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Early Morning Easter Adventure

By just-sora
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Hello, this is me messing around with concept art brushes in photoshop to try and create a decent background. And it turned out only half terrible so eh.xD Anyways, introducing the second rider in EMS' riding school. Say hi to Mickey.:D They're a lovely little sunshine and I love them to bits and just want to cuddle them. And of course them and Waddles would be instant best friends


Everything was still peacefully quiet except for the odd bird, tweeting sleepily out of their nest. Not even the stable cats were stirring yet. The sun had barely risen over the foggy hills when a lone figure crossed the courtyard. They leaned their bike against the low wall surrounding the tree in the middle of the courtyard, passed through the shadow between the stable and the main building and continued on towards the pastures.
Stopping at the fence they let out a low whistle. A chestnut head shot up and a quiet whinny echoed back over the dewy grass. The chestnut stallion came trotting up to the waiting figure on the fence and pushed his soft nose against their outstretched palm.
"Good morning, Waddles. Did you sleep well?", Mickey asked and Waddles snorted in response.
"Yeah, me too", Mickey said, smiling and scratched him behind the ears, tangling their fingers into his thick mane. "I know it's still early but how about we go on a little adventure, huh?"
They held up a halter, positively bouncing in place. "We're even matching in colour today."
Waddles snorted again and bobbed his head, picking up on Mickey's excitement. It was not the first time that Mickey wondered just how much Nazmei actually understood of human language. And it never ceased to amaze them. They quickly pulled the halter over Waddles' head and let him out of the pasture.
"So", Mickey started to spin the tale as they led the way away from the stable towards the fields and forest, "we're on the hunt for the lost gems of the queen. She really needs them back because they're magical, you see? She needs them to awaken her daughters Petal, Sunray and Little Bird. The gems were stolen, you know and they were scattered all over this land by the evil Frostgiant..."
Continuing their little story Mickey walked with Waddles through the forest, balancing over narrow, brittle bridges that spanned endless chasms, flitting from tree to tree to avoid the evil giant's guard on patrol, met the kind witch Kalla, who watches over the shadowy parts of the land and finally reached the thundering rapids of the river Beljas, that separates the spring country of the queen from the winter country of the Frostgiant.
Mickey hesitated.
"This is a dangerous river, Waddles and the gems of the queen must be hidden in the Frostgiant's lands. It's only gonna get more dangerous from here on out. Do you think we can do this?"
Waddles snorted and a determined expression sparkled in his eyes. He pawed the ground as to encourage Mickey that they had come so far, they couldn't possibly stop now.
Mickey laughed and patted Waddles' neck. "You're right. The Frostgiant's no match for us. Let's go find those gems."
The two of them took a few steps back and started running towards the creek that their make belief had turned into the coursing rapids of Beljas.
They would find those gems and even be home for breakfast, Mickey was sure of it.


Horse: EMS Gravity Falls
Handler: Mickey Arthur
Event: Easter Event 2017 --> placed 5th


Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: why am I still including this?
Brushpacks used:
this one by SoldatNordsken
this one by Mar-ka
some of these are probably in there, too by algenpfleger
probably these as well by Deharme
Image size
1500x1000px 1.6 MB
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They are so cute together, I love their carefree poses <3 and the soft warm light really does make it feel like early morning, so peaceful and happy. Lovely work!
just-sora's avatar
Aww thank you so much.:heart:
Glad to know I managed to bring that mood across. Mission accomplished.xD
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Ohhh, this is so beautifyl artwork. <3 Great job, dear. :3 Bonus points: That gorgeous flaxen reminds me of a Finn ponpon. QwQ <3
just-sora's avatar
Thank you so much.:heart:
oooooh, one you know or just the Finn breed in general?:)
Ikiuni's avatar
In general. :3 It's just the color mostly. As flaxen chestnut is very common color among Finnhorses, they Haflingers usually remind me of Finnhorses. Tho they have moor fluffy mane and tail, hah. XD
just-sora's avatar
Finnhorses are more draft-y, no? 
I didn't know flaxen was this dominant colour in Finns, that's really neat.:D
Ikiuni's avatar
Yes. :3 Finnhorses are like the slightly uglier big brother of smaller and more kawaiii~<3 Haflingers. And now I have made a ton of ppl mad. XD
just-sora's avatar
Pffff you're gonna be hunted down by all the Haflinger fans.xD
Ikiuni's avatar
I'm already running and looking for good hiding places. XD
just-sora's avatar
Oooh they better be very good.:icongrinstareplz:
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I love this! All the soft morning colors are so nice and the story about their imaginary adventure is so sweet. :D
just-sora's avatar
Thank you so much.:la:
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These colours are incredible! :love:
It looks like a lovely book for children with a girl, who discovers an adventure! :thumbsup:
just-sora's avatar
Ooooh, das freut mich voll, dass du das sagst. Ich liebe diese Art von Kinderbüchern.:)
btw, Mickey ist kein Mädchen. Es gibt nur leider im Deutschen kein geschlechtsunabhängiges Pronomen.:I
Loliigo's avatar
Lang lebe die schöne Art der Kinderbücher! :la:
just-sora's avatar
Yassss, mehr Kinderbücher art.:la:
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I'm too lazy to comment properly so have my fawning of this amazing art mmkay THIS LOOKS SO FABULOUS
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This is lovely! I really like their poses. And that background looks great! I love those soft colors and that shiny water :D (Big Grin) 
just-sora's avatar
thank you so much.:la:
Believe it or not, the background gave me the most headaches of this picture.xD
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So beautiful!! :'D
just-sora's avatar
Aww thank you.<3
Owlvis's avatar
A familiar face!!! Lookit Waddles go <33
I love this soft style ;w;
just-sora's avatar
Yus, he's going on an adventure.:la:
Thank you so much.<3333
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