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Couldn't leave you hanging for long, now could I?xD Here have a next part, because it was is Christmas.:la:
Which reminds me: HAPPY CHRISTMAS GUYYYS.:heart: I hope you all had great days with your loved ones.:3
I actually planned to draw christmas gifts for all of those lovely people buuut I totally underestimated how much work the academy would be and of course ended up running out of time.:I I promise improvement next year.xD aka I'm just gonna start earlier.OTL
Thank you so much all the guys who drew something for me. I totally adore your gifts and am going to comment in the next days when I sort through my inbox. Also another big thank you to =pandorastables and an Anonymus Deviant for giving me a premi. That surprised me very much and made me very happy at the same time.:hug:
I'll reply to everyone over the next few days. I promise.xD
Also for the time being I'm gonna focus more on all the missing references, so I don't have a ton of ghost horsies running over my lawn. (The first few are going to be uploaded over the next few days, too.:3)
Anyways... hope you enjoy the continuation of my story.^^


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beep beep beep
How much time had already passed? An hour, two maybe? Connor didn’t know.
The thing he did know, was that he was tired out of his mind.
Also his brother had still not regained consciousness.
The doctors had said it might take time.
He lost a lot of blood, they said.
Too much.
There was no way telling when Nathan would wake up.
If he would wake up.
Connor felt his body fall forward but he jerked up again, shaking his head.
He rubbed over his face wearily and looked around the dim room. The nurses had brought a tiny, shabby plastic Christmas tree earlier. A warm light emanated from it, casting strange shadows on his brother’s face.
Is he even breathing? He looks so dead.
beep beep beep
Connor sighed and leant forward, resting his head in his hands. He was so tired.
He should have probably gone with Yan earlier, when the man had left to get a hot drink from the cafeteria. Connor just couldn’t bring himself to leave his brother’s bedside.
beep beep beep
Bleary eyed he looked up at the unconscious form of his brother. Nathan was not moving.
Why is he not moving? Is he dead?
Then his gaze slid over to the number of machines the other man was hooked up to.
No change on the monitors.
Steady heartbeat.
Steady beeping.
Shouldn’t he be awake yet?
Connor dropped his head back into his hands again.
beep beep beep
He jerked awake without knowing just when he had fallen asleep.
The room was getting lighter now. Dawn was slowly creeping up and the hospital sounds were getting more audible, too.
Quiet footsteps and hushed voices passing the door, drowning under the steady beeps.
Connor looked over to the door, a nurse would soon come to check in on his brother.
At least he is not dead yet.
His gaze returned to the pale face of his brother.
Suddenly he sat bolt upright.
Nearly unnoticable Nathan had scrunched up his face and his eyelids fluttered.
beep beep beep
A twitch and the tiniest of groans.
They warned you he would make noises and move while unconscious. It’s not bound to mean he’s going to wake up.
Another flutter, more beeps.
Nathan slowly opened his eyes.
He took a moment to adjust, then a small smile sneaked onto his face.
“Hey bro.”
And a tidal wave of relief washed over Connor.
“Wha… where am I?” the words came slowly, reluctantly and his voice sounded hoarse and so weak.
“You’re in a hospital. You had an accident, remember?” Connor’s voice sounded nearly choked.
The younger brother frowned and his smile faded.
“No… don’t recall.”
beep beep beep
Connor reached out and patted his brother’s arm carefully for both of them were heavily wrapped in bandages.
Because he had both of his arms sliced open to the bone.
“Don’t worry, buddy. I’ll go get someone. Tell them you’re awake.”
He stood up and crossed the room, feeling his brother’s gaze upon him, following his every step.
He stopped at the door and turned around, noticing Nathan’s soft expression and small smile on his lips.
“Happy Christmas, Conn.”

