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From one glow-y forest into the next.:D This one is more blue, though. Aaand we continue our series of drawing these two from like half-behind. I swear, I didn't do it on purpose! It's all just for dramatics.:eyes: 


PREVIOUS ENTRY:  Into the Woods

Elin almost turned around. Running through this forest with no clue where they were and what the hell was even going on was no use.
It had been too long since she had seen other people, or even the runaway horses for that matter.
Admitting defeat to herself Elin sighed and pulled Róta to a stop. She hated failing, even if it hadn't even been a task somebody had given to her.
It still felt like a failure.
Even Róta only reluctantly followed Elin's command to turn around.
"C'mon, Lady, let's..."
Suddenly Elin's eyes caught on something weird on the ground.
She froze, pullin on the lead rope slightly. Róta stopped immediately.
"Wait a second.. You're not supposed to be here."
She slid from Róta's back, her feet landing in the grass only centimetres away from a small indentation in the soft earth.
The bent grass blades and pushed down ground showed a track Elin found particularly odd.
It led further into the dark parts of the forest.
Elin cocked her head. 
"Well well well... shall we see what this is about, Róta?", she said and stood, taking the mare's lead ropes into her hand.
For a brief second guilt gnawed at the back of Elin's mind for leaving her sister alone at the Academy, not knowing where Elin was.
But she wasn't alone, right? There were lots of people there. And it was only for a little longer.
She considered dropping Tove a quick text but realised she had left her phone in the bag at the trailer.
'Eh, she'll live', Elin thought as she jumped back onto Róta's back and cued her deeper into the forest.

NEXT ENTRY: Schnitzeljagd


Horse: 4886 Ròta
Rider: Elin Holvik

Also featuring: some glowy-butt-bugs
Event: Veternaetr 2017
Class: Whodunit - Challenge 2


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 3 hours
DC 09 - Drafts 01 by Nyaorestock the farthest right for some sweet Ladybutt.:icongrinstareplz:
Image size
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Dat background is magical! :love: Also Róta is so sweet looking here QQ
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Thank you so much.:heart: It's the firefly magic.:eyes:
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Glüüüühwürmchen...fehlt nur noch dass Pferdchen an ihrem Haar mümmelt xD
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MANN Das wäre gut gewesen.xD Das hätte sie sicher gemacht.:lmao:
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Mach´s be nem anderen Bild xD
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Kommen ja hoffentlich noch ein paar.xD
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Na ich hoff auch :D
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