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I wanted to illustrate Rascal's castle for a long time now (well, there was a rather lazy attempt on my previous Ras painting Carpe Noctem ) and so it finally happened.
I always imagined this castle as this very mighty, epic yet monstrous construction on top of a high mountain in a very unforgiving terrain. As you can notice, certain parts of the castle are built in totally different styles. That's the result of constant destruction and rebuilding during the centuries. (the first building on top of the mountain appeared in the early 6th century, which was just a little shrine sort of thing) The castle depicted above is the final version (set in the early 18th century) there were no reconstructions after this stage.
Considering the placement of the castle and the harsh conditions the construction itself cost many human lives (you can imagine how haunted that building is). 

Now I'm curious, if you decided to raid the castle (there's treasure and stuff,or perhaps a loved one got kidnapped by that bastard) what would be your approach? 
Keep in mind that you start in a dark forest where wolves and bears will be the least of your problems, then comes the mountain climbing and dealing with harpies and other creatures Rascal has in store aaand if you actually reach the castle without dying, prepare to be confronted by Rascal himself. Good luck!

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amarcus88LGProfessional Digital Artist
Beautiful piece! :D SSB4 - Ness Clap 
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Wonderful work...very Powerful..love it.

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" I am...Dracula. 🧛‍♂️ I bid you welcome to this house. Enter freely..but leave some of the happiness..you bring."

~Count Vlad Dracula

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CommonVillagerHobbyist General Artist
Really intricate work! It looks awesome sitting there on top of the rocks 8-)
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KorwynzeHobbyist Digital Artist
wow i could probably wander in there for ages,
i absolutely love old castles, but since you say it has many styles i'd be super excited to explore it
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Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
So pretty! I think I found a potential architecture artist!
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Marco-the-ScorpionHobbyist Artist
Some Dark ages?
Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9l's avatar
Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
It doesn't have to be limited to just the dark ages theme.
Marco-the-Scorpion's avatar
Marco-the-ScorpionHobbyist Artist
Oh, sorry.
Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9l's avatar
Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
No, it's okay, there's nothing to be sorry about.
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Marco-the-ScorpionHobbyist Artist
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SaviorKingHobbyist Digital Artist
When can I move in? 
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K0NIGWULFProfessional Digital Artist
You never cease to amaze me at how well you paint architecture and structure. This is fantastic. This is so good. Especially appreciate that you kept the perspective in check as the castle towers upward.
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Holy, epically wondrous! This exquisitely Haunting Rascal's Castle is stunning and The Castellum Towers look incredible. The designs, high mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, snowy caverns, ice, hilltops, bridges, archways, grand halls, cathedral, pillars, pendulums, windows, doors, rooftops, architecture, eerie red lights, ghostly visage, spirits, decor, sky, clouds, winter storm, hazey mist, forest, pine trees, leaves, roots, stems, plant life, shadows, gleam, glow, effects, flow, movement, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, textures, hues, composition, concept, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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I have included this amazing artwork in the new feature for February 2019 on the front of the :icondigitaldelights: journal. Please :+fav: the journal so that more members may see your art, and thank you for being a member.:heart:
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rkibriaHobbyist General Artist
I'd love a holiday there :D
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I'd show up with a hump on my back, a wall-eyed stare, a shuffling gait, way too many stitches, and a resume for professional Igoring.

Because after all, the greatest treasure is friendship. And not getting your guts pulled out through your eye sockets.
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SvartyaHobbyist General Artist
Duddeeee seriously you should def work for concept art for a game! every drawing from you kills me XD 

aah there it is! i was curious to see Rascal's castle! very interesting concept and story! I love how each part is visible a different style and age and how the castle does makes sense and seems realistic too. i wonder what the shrine was dedicated for? 

Svartya's castle is mostly gothic style and he'd all love to visit Rascal XD Rascal got a thirsty admirer and is not aware of :rofl: 
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just-Rascal Digital Artist

I'd say it was dedicated to either a germanic or slavic god/godess.

Oh yay nice, Rascal will gladly visit, and Svartya is invited to Castellum too ,just drop by any time
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SvartyaHobbyist General Artist
You surely got all potential for it! :D 

ohh interesting! love these concepts of far away shrines and temples and stuff! 

Ill surely give Rascal a try on drawing him! maybe indeed him and Svart hanging out doing vampire stuff XD

he is definitely one of my favorites characters i ever saw! :love: :heart: :heart: 
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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
It's really, really cool.
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Dat-Auri-ElHobbyist Digital Artist
hmmm... how to get in.. if someone was kidnapped.. like a princess or something..?  or your just insane..? well lets see... possible army.. to get through the forest.. they might have to clear a path in the forest. you might need catapults maybe if you use one with a chain tied to the large stone or something you could use it to climb up then who ever gets to the top first makes a pulley system elevator to bring the rest of the troops up.  or just use them to shoot fire stones.. but that might kill the element of surprise.. not that it be easy to sneak up on supernatural "things" also no telling if the person your trying to rescue is even still alive. a ooky spooky critter with super powers notices the army and says oh look! who ordered take out?  X__X Oi come back soldier! I hate fast food! I ordered a happy meal? XD X__X;
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just-Rascal Digital Artist
who ordered take out xDD

the plan sounds quite okay, 
the problem wouldn't be sneaking up on the supernatural creatures
you should be more concerned about how steep and unstable those mountains are, it would be quite dangerous
to lead an entire army with catapults there, since there's a high chance you'd get swept away by an avalanche or something
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