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The Toa - G2

all of them individually:

The general style i was going for is to have the ccbs skeleton with armor layered on top, painted in the colors of the element, with floaty runes representing the chest prints and transparent pieces we got so plenty of in this gen so far.
its all magic-voodoo ish

i hope you guys enjoy this and have a great christmas and new year~

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And we're adding that to our desktops folder with the others.

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Dat Kopaka tho :o Soooo stylish damn
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super dig Kopaka lol, always my favorite character
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oh my gosh wow how have i not seen this before????
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love all the little details.
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These are all so cool.
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I never really liked the sticker designs on these characters, but the floating rune idea makes it it work so well! Excellent work!
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Lewa looks much more feminine than Gali...
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may wanna check up on your human anatomy again, just because lewa is the skinniest of them doesnt mean hes the most feminine.
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Gotta say, the way you've depicted the Main 6, the Toa Okoto, is nothing short of remarkable.
I like the decision to mimic the CCBS skeleton/armor layering, and the subtle changes to each of the figures skeletons makes them look unique, but they're just similar enough to be seen as if they belong together.. if that makes sense.
And while they are all similar, the stylized armor for each really makes me appreciate the sets these were inspired from as well.

Case in point, Kopaka. You've given him the bundled-up look, which many of us in the BIONICLE community were saying (for his first form at the very least) that his armor made it appear as though perhaps he was in a fur coat, and logically one would want to be bundled up in the icy conditions, robot, organic, or otherwise.
I Like that it's been carried over from the first Kopaka to the second, keeping things consistent. What I like even more are those gloves, the armor in the second G2 Kopaka's set in Metru Blue. You took what possibly looked to some as the most out-of-place feature on the set and make it work. Heck, they're probably MY favorite part of that Kopaka in your style, and seeing the blue like this makes me appreciate what the set brings to the table even moreso! Kudos, friend, kudos.

You also made Gali's armor look reasonably nice, but the orange on her new incarnation still looks.. off.. to me.
The orange stripes down her torso, though.. I freakin' love that. They add so much visual interest, and tie in with the rest of her.
By the way, I like how subtle you made the curve on her. Kopaka and Pohatu share a similar body curve, sure, but Kopaka is more top-heavy, and Pohatu's is less of a curve and more of a 90 degree angle which for some reason I like A LOT.

Also, your style gets me to like the new Tahu, even with all the intense gold, the voodo-lights are a nice little touch, makes most of them seem charged with elemental energy; and Onua's tosies are so cute :p

I guess the one thing I don't like is that Lewa 1's armor around his shoulders isn't as bulky as it once was.. the curve makes it feel too.. too organic, in my eyes..  but otherwise.. damn. Pat yourself on the back. You've done good.
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wow, what a nice review! thank you!
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Default lewa no voodoo lights? :<
Just-Rube's avatar
set dont he dont
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Lewa has voodoo lines on his chest.. oh wait so you gave the floating runes to those with transparent pieces?
Just-Rube's avatar
indeeed. transparent pieces are represented with voodoo glowy line rune things
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so amazing, I love it!
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This is inspirational :3
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This is incredible <3
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This is honestly the best original interpretation of the new Bionicle Toa that I've seen yet. The designs are well-thought out, the characters have personality, and though I agree Lewa should probably be just a tad bulkier looking, you've generally managed to make even the less flattering parts of the original sets look good. The 'hologram/floaty rune' parts are particularly interesting and clearly present without being overused, except perhaps on Uniter Onua, but his set design leaves little in the way of options there. I particularly like Pohatu for looking like he's packed a lot of strength in a compact frame (as he should), Onua for making the set's cartoonish proportions work, and Gali for using a lot of subtle differences to make her look feminine without the demure, vulnerable, or just outright hyper-sexualized appearance that tends to come with it.
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Really surprised this doesn't get more recognition, this is some stellar quality
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