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Let there be night!

on the way to visit Bran
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"Let there be night" I see what you did there. 
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Oh, look... They made him a themesong.…

Edit: Oh. Well, it looks like you hardly needed anyone to tell you that.
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my fav character
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God Night King is so attractive...
just-Rascal's avatar
ahah I saw that one , it's perfect :'D
NK is just misunderstood
Likopinina's avatar
I also like this one. It's a great reaction gif for when you're feeling strong and scary but also very confused
just-Rascal's avatar
that's perfect haha
NK wearing a coat!

this is when Arya jumps in to save Bran 
only to find him actually just chilling with the Night King lol
Likopinina's avatar
XD Him wearing a coat is great, he also has the coat's hoodie on here channelling some great energy
just-Rascal's avatar
with his cute Slovak accent haha great
I'm so proud the Night King is from my country lol
Likopinina's avatar
After seeing NK sing in THE MERKINS' Seven Kingdom Army and Arya I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight talking doesn't make such an impression on me anymore xdd Furdik's Slav accent is indeed great though

oh man i just noticed with every reply I throw more and more content at you, hope you don't mind lol
just-Rascal's avatar
I swear I always knew the NK and his white walker commanders looked like an epic band 
It is confirmed!
This is my jam now

no no I am  happy you throw all this concent at me xD
what would my life be without seeing the NK sing his heart out... 
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
too bad he forgot he can turn people into wights just by booping them with his finger :'D
awesome artwork as usual!! =^.^=

just-Rascal's avatar
he only needs to raise his arms though and like every dead person comes to life
imagine he'd have to boop them one by one, while behind him Jon is cutting them down again one by one
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
ahaha oh man I forgot about the arm-raising powers :D
i can just imagine him angrily being like "Jon can you just like not, jeez nobody appreciates my art here >:c "

just-Rascal's avatar
lol that's perfect tho
I would have watched an entire episode where the NK for some random
plothole reason loses his arm-raising ability and has to boop his dead soldiers on the head to revive them
meanwhile Jon is running behind him chopping them down again
while in the background the rest of the people who survived are just chilling and watching this scene
and this goes on for an entire night
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
omg yes ahaha, with arya and sansa in the background just placing bets on who's gonna win and tyrion just cracks open a cold one
i'd love to see Jon kill the zombie dragon only to have the night king bring him back to life repeatedly :'D like "psych, you thought you'd stabbed my undead lizard boi for the last time, buckle in for a show y'all"
just-Rascal's avatar
then at dawn the NK just gets tired of this bullshit (he kind of never willingly signed up for this in the first place) and stabs himself 
and Jon gets so tired of non-stop murdering the zombies all alone he just collapses and dies too.

then the red lady shows up behind sansa and co. and says something among the lines of
''yep, that was the reason I resurrected the bastard boi the other day, my job here's done k bye''
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
hahaha the red woman had this whole thing planned the whole time, move over Bran, Melissandre always knew what was gonna go down
we should totally have been hired as writers for this :'D

just-Rascal's avatar
I'm sure we could have done an amazingly stunning job indeed! 
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He looks indeed powerful and creepy! 
RIP you character of wasted potential.
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A villain nailed so hard that you'd almost root for him over the actual protagonists. I disliked his rushed demise, but man what a character. Epic work. You've captured his essence perfectly.
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