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A tumultuous beginning

By just-sora
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VETERNAETRRRRR!! Yes! These were fun to do. I (re)found the Veternaetr like a week ago and was like HEY now that Elin's accepted and all my Drakes are accepted as well LET'S DO A THING! And then I realised it ended on the 20th. SO I did the only reasonable thing and instead of doing work for university I drew these. That's how you do right? 
Also this turned from texture hell into Silent Hill and finally into something sort of acceptable? All thanks to photoshop's magic and kalmanen's sage advice.


Elin woke with a start when the car hit a hole in the road and made her head bump against the window. She groaned in displeasure and rubbed the sore spot. Her bleary gaze slid over the landscape that sped past the window and with a certain relief she realised that the rain had stopped. 
She yawned and stretched in her seat.
"Heya sleeping beauty, you finally awake?"
Elin smiled hazily and shoved her sister feebly in the shoulder. 
"Shut up, Tove, you know I barely slept last night."
"I do know that, because you were even more insufferable this morning than you usually are."
Tove pretended not to notice Elin's glare.
"I don't think I've seen you this excited since the night before your first day as an EMT."
"God, Tove, can you not bring that up again?"
"I still remember how you were so sick in the morning you thr-"

The laughter carried on until the car rounded a bend and mountains opened up to reveal an expansive valley beyond.
A stunned silence fell as both women just stared at what lay ahead of them. 
"Holy shit..", Tove breathed out in awe, her mouth standing slightly agape.
"Holy shit indeed..", Elin said, echoing her sister's expression.
The view was indeed impressive. What should be a village looked to be so much more than that. Countless houses seemed to stretch out between the mountains, tiny dots of lights from hundreds of windows glowing in the slowly settling dusk.
Great structures rose beyond the first bridges and buildings on the rocky shore. A massive hall loomed out of the darkness and huge pieces of walls pointed towards the sky like giant dragon's teeth.
"Screw the police, I'm gonna come join you here, this is incredible!" Tove said, eyes still glued to the magnificent sight in front of them.
"Could you stop ogling and watch he road, please, I'd rather not crash, especially not with the trailer in tow."
Tove pouted. "Aw, you're no fun."
The mood stayed charged with a weird kind of anticipation on the rest of the ride up to the courtyard.
When Tove stopped the car on a parking lot close to the dorms, she had a frown on her face.
"What's with the face? Something's up with you." Elin said as they went to unpack the few bags she had brought.
"Oh, it's nothing."
Elin raised a brow and straightened with her hands on her hips.
"Spit it out, sis, I know something's bothering you."
Tove sighed.
"It's just... I drove you all the way out here for hours, and with a trailer mind you, and we haven't seen a single dragon." She shook her head in disappointment, covering her forehead with one hand like an overdramatic movie actor.
Elin snorted. "Oh don't worry I'm sure there's gonna be dragons soon enough." She tossed the last bag at her sister who caught it with a grin. "You can wait in the restaurant if you want, I want to take care of Róta first."
Tove pulled a face. "Sounds like a good plan because I am s t a r v i n g!"
She gave a tiny wave and headed off towards the dorms, bags slung over her shoulders.

Elin rolled her eyes, got back in the car and pulled back up towards the stables.
There she unloaded Róta, who was already getting antsy after the long car ride.
She gave the big mare a little pat on the muzzle and led her towards the stable building.
Everything seemed to radiate history and mythology around here.
She loved it.
It made her feel like she could find a part of herself here that she hadn't even known she missed.
Suddenly her musings were interrupted by loud shouts and the sound of hoofbeats.
She whirled around, Róta tensing up next to her, ears pricked, alert.
A little way down the courtyard and bridges, stray groups of horses were scattering and bolting off into the woods.
"What the.."
Then Elin saw people come running after the horses, more followed on horseback.
She figured this was not something that was usually happening.
This was only made clearer when shouts reached her ears from down below.
"After them!" "Stop them!!"
"This can't be right, C'mon Róta, let's see what's going on down there!"
Elin flung her backpack back towards the trailer, clipped the second lead rope to Róta's halter and jumped onto the mare's back.
Róta was already raring and excited to go, taking off running almost as soon as Elin's feet had left the ground.
Her huge strides lead the pair of them down the cobblestone bridge and towards the darkness of the forest.

NEXT PART: Into the Woods


Horse: 4886 Ròta
Rider: Elin Holvik 

Event: Veternaetr 2017
Class: Whodunit - Challenge X: Extra



Tools and Info

Programme: Paint Tool SAI & Adobe Photoshop CS5
Tools: Wacom Bamboo Pen
Time: about 3 hours (and a lot of rage and frustration)
Ref: FR Roman standing tall head looking over shoulder by Chunga-Stock 

Concrete Texture Thing by cranial-bore
Floor Texture - 10 by AGF81 
Stone Texture 9 - Seamless by AGF81 
Stone Texture 8 - Seamless by AGF81 
Cobblestone Texture 1 by LuDa-Stock 
Image size
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© 2017 - 2021 just-sora
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Great lighting and composition in this! Very storybook : D brings some of that wonder of discovering new and wonderful places. Looking forward to follow their adventures! :la:
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Thank you so much.:heart:

Oh and more adventures they shall have, let's hope they'll be drawn as well.:faint:
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What is this art spam from Sora I got in my inbox? Awesome!! :la: <3 I can never fangirl your coloring and shading skills enough. :stare: Love your art so much. <3

I think these characters are perfect together; the horse is so pretty and I freaking love their hair. ;u; They look so beautiful together, ah, love it. <3
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It was temporary insanity, I'm sure.xD
Thank you thank you thank you.:heart:

That's really sweet. I fell in love with them more and more also the more I drew them.:love: Hopefully they're gonna have a lot more adventures.
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pfffftt you did all the work <33
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You suffered me whine about how shitty it looked.XD Well you all did so I should tag you all.OTL
BUT you said things to make it less shitty.xD
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Pfffftt, it looked great all along <333 I just reminded you of stuff you already knew. xD
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WELL DRAGONS kinda like privacy :lmao:

Tolle lichtstimmung und die Texturen geben dem vild was voll realistisches 83
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Moiii vielen Dank.:heart: Vor allem, weil du das Silent Hill ertragen musstest.xDDD
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Ooooh es sieht suuuper aus Sora :3
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Maww vielen Dank.:heart:
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WHERE'S HER FACE ;D ah but their luxurious hair looks so good.

And this looks incredible, I love the shading and the texture <333

its spelled tumultuous pstpst
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IT'S A SECRET!:stare:
Thank you thank shhh<33333

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The lighting on this is awesome, I love the rich glow!
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