Next: to come


Tools and Info

betaed by the amazing :iconkalmanen:. Thank you.:heart:

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 8 hours (the lines and flatcolours took soooo long I just wanted to throw myself off of a cliff when I was done.OTL)talk about putting too much time in a single picture, that's only supposed to tell a story and wish you all a Merry Christmas..:stare:
Refs & Textures: stole the screen from this one here: upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia…
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I was digging through your art and thinking wow, great artist...then I stumbled across your storyline here. Wow! You have gained a follower!
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I.. wow that was so kind, thank you.:tighthug:
I feel very honoured and I'll do my very best to keep it up and improve.:D
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Pssshhhhh like you even need a beta <3
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I need betaa.. just think of all the stupidities you have erased..xD
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Ich bin echt schon sooo gespannt wie's weiter geht, ey!
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Awww das freut mich total.:la:
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Wow, wie du das alles so genial hinbekommst O_o <3<3
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Das Schreiben oder das Malen?xD
Aber vielen vielen Dank, trotzdem.:heart:
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Awwww dankeschöööön.:tighthug:
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owowowowwowowww D: bei deinem stall ist auch gerade wer im krankenhaus?
schön dass er aufgewacht ist und dass es ihm weitgehend gut geht!
das bild hat so eine unglaublich schöne, warme atmosphäre, wirkt aber trotzdem voll kalt durch die verzweiflung, die in dem raum herrscht .w.
die bringst du in dem text auch voll gut rüber! der war wirklich spannend zu lesen, auch sehr gefühlvoll geschrieben
mit dem beep beep und den gedanken zwischendurch :3 toll gemacht
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Jaaa.D: bei dir auch? Stiiimmt, das hab ich so im Vorbeigehen in meiner Inbox gesehen.D: Und dann auch noch Jonah.:noes: Maaaaann, ich muss mich unbedingt durch meine Inbox wühlen, das ist ne Story, die ich definitiv nicht verpassen will.:3
Awww vielen lieben Dank.:la:
freut mich, dass es zu erkennen ist, dass es seine Gedanken waren.xD (Der ganze Text war so ein halb zwei Uhr nachts Einfall und ich wusste nicht ,wie verständlich das alles ist.xD)
Aaah ich freu mich noch viel doller, dass es wirklich so spannend ist.:la: Ich bin ja immer noch ein bisschen hmmm... befangen mit meinen Schreibfähigkeiten.xD
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ja genau D: hatte einen unfall als er mit jericho longierte
>w< freu mich natürlich über jeden der die story verfolgt!
ich hab auch kurz durch deine durchgestöbert :3 damit ich weiß was passiert ist
das bild hat mich doch sehr neugierig gemacht! hat so eine dramatische stimmung Q^Q

ich find den text echt gut :D
hab jedes wort verschlungen, weil er einen so mitreißt und berührt .___.
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JAaa den Anfang hab ich noch gesehen. und mir gedacht, dass das nicht allzu nett ausgehen wird.D:
awweeee das freut mich sooo.:la: Dankeeee.:tighthug:
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Ein trauriges Bild :( Aber schön gemacht :)
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Vielen Dank.^^
Naja die Geschichte hilft ja ein bisschen.xD
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AHHH wie süß :dummy: daaaankedankedanke dass du uns nicht so lang zappeln lässt, sonst wär ich vermutlich heut das 6. mal gestorben xD ich lieb diese storyline so sehr T.T und das bild, ahhh, diese wärme, diese gefühle! :faint: und die story hat so nen coolen aufbau, ne richtig richtig coole idee! und was bild war den aufwand voll wert! es is einfach nur unglaublich schön o.O wenn auch traurig D: *die beiden bros streichel* shhshhh, es wird alles wieder gut :heart:
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Ach du jeminee, warum stirbst du denn so oft und das auch noch so kurz nach Weihnachten?:noes:
awwww ich freu mich total, dass das jemand wirklich liest.:la:
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das hatte viele gründe xDD
wie kann man das nicht lesen? D: is viel zu spanned um nicht gelesen zu werden xD
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Ich weiß nicht.xD Vielleicht, ewil nicht viele was dazu sagen.:D
Aaaber die Kommentare, die ich bekomme, sind toll. Das entschädigt.xD
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ich krieg ich auch meist keine kommentare zu den geschichten, außer von freunden :heart: keine ahnung ob die iwas davon lesen xD jaaa, liebe kommentare machen alles wieder wech :3
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Jaaa und die machen es dann meistens wett.:D Und mindestens einer hat sie gelesen.xD
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genau xD thihi, natürlich! ich werd se IMMA lesen xD
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AWWWW.:la: Ich hab alle deine Geschichtenbilder auch noch in der Inbox.:I
Ich werd niiie durch meine _Nachrichten kommen AAAh.OTL (noch 3500...:stare:
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