.88 MB
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Beautiful. I applaud experimentation and its great to see Wingman's sire get some love. I've always had a special place for these two but I really love seeing your current style and I will probably love it's evolutions in the future
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Wow, thank you so much.:la:
He will get a lot more love as he's going to Spain for the Relay Endurance Race.:eyes:
But for me it's so weird as well because these two are some of my earliest characters and just... seeing them now makes me weirdly proud of how far they've come.:D
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There it is. Training picture I guess? :'>

i really dig the horses colour, reminds me of Rain from Spirit. Either way the sketchy look is great.
It takes away a lot of those plastic/fake barbie feelings (which i have to fight in my artstyle so much T^T) and brings in more softness and movement. 
I think it fits our style very well. ^^ 
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Yeessss training.:D

Riiight, she had a similar colour.
But thank you so much, it was definitely fun to experiment with.:heart:
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I would recommend to experiment more often with it.  :'D
You're welcome <3
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I think your original style and the painterly background go really well together ♥
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aww you, thank you so muuuch.<33333333
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