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EMS Millenium Eurocommerce U.S.

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- Name: EMS Millenium Eurocommerce U.S.
- Stable Name: Euro
- Gender: Stallion
- Age: check here
- Height: 170 cm

- Breed: Hannoverian
- Sire: E D S Murphy's Law
- Dam: Stardust Wink U.S.

------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: E D S Murphy's Law
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: Stardust Wink U.S.
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

- Color: Seal Bay
- Markings: 3 socks, fetlock, left hind irregular sock, striped hoof, star, extended snip
- Passable Traits: Ee/AA

- Character: Like is mum he hates the noise, he is powerfull and full of energy, sometimes he can be a little wild, he loves rearing!
He is also friendly with all the horses, he can be a little bit shy with people who he don't know.
- Discipline: Dressage, Jumping, possible Eventing prospect

- Owner: Erin Compton
- Rider: not yet decided
- Stable: Emerald Meadow Stables

- Breeding Status: :bulletgreen: Available
- Offsprings:
unnamed foal 1
:bulletblue:CS Eurocommerce Entity owned by AthenaMyth
unnamed foal 3

Other images
previous reference
foal reference
foal playtime
foal head shot

Shows and Achievements
ALDR's Mini Show - Halter - 7th place
MMS Mini Pyjama Party Event - Dressage - Placing unknown
Windfall Mini Event - Cross Country - 9th place


Design by :iconescykane:
Drawing and photo by me
Image size
2743x2894px 7.85 MB
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BlueMoonStable's avatar
how much would a breeding slot cost?
i would like to keep the foal and draw the breeding picture^^
just-sora's avatar
It's one shaded fullbody breeding pic of both horses with background.C:
And if it's allright with you, I'd love to design the foal.
Which mare did you have in mind?
Madalyion's avatar
I really like your reference sheets and Euro is a very handsome guy :3
just-sora's avatar
Oh really? thanks.:la:
You're the first one to tell me they're liking my reference sheets.:D I kinda want them to look more, uh, professional but I have no idea how to do that so I just keep them that way.xD
Thanks I like him, too.:heart:

Oh oh and thank you so much for the watch.:hug:
Madalyion's avatar
You're very welcome. I adore your style and your reference sheets are great the way they are. Simple, but - awesome ;D
just-sora's avatar
awwee that's so sweet now I'm blushing like an idiot.:blush:
Thanks soo much.:tighthug:

und hey, wenn du magst, können wir auch Deutsch reden.;)
Madalyion's avatar
Jetzt bin ich an der Reihe rot zu werden. XD
*Seufz* Passiert mir immer wieder, ich sollte vorher nachsehen ob jemand Deutsch spricht.. :ashamed:
just-sora's avatar
ach pff ist doch nicht so wild.:3
Ich unterhalt mich auch gern auf Englisch.^^
Madalyion's avatar
Aber auf Deutsch ist es doch irgenwie einfacher ^^;
just-sora's avatar
Joar das ist wahr.:3
Rina-glxy's avatar
Ah my pretty Eurocommerceeeee **
just-sora's avatar
oh darn I wanted to notify you bot I forgot.:facepalm:
I hope you like him and sorry for taking so long.^^; I just couldn't get him right.
Rina-glxy's avatar
oh it's okay :XD:
Btw he is gorgeous in your style!I lluv it :heart:
just-sora's avatar
aww thank you very much.:heart:
EternalStarTrail's avatar
What a handsome boy! I love the expession he has here
just-sora's avatar
awee thanks.:la:
Hehe me too.:D That was particularly fun to draw.^^
EternalStarTrail's avatar
You are very welcome :D
Vaenowa's avatar
What a handsome boy! :la:
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