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Into the Woods

By just-sora
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The plot thickens!:stare:
look at these dorks. I had such a hard time choosing which group horse to use. So I eventuall settled on three. INCLUDING Owlvis's GOLDEN BOY.:D of whom I forgot the golden ear tip thingies... FUCK. ERR.. I MEAN IT'S TOO DARK TO SEE THEM YESI'msosorry 
ANYWAY enjoy some forests.:D


PREVIOUS ENTRY: A tumultuous beginning

If Elin had still seen a couple of other riders going into the forest, she soon lost track of everyone else and the only thing she still saw were trees.
There was the odd shout echoing through the forest but sounds travelled weird in here so there was no telling from where they came.
Elin trusted in Róta's senses picking up where the runaway horses went. She also trusted in her sure-footedness as the undergrowth grew quite thick once they left the paths.
Róta was not foolhardy but once she caught onto a hunt, stopping her was hard work.
For the longest time the two of them made their way through the forest without seeing as much as a hair of the missing horses.
The sun must have set by now but it was far from dark. A strange blue glow seemed to seep from between the trees, drenching everything with a surreal mood that would have made Elin's skin crawl if it hadn't been for Róta's reassuring energy.
Suddenly a different light caught Elin's eye. Through the trees just up ahead she saw a glimpse of a soft, orange glow. It was moving, bouncing off of the trees and deeper into the woods.
"Over there!" she murmured and shifted her weight to direct Róta towards the weird light.
The mare jumped a fallen tree trunk and broke through a small bush into a clearing.
A few strides ahead three horses were heading towards the far end of the clearing in a wild galopp.
Elin gritted her teeth. "C'mon Róta, we have to catch up to them!"
She could feel Róta's muscles shift underneath her in an effort to lengthen her strides even more, but the horses had a considerable headstart and disappeared back between the trees before the two of them got close enough.
Back in the thick forest the leading glow of the Halogi horse vanished quickly.
They continued on for a little while, Elin's eyes scanning their surroundings, Róta's nostrils flared wide.
Eventually, Elin huffed out a frustrated sigh and cued Róta into a (albeit on Róta's part reluctant) walk.
"No catching these guys, Lady. They're gone."

NEXT ENTRY: Follow you down


Horse: 4886 Ròta
Rider: Elin Holvik

Also featuring: 15017 Golden Group Horse's butt | 15028 Anubis | 15016 Glowy Group Horse

Event: Veternaetr 2017
Class: Whodunit - Challenge 1



Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 3 hours
no refs used
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Beautiful! Especially love the cool color scheme and gorgeous background, and that fabulous braid on Róta <3
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Why thank you.:love:
The braids were more confusing than they should have been, tbh.:lmao:
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OH die Farben sind echt toll geworden :heart: dieses leuchtende blau steht deinen beiden voll ID wirken so magisch
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Awwn dankeschön!:heart:
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Aah so dynamisch <3 Und dieser BG...hiilf mir auch so bgs hinzubekommen T_T büüddeee
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Es war ein Unfall, ich weiß nicht, wie das passiert ist.:lmao:
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Unfall nennt sie das xD Unfall... xD

Gerne :huggle:
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Ja. Schlimm. Guck lieber nicht hin.:lmao:
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xD don't worry about his ears LOL
He looks so good<333

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I totally forgot, shoot.:lmao:
I'm glad you like him, he was a lot of fun to draw.:D

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