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:new:EDIT: FIXED THE LINK. Sorry.^^;


Hello, hi, totally forgot I never uploaded this to my gallery here. Whoopsie. I drew this way back in like autumn last year? I think. The video date is not quite accurate as editing taks a long time.^^;
But ye, look at the lovely little Katarina all grown up. Which totally does not correlate with my timeline as she's still a wee little filly for now but she fitted and I wanted to draw her in this so I left her in.xD
Also Zarin does like May a lot but she is not going to be be riding her. They're just kind of...buddies... who love to hang out. I dunno man, I'm very tired.xD
I definitely can't wait until I can finally draw this sweeet Queen and Snafu as well as grown ups. It's gonna be so much fun.:la:

On another note: real life is still being an annoying little shit, but that's not really news.
Anyway there's still a lot of stuff I really have to do, then there's stuff I want to do and some payments as well, sooo I'll try to go on with my stable soon-ish. I've been working on the story a lot lately and I'm pumped to show you guys and to see where this is all going (haha). Buut, ye... stay tuned for that, we will continue out wild ride.;)


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: not quite 2 hours
Ref: www.toffiimages.de/var/toffiim…
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Aww, they look so sweet together! I love the light and expressions.
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Thank you so muuch.:heart:
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How cute ^^ I love the girl's hair.
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Thank you so much.:la:
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The expressions here are too good :heart:
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Aww Winzer thanks a bunch.:heart:
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Yay! Beautiful <3 I love the soft style. Missed you ;3;
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Thank youuuu.:iconsupertighthugplz: I gotta use the inspiration while I got it before it disappears again.:lmao:
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This is sweet! I like how you draw hair, that braid looks awesome.  The white lines looks really good too :D 
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Wow thank you so much.:la: Especially the part about the hair, I'm so insecure about that.xD
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It's wonderful and so happy to see you again!
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Aww thank you.:heart:

Aand Alec is about to get his new ref. I've had it done for so long but never got around to uploading it and updating his profile.:D
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Woot I'll have to draw a visit some time
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Oooh, that would be great.:la:
If you want and have plenty of time (ahaha), we could sort of make a longer rp-ish thing out of it? Draw a bit of story and such.
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I'd love to and have plenty of time! I do docs, discord, notes whichever you'd like!
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Oooh, docs would be great. I'm cool with notes, too, but I can do docs while I'm travelling, too.:)
I can set up a doc if you like?
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That would be lovely! I prefer docs too. Works great on my ipad even when I'm offline
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They look lovely. :D I really like images of people and horses just chilling.
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Thank you so much.:la: Yus me too. And it's nice as a distraction from all the competitions.xD
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