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Feral Rascal hairstyles

Just a few concepts I had in mind c:
The first one is actually his "original" hairstyle which he had for the longest time, then I moved on to the second one (I prefer that one the most)
and the last two are just possible hairstyles he could have (I liked how he looked without mane on the 3D model, so yeah, why not haha)
Let me know what you think!
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i meant to say germany!
CathFreaky's avatar
the 2nd and the 3rd are gorgeous!

Greetings from Gremany:heart:
bigbubbleHL's avatar
aaaa die dritte ist ja cool xD 
Liren's avatar
Awesome concept! I like the hairstyle
Ziveraa's avatar
Looks super fabulous on him, kinda makes me think of Kal Drogo, and we all know he's a badass.
just-Rascal's avatar
Thanks ^^
oh, didn't Drogo have one big ponytail or something?
Ziveraa's avatar
Braid, yes, But along with his beard it had silver ornaments and bells.
just-Rascal's avatar
I don't remember him much lol he died so quickly D: 
Ziveraa's avatar
Cry forever I know, I loved him, my heart.

But I was thinking more the book version, he had bells.(=
just-Rascal's avatar
Aaah, I haven't read the book ^^'
Ziveraa's avatar
Yeah, I didn't finish the first one, couldn't keep up with all the names and characters.
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Rascal looks pretty good with all these diferent hair styles! :wow: second one still my favorite i love long smooth hair~ :heart:
just-Rascal's avatar
uniccin's avatar
I guess the third happens when Luna has too much time on her hands and Rascal is asleep? xD
And the four is Luna finding an electric shaving machine.... whoops xD

But to be a bit more serious, i really like all of them with the third being my fav because I really like that wild braided hair. Four is indeed interesting. Quite unusual for the eyes but it gives him quite a bit ferocity? Just sneaked a bit through the other comments, it does have an army vibe
However, he just rocks all the styles, tbh. xD
just-Rascal's avatar
Ahaha yesss, that's very much possible xD  though Rascal could use his spider arms to braid his hair, Luna would probably just mess up his fabulous mane..but yes...could be could be

Hehe thank you! :D
uniccin's avatar
Now I need a hairdo for how it would look if Luna messed with Rascals hair xD
mjoelke's avatar
he looks so naked without hair! :'D i still kinda like the idea? also 4 is super cool, it looks more "exciting" imo. i think 4 is my favourite!
just-Rascal's avatar
yeah I know, it seems strange because you're not used to it I guess?
I created the 3D model without mane (beause I used a different tool to add the hair) so I kinda got used to it
and I liked how it looked to be honest haha
mjoelke's avatar
ahhh i meant 3, screw me
RandomScales's avatar
3 and 1 are my favourite
Kaiodi's avatar
I honestly really like the third hairstyle 
just-Rascal's avatar
Everyone seem to like that one heh :D
swiftywolf's avatar
Even tho' Rascal could pull off any hairstyle, I love the third one! La la la la 
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