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Hi! Hello! I'm not dead, BUT I have fallen of the face of the earth.. or dA without a word, yet again. Soo, I'm still here. Still drawing, even though it's more of a fight than it used to be. This was meant to be a relaxing come-back sort of image, but as always it got a bit out of hand. I put WAY too much work into the lineart that's not even remotely visible anymore now. I will most certainly upload that seperately and maayyyybe make it available for download. I'll see about that. But I do love that lineart. It's probabbly what took me the longest after the background.
Also, yay I'm back! Prepare for some show pics aaaaand an unholy ref spam, because they've just been piling up in my sta.sh.


5:45 am

A soft, melancholic voice wailed something about how god was a woman from the radio alarm on Erin's nightstand. She grumbled, deciding to ignore the lyrics, but at least the beat was nice.
She peeled herself from her sheets and slipped into her stable clothes. A quick look outside on her way down the stairs revealed that it was still dark. A soft, washed-out blue at the horizon, however, betrayed the close sunrise. Brewing herself a quick coffee, Erin also checked the little thermometer May had bought after realising repeatedly that if Diego said the weather was good enough to ride outside, it didn't exactly mean that you could do that in a t-shirt. Erin smirked as she saw that the temperature had dropped below 0°C tonight as well. It would warm up quickly once the sun was up, but the nights were frigid already. 
After a quick sprint upstairs to switch her sweatshirt for a thicker fleece jacket, Erin finished off her coffee and left the house, heading towards the part of the stable that housed her racers. 
This was her favourite part of the week, getting to do what she loved. And they had quite a few horses with great potential under their roof. A shame that the management of the stable took up so much of her time that she couldn't really make the most of it. 
Shame was an understatement.
Erin hated it. 
This was not what she had pictured when she had started this stable with her brother way back when. Yes, they were successful and yes, they were lucky to train so many amazing horses, but management wasn't where her heart was. Erin was a racer, always had been. She lived for the speed, the adrenaline, the power of the horse. Not for pushing papers, worrying about legal bs, making phone calls all day long.
The mere sight of a desk made her skin crawl.
She quickly ducked into the dark warmth of the stable and took a moment to calm her mind, just standing there in the darkness, listening to the sounds of horses slowly waking up. 
For the bigger part of today, she could just forget her office and concentrate on what made her heart sing in her chest.
A quick glance at her watch and she quickly flicked on the lights and headed towards the feed room. If she hurried, she could make it out onto the track before the sun had fully risen.
She could already hear a rooster crow somewhere when she finally slipped into Crys's stall. The mare was happily munching on a few straws of hay and nickered softly, pushing her nose towards Erin's pockets.
Erin smiled. So, Crys had a good day today. That was nice. Unlike her mother, who you could always count on to be in a bad mood, you never knew on what side of the spectrum you would find Crys on. She did make up for her extreme personality with incredible speed and a gallop like a dream, though.
Erin gave Crys a quick brushdown and cleaned her hooves before tacking her up and leading her outside. Crys was already prancing on the reins, tossing her head, impatient to get out and running. Outside, the sun was peeking over the horizon, colouring everything in the brightest of colours; the light was only amplified by the mist that was still clinging to the wet grass. Erin hurried to jump onto Crys's back and cued the mare into a hurried walk towards the race track. Crys would have much rather been running already, but Erin didn't want to risk injury, so she did her best to reign in the mare.
In truth, she herself was itching for the wind in her hair, the stinging of the cold on her hands, the rush in her ears. Her heart was beating faster as they made their way up the hill, falling into an easy jog about halfway. By the time they had reached the track, the sun had fully climbed above the horizon, bathing everything in a golden light, as if someone had poured honey over everything. 
Erin stopped Crys for a moment, who snorted in irritation. 
It were moments like this that made it all worth it to Erin. It felt like she was alone and the world stopped for a bit, quiet and peaceful.
She took a deep breath and let it out again, feeling the cold in her lungs, watching her breath dissolve in little, bright clouds.
She smiled.
She could worry about her paperwork later. Or she could just get a manager. 
But those concerns seemed far away up here.
Right now, all she wanted to do was run.


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: around 6 hours

Refs used: 
cdn8.dissolve.com/p/D1282_7_98… as a background/mood inspiration
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This looks so damn awesome! The lighting, the details and the story to round everything up :heart:
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angry-horse-for-lifeHobbyist Digital Artist
LOVE the lighting <3
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IkiuniHobbyist Digital Artist
It turned out so amazing! :D Sad that you can't necessarily see all the details, but this still rocks! :iconlawooplz: Besides, you can always upload another version without such strong lighting and shading where you can see the details - if necessary. :3
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This looks SO amazing!!!!! I love everything about it <3
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OwlvisHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful !