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Don't mind me casually naming my competition pictures after alcoholic beverages and designing obstacles with a fitting colour scheme. YUS. Also probably sort of offensive stereotypes.. Sorry.
This was actually kind of fun to do. After I procrastinated way too long to finally do the background.


Konstantin wasn’t nervous.
No. Not at all.
Von Bredow’s were never nervous. They were excellent.
Only excellency was allowed.
And he was a von Bredow, so he better excel, damnit!
Konstantin took a deep breath and played idly with Storm’s reins. The stallion snorted disapprovingly and shook his head. The buckles on the tack clanged quietly.
“Okay, buddy, you keep your attitude. As long as you do what I tell you to in the arena, we’re golden.” He cocked his head at the sort of pun and even smiled a little.
“Maybe literally.”
Storm just looked at him sceptically and snorted again. He didn’t seem to care much about gold in any way.
Konstantin scoffed and rubbed his forehead. “What am I doing talking to horses? All this lovey dovey stuff of the other guys is really getting into my head.”
Pushing his nervsto the side, he mounted and lead Storm to the warm up area.
May and Ira were nowhere to be seen, tacking up and cooling down their horses respectively. Konstantin had to say that he was thankful that they were not here. This way Ira would not make fun of him for his weird behaviour later.
One rider after the other cleared the course and too soon it was Konstantin’s turn. He stood in the middle of the sandy arena and felt a sudden calm.
He tipped his hat to the judges and gave Storm’s neck a little pat.
“Let’s do this.”
The bell rung and they were off, Storm pretty much exploding into a powerful canter, that brought them to the first obstacle quickly.
From the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of May’s red hair and Ira’s colourful shirt. He smiled to himself. Yeah Ira better watch, he thought, so she can see how you do it right. And not that atrocity her and Au had put them through earlier and dared to call it show jumping.
Storm’s try to escape the bit and lengthen his stride pulled Konstantin back to the task at hand.
He quickly refocused and reined the stallion in.
This was Konstantin’s thing, this was what he knew.
He couldn’t even tell why he had been nervous earlier. Probably the atmosphere with all those big names on the trailers and the scoring board.
Maybe also the thick, heavy clouds looming on the horizon, promising rain.
But he was no child and no beginner.
He was a von Bredow.
He could do this.


Horse: EMS SPF Stormfall
Rider: Konstantin von Bredow
Event: Rømø Beach Seaside Show Jumping
Class: Intermediate class


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 8 hours on and off
Ref: fav.me/d6n8vc8 by CalyHoney
Brushpack used:
concept art brushes by SoldatNordsken

inspiration for the kasatschok dancers
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Yet again, you manage to reflect the character's personality really nicely in the text <3 And I love the lighting!
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djsakljgfkajgkld thank youuu.:tighthug:
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I love all of this, especially the colors you chose for the background!
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Thank you so much, Winzer.:heart: